Monday, May 31, 2004

Better to GET IT RIGHT than to do a "Drive-By" proclamation

Pagdating sa bilangan ng boto, I'd rather GET IT RIGHT, than do it fast.

If the US delayed proclaiming the winner of the 2000 presidential elections for weeks because of questions in the vote count in Florida, HINDI RIN BA NATIN PWEDENG GAWIN YAN?!?!?

RE the fears of admin senators na made-delay ang vote count... couldn't they appoint or hire additional clerks to count and calculate the returns... AS MANY AS NEEDED to expedite the counting???? PROBLEMA BA YAN?

Hindi ba sa 2000 US elections, ganyan rin ang ginawa nila. They hired many volunteers just to help with the vote count (those ballots w/ chads).

Sa nakikita ko, the reasons given by the admin senators are very weak and are just excuses to avoid double-checking the COCs (maybe they know something we don't?)... na parang hindi nila sineseryoso ang CREDIBILIDAD NG ELEKSYON NA ITO... na getting the CORRECT RESULT is LESS IMPORTANT THAN PROCLAIMING GMA PRESIDENT as quickly as possible.

In these divisive times, you want to do everything you can to assure the public na TRANSPARENT at CREDIBLE ang eleksyon. It seems Malacanang is DOING THE OPPOSITE of that.

I say, do whatever is necessary to make the tallying of votes as credible and as transparent as possible. Hire as many people to help in the canvassing if necessary.

BUT DON'T allow the administration to railroad the process.

Pati si Neal Cruz disappointed sa nangyayari sa Kongreso.

Despite heroic efforts of the outnumbered opposition to propose amendments to make the canvassing rules fairer, Congress voted down almost all of these proposals. Result: the rules approved were almost the same as those originally proposed by the sponsors. There was little change to make them fairer and prevent the congressional railroad from proclaiming the wrong "winner."

The congressional leadership humored the opposition by allowing them to talk their heads off until well past midnight, knowing that when it came to voting, the administration would have the numbers to defeat the opposition. Every time an amendment was proposed, the Senate and House sponsors of the rules, both pro-administration legislators, gave the same answers: "The sponsors reject the amendments." When the issue was brought to the plenary for voting, the "nays" always won because of the tyranny of numbers.

I found the proposed amendments sensible and they would have prevented railroading. They would have done the whole process no harm, and would have provided it with credibility and transparency. But the proposed amendments were all voted down. No wonder the opposition is afraid the administration would railroad the proclamation of President Macapagal-Arroyo.

Read it all.

and last but not the least, Joker Arroyo. He's is by far the biggest disappointment of all. I'll let Dean Jorge Bocobo do the honors:

Joker's Casuistry: Who can forget the role that Joker played in the impeachment trial of Erap Estrada--how he eloquently made the case for the public's need to know the truth about their President, and thus laid the predicate for Edsa Dos when the Craven Eleven made their move to suppress something called the Second Envelope. Now he is become craven himself at the awesome reality that another president must have her ambition, must have her victory. So the attitude of Joker, so twisted from his real nature, or reflective of it--how is one to tell?--is to hear no evil, to dun any deviation from the foreordained plan of the canvass. Shame on you sir, thou vile HYPOCRITE!

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Anonymous said...

Suppressing truth

Tuesday, 06 01, 2004

No question about it. The Arroyo-dominated Congress has railroaded, and will continue to railroad the congressional canvassing and the proclamation of Gloria Arroyo as President-elect.

That fairness was not allowed to reign is evident from the way the Arroyo allies refused to give even an inch to the opposition's proposals for amendments to the rules. Even more unfair is the fact that Speaker Jose de Venecia, in appointing the members of the House members to sit in the National Board of Canvassers' committee, loaded it with administration congressmen, with only one opposition member sitting in that committee.

This was of course resorted to by the leadership to ensure that every objection posed by the opposition lawyers during the canvassing will be voted down, whether in the committee level, or in the plenary when Congress votes as one.

That Gloria and her allies in the Palace and in Congress want to hide the truth about the massive cheating the administration bet, Gloria Arroyo, resorted to, in order to stay on in Malacañang, is just as evident, as the two leaders of Congress, along with the other congressional lapdogs of Malacañang, refuse to even have the election returns shown to prove that the certificates of canvass (CoC) do not reflect the true votes, as shown in the altered election returns.

All that crap Gloria and her lapdogs in Congress spew about the delays in proclamation and the claim of a constitutional crisis arising as well as the public's impatience in knowing who the next President will be, has absolutely no basis.

For one, everyone and his uncle are constantly being told by Malacañang, the Commission on Elections through the leak, and even the congressional leaders that Gloria has won the presidency, on the basis of the already canvassed CoC by the Comelec in the senatorial race.

As they always claim, it is the same CoC that the Comelec has.

Where is that public impatience then?

As for the claimed constitutional crisis arising if no proclamation is done by June 30, this too, is nothing but a big, fat lie, considering that the Constitution has clearly outlined the succession mechanism.

So the membership of the House of Representatives at present, as well as the Senate, will bow out by June 30, but hey, other congressmen have been proclaimed and will take over. The Vice President is set to take over, if a President will not have been proclaimed. If both have not qualified, there is still the Senate president — and it need not be Franklin Drilon — who takes over the presidency in an acting capacity. So where is that specter of a constitutional crisis?

What Gloria, her aides and her lapdogs in Congress want is a speedy proclamation of Gloria Arroyo and never mind if she does not have the genuine mandate of the people, as she had clearly engaged in massive fraud to win the presidency.

That they are ensuring that the results of the canvassing will have a “stamp of credibility” can be gleaned from the fact that all too suddenly, the National Citizens Movement for Free Elections (Namfrel) has announced it would also be canvassing the CoC, something which it has not done in a long time.

But then again, why should anyone expect these leaders of Congress, the Namfrel, Malacañang, Gloria and her aides to respect the will of the sovereign Filipino people, through a fair count and canvass of the votes when it refused to respect the constitutional process of impeachment, or even the democratic rule of the majority in 2001 and even worse, ran roughshod over the will of the people by staging a power grab they tried to pass off as democratic.

Today, they speak of democracy being the majority rule. Yet did they — specifically Frank Drilon, that hypocritical Couples for Christ, the hypocritical Catholic bishops led by the most eminent hypocrite Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Makati Business Club types and the frigging civil society, adhere to the majority rule in the Senate impeachment trial of Estrada? Did they not walk out of the trial, knowing they did not have the numbers in the Senate?

Yet today, they railroad the rules to favor Gloria and will be railroading the canvassing and the proclamation, without giving any importance to arriving at the truth, through the admission of the election returns and the statement of votes, where the massive cheating can be proved without doubt.

What is the truth? Where is the truth lodged? Certainly not in the CoC, which were “cleaned” by Malacañang and its operators, with the full support of the corrupt Comelec, and aided by the two congressional leaders.

The truth can be found in the election returns which clearly show the alterations and the massive fraud.

Which is why they in power want the truth suppressed.

Posted by: TheThruthAdvocate