Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"I have two CDs, the left and the right."

LOL. JB Baylon thinks Bunye has snapped.

Plus this on Cha-cha:

In the meantime, we have 49 members of the Palace-inspired Constitutional Commission jetting around our country trying to feel the pulse of the people: Do we want charter change? Do we want a shift to a federal system? Are we dying for a parliamentary form with a unicameral legislature? (My own personal answers to the three questions are it depends, it depends, and absolutely not!).

I think this is a waste of time. In fact, I think that the questions that should be asked of our people should be the following: 1) Do you believe it was GMA who called Garcillano? 2) Do you think they talked about cheating? 3) Do you think Garcillano was spirited out of the country to keep him from spilling the beans? 4) Do you believe GMA won the 2004 elections fair and square? 5) Do you believe the impeachment process "resolved" the issue? And 6) Do you believe we have arrived at the truth, and, if not, do you believe it is worth pursuing the truth no matter what the cost?

More important questions, indeed.


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