Monday, May 31, 2004

Better to GET IT RIGHT than to do a "Drive-By" proclamation

Pagdating sa bilangan ng boto, I'd rather GET IT RIGHT, than do it fast.

If the US delayed proclaiming the winner of the 2000 presidential elections for weeks because of questions in the vote count in Florida, HINDI RIN BA NATIN PWEDENG GAWIN YAN?!?!?

RE the fears of admin senators na made-delay ang vote count... couldn't they appoint or hire additional clerks to count and calculate the returns... AS MANY AS NEEDED to expedite the counting???? PROBLEMA BA YAN?

Hindi ba sa 2000 US elections, ganyan rin ang ginawa nila. They hired many volunteers just to help with the vote count (those ballots w/ chads).

Sa nakikita ko, the reasons given by the admin senators are very weak and are just excuses to avoid double-checking the COCs (maybe they know something we don't?)... na parang hindi nila sineseryoso ang CREDIBILIDAD NG ELEKSYON NA ITO... na getting the CORRECT RESULT is LESS IMPORTANT THAN PROCLAIMING GMA PRESIDENT as quickly as possible.

In these divisive times, you want to do everything you can to assure the public na TRANSPARENT at CREDIBLE ang eleksyon. It seems Malacanang is DOING THE OPPOSITE of that.

I say, do whatever is necessary to make the tallying of votes as credible and as transparent as possible. Hire as many people to help in the canvassing if necessary.

BUT DON'T allow the administration to railroad the process.

Pati si Neal Cruz disappointed sa nangyayari sa Kongreso.

Despite heroic efforts of the outnumbered opposition to propose amendments to make the canvassing rules fairer, Congress voted down almost all of these proposals. Result: the rules approved were almost the same as those originally proposed by the sponsors. There was little change to make them fairer and prevent the congressional railroad from proclaiming the wrong "winner."

The congressional leadership humored the opposition by allowing them to talk their heads off until well past midnight, knowing that when it came to voting, the administration would have the numbers to defeat the opposition. Every time an amendment was proposed, the Senate and House sponsors of the rules, both pro-administration legislators, gave the same answers: "The sponsors reject the amendments." When the issue was brought to the plenary for voting, the "nays" always won because of the tyranny of numbers.

I found the proposed amendments sensible and they would have prevented railroading. They would have done the whole process no harm, and would have provided it with credibility and transparency. But the proposed amendments were all voted down. No wonder the opposition is afraid the administration would railroad the proclamation of President Macapagal-Arroyo.

Read it all.

and last but not the least, Joker Arroyo. He's is by far the biggest disappointment of all. I'll let Dean Jorge Bocobo do the honors:

Joker's Casuistry: Who can forget the role that Joker played in the impeachment trial of Erap Estrada--how he eloquently made the case for the public's need to know the truth about their President, and thus laid the predicate for Edsa Dos when the Craven Eleven made their move to suppress something called the Second Envelope. Now he is become craven himself at the awesome reality that another president must have her ambition, must have her victory. So the attitude of Joker, so twisted from his real nature, or reflective of it--how is one to tell?--is to hear no evil, to dun any deviation from the foreordained plan of the canvass. Shame on you sir, thou vile HYPOCRITE!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Terrorists and the gullible left-wing media

About that "wedding party" in Iraq that was hit with missiles by US helicopters, the Belmont Club analyzes the event.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Zell Miller: Kerry a Threat to National Security

Sen. Zell Miller, a democrat, blasts fellow Sen. John Kerry on Sean Hannity's radio show:

In the most scathing attack yet against Sen. John Kerry delivered by one of his peers, Sen. Zell Miller warned yesterday that the likely Democratic presidential nominee would be a threat to U.S. national security if elected.

Reacting to claims by Kerry ally Sen. Ted Kennedy that "Saddam's torture chambers have reopened under U.S. management," Miller told radio host Sean Hannity:

"Those twin senators from Massachusetts are the co-chairmen of the Handwringers of America - the HWA. And they continued to bash this country.

"Both of them," Miller said, "voted against every major weapons system that won the Cold War. And Senator Kerry has made it very clear that his national security policy is to vacillate and retreat and hand over the leadership to the United Nations."

The Georgia Democrat warned that the prospect of Kerry's election posed such a serious threat to U.S. national security that it could ultimately cost the U.S. its freedom.

"Here's a man who says he's against outsourcing, and yet he wants to outsource our foreign policy - that's the most dangerous outsourcing of all," Miller charged.

He then added, "This man wants to be the leader of the Free World? Free for how long?"

OUCH!!! Hehe...

I have a new comments section

Testing lang natin. Kung nagustuhan ko, baka gawin kong permanente na ito. Kung hindi, Out siya.

I'm Rooting for the Iraqi National Team!

Wretchard of Belmont Club received an email today:

The Iraqi Soccer Team just qualified for the Olypmics for the first time since 1988. It is a HUGE deal in Iraq. They are celebrating in the streets. What do you think about promoting the idea of bringing the Iraqi team to the US to train for the Olympics? We could even have a "friendly" game between them and the US team.

He also has a suggestion of his own:

A variation on the theme JB suggests is creating a raffle for tickets that Iraqis can win to actually attend the games in Athens. Most Iraqis are too poor to attend the games themselves and their cheering squad, unless filled out by Americans, will be thin at best. Maybe they should have a chance to cheer on the home team themselves.

This is the best idea I've heard in awhile.

And wouldn't it also be great to send Iraqi bloggers like Mohammed, Ali, Omar and Healingiraq (Zayed) to the Olympics to accompany their team and share their stories with us when they get home?

Anyway, I'm rooting for the Iraqi National Team. I wish them luck.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Democrats play politics over Abu Ghraib issue

Yes, those soldiers who were responsible for Abu Ghraib will be punished.

But I don't see any reason for Rumsfeld to resign over this...


We need him on the WOT. He helped win two wars for us. We need continuity. If we take Rumsfeld out now, we'd be replacing him with someone who is less knowledgable and experienced in what is really going on in the WOT.

No way do we change horses in midstream now.

I think this demand by the Dems that rumsfeld resign is just political... to hurt bush and to hurt our war efforts.

Democrats = Strategic enemy on the WOT

Nothing much to say for now.

After the May 10 elections, baka mag-post ako ulit, lalo na kung umandar na ang cheating machine ni GMA.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

"Fearless Forecast" Propaganda

Neal Cruz's column today:

THIS is a surprise: It will be a dead heat for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Senator Panfilo Lacson in the presidential election on Monday, with Fernando Poe Jr. in third place, Eddie Villanueva in fourth, and Raul Roco at the tail-end. In the vice-presidential race, however, Loren Legarda will beat Senator Noli de Castro by a big margin, with Hermie Aquino and Poe tying for third place. There were votes for Poe as a vice-presidential candidate, perhaps anticipating that he would slide down to the No. 2 slot in case of unification between his and Lacson's camps.

That is the fearless forecast of journalists -- at least those who regularly attend the weekly Kapihan sa Manila media forum. Because the forum last Monday was the last Kapihan before the elections a week later, we decided to hold a straw poll for the presidential, vice-presidential and senatorial candidates. The question was: "Who do you think will win?" not "Whom will you vote for?" In other words, regardless of their personal preferences, who do they think will win? To put it another way, the result was not the way they would vote but, based on their estimates and analyses, the way the whole nation would vote. Journalists like to analyze and predict things, let's see how accurate their forecasts are when compared to the actual results of the elections.

Instead of having the usual politicians and public officials as resource persons, we turned the tables on four columnists (Julius Fortuna of Manila Times, Alvin Capino and Danny Mariano of Today, and Jonathan de la Cruz of Malaya) on the hot seat to answer questions from the audience, make their fearless forecasts and explain them. Then we polled the audience and the panelists on their forecasts on the winners.

The results: for president -- Ms Macapagal-Arroyo, 40.5 percent; Lacson, 40.5 percent; Poe, 10.8 percent; Villanueva, 5.4 percent; Roco, 2.7 percent.

Three of the four panelists (Fortuna, Capino and Mariano) believe Ms Macapagal-Arroyo will be the winner, but De la Cruz chose Poe. They all said, however, that the vice-presidential race would be very close.

Oh Neal, don't you know that 3 of the four "journalist" in your panel are pro-GMA hacks (Capino, Fortuna and Mariano).

Aside from writing Columns for Today, Alvin Capino was appointed as director of Bases Conversion Development Authority under GMA.

Si Julius Fortuna naman of Manila Times was also appointed by GMA as director of PNOC.

So mga bayaran ang mga ito. If you read their columns carefully, they've never attacked GMA and Jose Pidal. Sure, they've written some negative things about the admin, cabinet members and the people surrounding her, but I don't recall dir. capino and dir. fortuna attacking GMA directly on the many corruption issues plaguing her.

And as for Mariano, matagal na nating alam na isa siyang resident na pro-GMA "intellectual" sa Today.

When these 3 clowns say that GMA and Ping each will get 40.5% and FPJ will only get 10.8%, they're doing that to divide the pro-Opposition voters by wooing undecided pro-opposition voters away from FPJ to Lacson's camp.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Piling on Raul Roco

Three straight days. Three Inquirer Banner Headlines on Roco + Cancer.

Screenshots of PDI's frontpages:

Cancer Talk Hounds Roco (Apr 28)

Roco Evasive on Illness (Apr 29)

Roco Says Prostate Cancer Has Recurred (Apr 30)

Gusto talaga nilang paatrasin si Roco ano?

Either that or talagang determinado ang Pro-GMA media na siraan si Roco para magsipaglipatan RAW ang mga voters ni Roco kay GMA. (automatic ba na lilipat sila kay GMA? how presumptuous.)

In their clumsy attempt to destroy Roco, baka mapikon lang ang mga supporters ni Roco sa ginagawa ng PDI it ilalabas nila ang galit nila kay GMA.

In short, baka bumackfire.

Ingat lang PDI. Don't overdo it.