Saturday, May 15, 2004

I have a new comments section

Testing lang natin. Kung nagustuhan ko, baka gawin kong permanente na ito. Kung hindi, Out siya.

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agrok said...

what bothers me most are those actors and actresses who went to the streets everytime GMA leads FPJ, I think they are a bunch of irresponsible people who will do anything to put their idol in Malacanang, can't they understand that it will be a blessing if GMA wins, what will their idol do if he wins. This is a serious matter, it is not like making a movie where FPJ always win in the end. Please movie people, do our country a favor, it will be disastrous if your idol will be in Malacanang, face the fact that HE DOES'NT KNOW NOTHING, HE HAS NO RIGHT TO GOVERN THE PHILIPPINES, AND TO FPJ, PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL TO EVEN THINK OF BECOMING THE PRESIDENT, HAVE MERCY TO THE COUNTRY THAT IS WAY WAY DOWN DEEP IN TROUBLE, YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO QUIT, IF YOU REALLY LOVE YOUR COUNTRY, PROVE BY FACING THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITY, SOTTO, ANGARA, ENRILE, AND ALL THOSE PEOPLE AROUND YOU ARE JUST USING YOU, WAKE UP FOR GOD'S SAKE.