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Arroyo claimed she's a "victim" of our "rotten political system."

Garcillano followed GMA's approach and claimed that he too was a "victim" of wiretapping, even though he denied that it was his voice on the tape.

If he and GMA were "victims" (raw) of wiretapping, then they should do everything in their power to find out:

1) Who did the wiretapping?

2) Who else were being monitored by this shadowy group.

3) Find out who ordered the wiretapping.

If you felt "victimized" and embarassed by the tapes, then finding out who was responsible for the wiretapping is your primary concern, no?

Para hindi na mabuking ulit... LOL.

20 questions for Garci

From Ernesto Maceda:

Suddenly, former Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano is all over media granting interviews to Henry Omaga Diaz of ABS-CBN, John Unson of The Philippine Star and Michael Lim Ubac of Philippine Daily Inquirer.

And of course, the unfolding script is to deny that GMA cheated with this categorical statement to Star reporter John Unson: “I can tell you and I swear that there was no such thing as rigging of the last elections.”

And he specifically said: “Nowhere in the taped conversations can you hear me and the President talking about cheating in the elections. Neither did the President order me to cheat in the elections.”

So finally it is established that it was Garcillano who was the “Comelec official” GMA admitted calling.

It is also clear that Garcillano is on a well organized media blitz and will probably avoid attending any House or Senate hearings as the cases he filed before the Supreme Court imply.

But the more he talks, the more questions arise and unless he testifies under oath in a congressional hearing and subjected to cross examination, his statements will carry little weight and certainly will not erase overwhelmingly public belief that GMA did cheat to obtain her “victory” in the May 2004 elections.

To begin with, Garci must answer the following questions:

1) Why did he talk to GMA?

2) How many times did they talk?

3) Why was kidnapping mentioned?

4) Why did the First Gentleman call him?

5) How many times did they talk?

6) Who and how many other candidates talked to him?

7) Did he meet with any candidate or representative of a candidate personally? Were special operations discussed?

8) Why did he entertain the many calls of Sen. Robert Barbers?

9) Why did he tell Sen. Barbers to leave the money with his secretary, Ellen Peralta?

10) If opposition candidates and Sen. Barbers talked to him about their votes, why didn't he report them to Chairman Benjamin Abalos and other commissioners? Or expose them in media immediately?

11) Why did he hide for almost five months?

12) Where did he hide? Whose cars did he use?

13) Who helped him or accompanied him all that time? Armed bodyguards?

14) Did Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane or gambling lord Bong Pineda help him? Did he hide in Clark also?

15) How can he explain the official report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore that he arrived in Singapore that July 14, when the controversy about the Garci tapes started?

16) Did he accompany Comelec officials to the La Vista residence of GMA before the elections?

17) Why was he operating in Mindanao during the elections when he was assigned to Southern Luzon and Bicol as supervising commissioner?

18) How can he explain why his telephone was bugged and his conversations taped?

19) How much money did he spend to travel and hide for five months?

20) Was it his own money or given by someone else? By whom?

Lorie Byrd has some advice for Republicans

on what they should be doing in 2006 and 2008.

Just play the effin Garci tapes, ABS-CBN and GMA7.

Play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes...
Play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes...
Play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes...
Play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes...
Play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes...
Play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes...
Play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes...
Play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes play the tapes...

More from Ellen: Play it again, Garci

Even in his prepared statement, former Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano is confused.

He denies being the man we all heard on the tapes talking with Gloria Arroyo about how to rig the results of the 2004 elections in her favor. Yet, he bewailed being pictured as a villain when, he said, he was a victim of an illegal act, which is wiretapping.

If it was not him on the tapes, why would he be a victim?

The Counsel for the Defense of Liberties said Garcillano and Arroyo cannot escape liability by merely expunging from the evidence the "Hello Garci" tapes on the ground of inadmissibility. "Garcillano cannot ask the Supreme Court to disallow the use of the Garci Tapes absent proof that it was wiretapped and absent any claim by the parties wiretapped that it was done so without their consent. He (or President Arroyo) must first admit that they were wiretapped without their consent before they can petition the Supreme Court to disallow the same," the group said.

Sheila Coronel of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism pointed out a factual error in Garcillano’s prepared statement (in a computer printout read in a hut, supposedly in the jungle, by Garcillano wearing a Muslim headscarf!).

Sheila wrote: "In his interview with ABS-CBN senior correspondent, Henry Omaga-Diaz, Garcillano said he spoke to the President on May 24, 2004. ‘The President was asking why her advantage over [Fernando Poe Jr.] had been reduced to 892,000. That was May 24.’"

Sheila commented: "Garcillano did not quite get that right. To begin with, that conversation, according to the voiced annotation of the military intelligence operative that was introducing each of the supposedly wiretapped phone calls, took place not on May 24 but on May 29. The vote margin that the president was concerned about was not 892,000 but 982,000."

We don’t know what Malacañang is up to for bringing out Garcillano now after making him disappear five months ago. But it’s good that he is back because the issue of the "Hello Garci" tapes has been resurrected.

It is a good time for us to recall some of the GMA-Garci conversations.

Conversation between Garcillano and GMA on May 29, 2004 at 9:43 a.m.:

GMA: Hello?

Garcillano: Hello, ma’am, good morning. Ok ma’am, mas mataas ho siya pero mag-compensate ho sa Lanao yan.

GMA: So will I still lead by more than one M overall?

Garcillano: More or less, it’s that advantage ma’am. Parang ganun din ang lalabas.

GMA: It cannot be less than one M?

Garcillano: Pipilitin ho natin yan. Pero as of the other day, 982.

GMA: Kaya nga eh.

Garcillano: And then if we can get more in Lanao.

GMA: Hindi pa ba tapos?

Garcillano: Hindi pa ho, meron pang darating na seven municipalities.

GMA: Ah ok, ok.

Garcillano: Sige po.

GMA: Ok. Ok.

On May 31, 2005, almost midnight (11:17 p.m) a worried GMA called up Garcillano to make sure that the election returns which were the basis of Namfrel’s count and the municipal certificates of canvass tally. This was where she frantically reminded Garcillano "Yung dagdag, yung dagdag (the addition, the addition)."

Garcillano: Hello, ma’am.

GMA: Hello, tsaka ano yung kabila, they’re trying to get the Namfrel copies of the municipal COCs.

Garcillano: Namfrel copies ho?

GMA: Uhm-um.

Garcillano: Ay wala naman, ok naman ang Namfrel sa atin. They are now sympathetic to us.

GMA (mumbling): Oo, oo. Pero (garbled)...and Namfrel does not tally. Pero yun nga, yung dagdag, yung dagdag.

Garcillano: Oho, we will get an advance copy ho natin kung anong hong kwan nila.

GMA: Oo, oo.

Garcillano: Sige po.

On June 2, 2004, almost 10:30 in the evening, GMA again called up Garcillano about statements votes and certificates of canvass that don’t match. Garcillano assured her that their operations to increase her votes were done well. But in Sulu, where the military under Gen. Habacon did the job, it was clumsily done.

But, don’t worry, Garcillano told GMA. He said he would make the election officer hide for a while so that he would not be able to testify.

Garcillano: Hello, ma’am. Good evening.

GMA: Hello. Dun sa Lanao del Sur tsaka sa Basilan, di raw nagmamatch ang SOV sa COC?

Garcillano: Ang sinasabi nya, nawala na naman ho?

GMA: Hindi nagmamatch.

Garcillano: Hindi nagmamatch? May posibilidad na hindi magmatch kung hindi nila sinunod ‘yung individual SOV ng mga munisipyo. Pero aywan ko lang ho kung sa atin pabor o hindi. Kasi doon naman sa Basilan at Lanao Sur, itong ginawa nilang pagpataas sa inyo, hindi naman ho kwan, maayos naman ang paggawa eh.

GMA: So nagmamatch?

Garcillano: Oho. Sa Basilan, alam nyo naman ang mga military dun eh hindi masyadong marunong kasi silang gumawa eh. Katulad ho dun sa Sulu, sa General Habacon. Pero hindi naman ho, kinausap ko na ‘yung Chairman ng Board sa Sulu. Ang akin patataguin ko na muna yung EO ng Panguntaran na para hindi siya maka-testigo ho.

Now that Garci is back, let’s play it all over again.

Exposing Arroyo's Useful Idiots

From Dan Mariano:

Was Pichay in contact with Garcillano during all the time the House was looking for the ex-Comelec official, Tatad had asked. If Pichay was in contact with Garcillano, what would be Pichay’s official accountability to the House for having withheld valuable information from his fellow congressmen? Does this not raise ethical and disciplinary issues, which could affect Pichay’s continued membership in the House?

I am afraid that, by raising those questions, Tatad overestimated the congressmen’s sensitivity to issues of ethics and discipline. Do they care at all?

Seems like pichay is committing obstruction of justice to me. LOL.

From the PCIJ:

IN the past two days, former elections commissioner Virgilio Garcillano has appeared on television and newspapers wearing different headgear — first a checkered scarf normally worn by Moros and Mindanao indigenous peoples, and later, a batik cap. The subliminal message of these fashion statements is this: after months of hiding among "trusted Muslim friends" in Mindanao, Garci has gone native. He has stayed in the hinterlands for so long that he has even taken to lounging in the local attire.

The headgear is only one of many signs that indicate a savvy PR hand is behind the sudden reappearance in the public scene of the elections official who dropped out of sight six months ago...

Sounds like Direk Lupita Kashiwahara's handiwork here.

From Malaya: Who do you trust, Garci of Singapore?

Tinatanong pa ba yan?

Former elections commissioner Virgilio Garcillano cannot claim he never left the country because his entry to Singapore last July, a month after the ‘Hello Garci’ scandal broke out, was documented by authorities from that city-state, a Filipino diplomat said yesterday.

"He is lying. He cannot claim that he did not leave the country. Gagawin niya pang sinungaling ang Singapore," the diplomat said on condition of anonymity.

Garcillano, accused of perpetrating cheating in the May 2004 elections to ensure President Arroyo’s victory, went missing days after Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye on June 6 made public the existence of the "Hello Garci" wiretapped conversations between him and Arroyo. He reportedly returned more than a week ago.

He was quoted in reports as saying he never left the country.

The diplomat said the Singapore foreign ministry confirmed through a note verbale sent to the Philippine Embassy that Garcillano arrived in Singapore on July 14 and left the following day.

Based on the note verbale, the Embassy sent an official report to the Department of Foreign Affairs, which the home office relayed to the five House committees investigating the "Hello Garci" tapes.

"The DFA will stand by the information. Hindi puwedeng bawiin yun. It was fully documented," the diplomat said.

More from Neal Cruz on Garci's BS.

Want to know who else were caught on tape talking to who? Ask ISAFP.

Ask THEM to release their entire collection of wiretapped conversations against the opposition/administration candidates, and the media.

Garcillano claims na there were others from the opposition who talked to other COMELEC officials, and that "hindi raw kumpleto" yung ini-release ng opposition na "Mother of all Tapes."

It's possible na some in the opposition might have talked to certain COMELEC officials. And he's right in a way re the tapes "not being complete," since they guy who leaked the tapes to the opposition, Vidal Doble, did not give away the entire "ISAFP collection" to the opposition. What was given to Samuel Ong OTOH, was already made available in it's entirety by PCIJ.

Since Garci is adamant na the remaining tapes should be released para "kumpleto"--why doesn't he ask ISAFP instead to spill it all out na and release their entire collection of wiretapped tapes. We've already heard the "Mother of all tapes," now it's time for ISAFP to make public the rest of their collection--including the "father", "brother", "sister", "granpa", "grandma", "uncle", "auntie" and "mother-in-law of all tapes." LMAO!

Para malaman natin kung sino pa ang mino-monitor ng ISAFP. Yung mga tawag ba ni Raul Roco sa mga senatorial candidates niya ang na bugged rin? Na-intercept ba yung conversations nina Enrile at Ben Abalos? Yung usapan ni FPJ at Susan Roces during the campaign, nakuha rin? Yung cellphone calls nina Lacson at Eddie Villanueva sa mga campaign advisors at supporters nila, kasama rin ba yan?

Pati ba yung mga tawag ng reporters at editors ng Malaya, Tribune, PCIJ at PDI, mino-monitor rin ng ISAFP?


Answering some of the pro-Arroyo apologists at Pinoyexchange Part II

From et al of Pinoyexchange:

eh nasaan nga ba yang tape na yan??? sino ba ang may hawak? si Garci ba???

hindi pwedeng i-play yung tampered and altered tape na inilabas ng either opposition or administration. ang kailangan dyan ay yung MOTHER OF ALL TAPES na hawak daw noon ni ONG. nasaan na si Ong at ang tape na ito?

I think yung MOTHER OF ALL TAPES ni Samuel Ong ay matagal nang available at mada-download mo sa PCIJ, at yung mga malalaking media na lang sa TV na katulad ng ABS-CBN at GMA7 ang takot na ipatugtog ito. :lol:

And if the Ong's tapes seems "tampered", it's only because they were already annotated (military style intro, with date and time) by ISAFP, before one of their own leaked it to the opposition. :D

Garci says "hindi raw kumpleto" yung ipina-distribute ni Samuel Ong na "mother of all tape". He's right in a way, because hindi naman ibinigay ni Doble ang complete collection of ISAFP wire-tapped tapes sa opposition eh--only the relevant ones involving GMA and Garci and other admin officials.

Since Garci seems to know that there were more wire-tapped tape conversations involving the opposition and COMELEC officials, then why doesn't he ask the organization that did the wiretapping (cough... ISAFP... cough) to release all the tapes instead--not only the "MOTHER OF ALL TAPES," but the entire FRIGGIN LIBRARY of their WIRETAPPED TAPES made against the opposition and administration candidates and the media? Para malaman natin kung sino pa yung specifically na tinarget ng ISAFP via eavesdropping. Tinarget rin ba nila ang sila FPJ, Roco, Lacson, and Eddie V talking to their supporters and campaign coordinators? Tinarget rin ba nila ang mga reporters ng Malaya, Tribune, PCIJ at PDI?

Dapat ilabas ng ISAFP ang "buong collection" nila. ;)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just Play the G-D- tapes and Explain yourself, Garci.

No more excuses.

Now that Garcillano is back, isn't this a good time for ABS-CBN and GMA7 to play the effin Garci tapes na? You know, for the benefit of the majority of Filipinos who have no internet access and haven't heard the contents of the tape yet, so they can determine kung nandaya nga ba si Arroyo o hindi.

To GMA7 at ABS-CBN, bakit hanggang ngayon ayaw nyo pa rin i-play ang GARCI tapes na yan (with subtitles) sa TV stations nyo? takot pa rin kayo kay siRAULo Gonzalez, KBP at MTRCB? Kasi kung si erap o si Lacson ang nasa tape na yan at dayaan ang pinagusapan nila, I'm pretty sure matagal nyo nang ipinarinig at na-dissect yang tape na yan sa TV news programs at talk shows nyo. Honestly guys, you (and all the other tv networks) need to find your testicles again.

As for Garcillano naman, the only thing that matters is for you and GMA to explain yourselves truthfully re the Garci tapes. Anything less than that is a effin diversion, similar to GMA's Grand Diversion aka Cha-cha.

You claim na others in the opposition talked to you too. Fine. Kung humingi rin sila sa iyo ng tulong para dagdagan ng 1M ang boto nila or kung pinagusapan ninyo kung maganda yung "pagpapataas" ng boto nila sa bilangan or kung humingi sila sa iyo ng tulong para kidnapin ang isang COMELEC official--then they should also share the same jail cell with GMA and Erap.

But I bet there's nothing really there there in Garci's so-called revelations re the opposition. :lol:

UPDATE: Dean Jorge Bocobo:

But does Sammy Ong really have the "original" or "genuine" source of all the versions of the Garci Conversations scattered all over the Archipelago? Could there be a Grandmother or Grandfather of All Tapes. A Great-Great Grandmother of all Tapes?

Does he even have all the wiretapped tapes? Hey ISAFP, ilabas nyo na lahat para malaman natin kung sino pa sa mga opposition at media (PCIJ?) ang mino-monitor nyo.

Answering some of the pro-Arroyo apologists at Pinoyexchange Part I

From Lightspeed of Pinoyexchange:

Samuel Ong must be pressed to reveal the contents of the Original Mother of all Tapes.

I think he claimed earlier na Mother of all Tapes na 'yung narinig natin a few months back.

Pero with Mrs. Garcillano coming out and saying that hindi pa iyon ang kumpletong tapes and that the true original contains conversations with Opposition figures, we should find out why Samuel Ong lied about the tapes.

Who is Samuel Ong covering-up for?

lightspeed, whatever yung hawak ni samuel ong na garci tape, ini-release na nya yon sa publiko lahat. yun na yung ibinigay sa kanya ni doble. granted it is not the "complete library" of the ISAFP wiretapped tape collection, pero hindi yan kasalanan ng opposition. kasalanan yan ni doble.

in a sense, "hindi kumpleto" yung tapes na hawak at ipinatugtog ng opposition since hindi naman ibinigay ni doble ang lahat ng "ISAFP collection of wiretapped tapes" sa opposition eh.

so if you want to hear the complete tapes (granpa of all tapes), it is the administration, thru ISAFP, who should produce the remaining wire tapped tapes vs. the opposition, para malaman natin kung sino pa ang mga ibang opposition at anti-GMA candidates na tinarget ng ISAFP ni Arroyo thru their eavesdropping.

Waiting for Moses

I agree with Enteng Romano. Sino ba ang iisang acknoledged leader ng Edsa Dos? Wala diba? Unlike Edsa 1986, where they had a clear leader, Cory Aquino, dito sa Edsa dos, wala naman akong nakitang iisang lider, kundi maraming leaders. (and I consider GMA--who joined the edsa dos bandwagon late in the game--more of a follower/beneficiary of edsa dos than a leader of that movement.)

From E-Mandirigma:

It’s almost like a script lifted from the book of Exodus.

You have a people groaning about their desperate lives and bondage to slavery and crying before God for deliverance. God responds. But when things turn for the worse (as they usually do before it gets better), the people relent and would much rather stay in their miserable but familiar state.

You have a leader with a hardened heart. When trouble strikes, he is all too willing to cut a deal. But at the first sign of relief, he reneges. He twists the facts and redefines the rules to his favor. He calls in his own magicians to dilute God’s display of miracles. Not even a blood-stained water system filled with croaking frogs, or men and animals infested with gnats could make this power-obsessed leader let go of God’s people.

And so it is for our country today.

You have a people enslaved in poverty, waiting to be liberated. God responds to their cry by exposing the evils of its leader, presenting a golden opportunity for systemic change that can break the shackles of poverty. But the people remain indifferent, afraid to shake the familiar, even when it’s miserable.

You have a president who, when boxed into a corner, is all too willing to cut any deal with anyone who could offer a way out. She agreed to apologize before the nation and exile her own husband, but soon takes a more repressive stand when the clamor for accountability simmered down to a manageable level. She agreed to dance the cha-cha with FVR and JDV at the height of the July 8 crisis, but is now trying to change the tune so she can dance her way till 2010. She agreed to submit to an impeachment process to prove her innocence, but at the same time unleashed the vast resources of her office to smother the proceedings.

She has gathered the magicians (charlatans would be more like it) of the land to counter the truth at every turn and obfuscate the core issue – did she cheat or not? She will do anything - sowing divisiveness in every sector, inflicting hardships upon the people, and I suspect, even court bloodshed – just to keep herself in power.

And in all of these, the people sit idly by. Better the misery we already know, than to risk an even greater misery a new order could bring. And so, they accept injustice and desperation as their fate as a nation.

The only thing missing in this script is Moses.

Herein lies part of the problem. We do not move because we wait for a Moses to rise amongst us to lead us to the Promised Land. In our frustrations over leaders who have failed us in the past, we have set a very high standard for the new Moses – so high, that practically every alternative leader falls short.

But the Moses of the bible is far from perfect. He was a fugitive from the law and led a quiet life of exile in Midian when he was called by God. He had no political clout, and he was 80 years old – quite old, even in those times. He did not possess any special leadership skills; he was not even eloquent. But he was called by God, and he responded, even though reluctantly. And he became one of the heroes of the faith.

The whole point is this: we must not wait for a perfect leader to rise before we start to act. The Moses we are waiting for could be you and me – insignificant, no political clout, and without any vital skills that can directly impact the cause. But if we respond to the call as we did in EDSA 1 and 2, we could be the heroes that we really are.

I sincerely believe that God is calling on each one of us at this time to be the Moses of our times. Let us be sensitive to the burning bush in front of us.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh, so this GLORIAGATE scandal is now Lacson's fault?


But the bete noir of Garcillano seems to be Senator Panfilo Lacson. ABS-CBN reports it thus: Garci: Lacson one of reasons for hiding, All the attention being paid to Senator Lacson reminds us once more that he is, by default, the leader of the mainstream opposition, as I suggested was already the case last June in Last Senator Standing. The Times says Grillers of Garci impatient. The Philippines Free Press blog reproduces an editorial from 1988: Wanted, A Respectable Opposition. Still true.

Oh yeah, MLQ3... Si Lacson ang dahilan kung bakit itinago ng admin si Garcillano.

I'm putting this in the Dept. of WTF!?!

UDPATE: I think Garci and the admin may have seen this headline and thought it was a good excuse to pin the blame on Lacson.

Garcillano is back
Ping’s boys on the hunt


Former elections commissioner Virgilio Garcillano, accused of supervising the alleged rigging of the May 2004 elections in favor of President Arroyo, is back in the country.

Garcillano and his wife Grace arrived from Kota Kinabalu Monday, a source said yesterday.

They boarded a "kumpit," a speedboat native to the South, to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. From Palawan they were flown by a turbo jet plane owned by a congressman to the Cagayan de Oro airport, the source said.

Garcillano immediately proceeded to his farm in Bukidnon which is near the airport, the source added.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson, who disclosed Monday that the Garcillano couple was spotted five days earlier shuttling between Bukidnon and Marawi City in Lanao del Sur, said in a text message: "An administration legislator is responsible for transporting Garci to Mindanao via CDO (Cagayan de Oro). Saka na lang natin identify."

Garcillano went missing early June after the Palace made public the existence of wiretapped conversations between him and President Arroyo during the canvassing of votes. In the "Hello Garci" recordings, Arroyo is heard asking Garcillano if she could secure a lead of one million votes.

Garcillano’s wife, Grace, yesterday told a TV interview she and her husband returned to the country last week.

In the interview with ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC), Mrs. Garcillano refused to give details as to where she and her husband went.

She said they are now in Mindanao.

Mrs. Garcillano said her husband feared being arrested by security personnel of the House of Representatives, which issued a warrant of arrest against him in August for his repeated failure to attend the "Hello Garci" inquiry conducted jointly by five House committees.

Lacson said he has "given instructions to my men to arrest him (Garcillano) on sight."

"My boys are looking for him. They are trying to locate him now," Lacson said, adding his men could make a citizen’s arrest.

But he made these statements on Nov. 22, 2005. Garci OTOH, has been missing since June. So what gives, Garci boy? Everybody who's not pro-Arroyo is looking for you.

In fact, it was Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano who started the P1M reward for the capture of Garci on Aug 5, 2005.

There was even a suggestion of hiring a bounty hunter to go after you.

And as for Manolo's claim na walang respectable or credible na opposition, even using this old 1988 Phil Press article to make his point--the anti-Marcos opposition too never had any "respectable" or "credible" alternative ever since Ninoy was assasinated. Or else why would anybody put a housewife with zero qualifications and competence (other than having Aquino as her last name) to run against Marcos?

You mean the anti-Marcos opposition at that time couldn't find anybody else who'd make a respectable and credible choice for President? Tapos you accuse the current opposition of not being "respectable" or "irresponsible"? PUH-LEASE!

I think the selection of Cory as presidential candidate in 1986 started a negative trend in the Philippines. It gave Erap and FPJ the idea that they too could run for president.

Lights, Camera, GARCI!

Garci now ready for his closeup.

From the Malaya:

THE "script" is complete and the play is now showing.

Former elections commissioner Virgilio Garcillano yesterday made his first public statement and confirmed he talked with President Arroyo at the height of the canvassing of the May 2004 presidential elections.

But Garcillano refused to say if it was his voice which was caught in the "Hello Garci" wiretapped recording that was made public by the Palace June 6, shortly before he disappeared.

The "Hello Garci" recordings triggered the worst political crisis in Arroyo’s political career as it raised anew questions on the legitimacy of her presidency. It led to the filing of impeachment complaints against her, but her allies at the House junked them.

Garcillano, in an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN’s Henry Omaga-Diaz in an undisclosed place in Mindanao, said he did not help rig May 10, 2004 polls in favor of President Arroyo.

Read the whole article. He denied helping Arroyo steal the election of course.

Ellen Tordesillas has a copy of the Malacanang's possible "exit strategy" plan:

The political security situationer contained in the document "New Threats to Philippine Democracy" dated Sept. 9, 2005 shows that even if she has survived the impeachment complaint, she knows that she will be in trouble when Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo assumes the presidency of the influential Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines next month.

A handwritten note inserted on the mention of CBCP under "Political Alignments: Emerging Trends" says "Change in CBCP will lead and call for PGMA resignation."

There’s a portion in the confidential document states: ‘The last question we wish to address is what should the government do, now that in the coming months there will be a race for the people’s hearts and minds. At present the administration and the anti-government side are competing for the support of key sectors that have yet to make a definite stand on the matter. Some of the influential blocs in society include:

* Other political parties such as the Liberal Party (LP) and the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) that have yet to take a united and official party stand on the issue.

* While refusing to join quit-calls, the Catholic Church has adopted an open-ended position that could still change in the future. (There’s a handwritten marginal note beside this paragraph that says "Until December – we expect to see a radical posturing under the new CBCP leadership in January 2006."

Duhhhh!!! Isn't it effin obvious? Archbishop Capalla is the Prospero Pichay of the CBCP. This is the guy who supported CPR and asked people to "move on" na raw.


* The armed forces have retained an apolitical stand since the start of the crisis. We are aware, however, that a large segment of the military is quietly sitting on the fence right now, waiting for developments. While we trust our AFP, we cannot discount the possibility that in the event that the government fails to control the situation, it will step in if only to save the country from anarchy."

Despite Malacañang’s propaganda of US President Bush’s support for Arroyo, they know that it’s no longer the same between the two leaders. The handwritten notes at the end of the document underlined the assessment that "US factor is critical". Under it were three items: 1) Determine role in the crisis; 2) FVR continue to play the "bridge" for US thinking in Philippine scenario; 3) role of RP in US policy for Asia (no longer lead role).

No wonder, the US stand on the Philippines is all screwed up and hyprocritical. They're listening to FVR's BS! Sa middle east, they talk about spreading democracy and freedom and want to see credible elections.

Dito naman sa Pilipinas, they prefer "stability" over democracy by propping up an illegitimate ruler, probably because they were convinced by FVR na there's "no alternative" at the moment (until the Constitution is "fixed"). Maybe Ramos told them na the Philippines is like Egypt or Pakistan--that is, if you remove Mubarak or Musharraf from power, the extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood or Al Queda sympathizers will take over the gov't. So we better keep GMA in power for now, because we can't allow the possibility of extremists like the political opposition or THE COMMUNISTS!!! take over our gov't. Eh naniwala naman ang mga US advisers ni Bush kay Tabako-ko... LOL.

As for the Philippines not playing the lead role anymore, matagal na po nating alam yan. Ever since nag-surrender si Arroyo sa mga terrorista sa Iraq at pinauwi kaagad ang mga sundalo nito. In fact, Indonesia is getting more love right now from the US than RP.

Next to those items were more notes: "Poor acceptability of GMA in Bush administration; high risk for US under PGMA; incompatibility of interest between GMA boys and US business; declining public popularity not conducive to the US; indifference of international community to GMA leadership (Japan, China, Germany, EU and Muslim countries); high profile graft."

On the question of Arroyo’s possible ouster, their assessment is what is known to everybody: the failure of anti-Arroyo forces to consolidate. There was a hand written note: "It is all geared up – waiting for its tipping points."

The conclusion was upbeat: "In short, the Arroyo administration is still the best alternative at present. We also witnessed how Her Excellency’s support base consolidated at critical times." Next to that is a handwritten note: "PGMA continuously update and shape her Exit Plan."

No, credible elections is the only alternative to the fake president.

More here from PCIJ and the Garci palabas.

At eto naman ang mas complete version ng Political Security Situationer ni Arroyo.

From Neal Cruz:

Even before he shows up, Garci is already making a mockery of the House of Representatives (in fact, he and National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales are making a mockery of the whole Congress) by making all sorts of demands. "Lift the P1 million bounty on my head. Lift my arrest warrant!" he demanded. (He even told the press the sort of coverage he wants for himself.) As if it were a dog obeying the command of the master, the House promptly granted both demands.

As for Gonzales, he is still in contempt of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee chaired by Sen. Joker Arroyo for refusing to answer questions on the Venable contract that he signed. First, he feigned illness so that he would be confined at the Heart Center instead of in the Senate; then he asked for a "medical leave" so that he would be set free temporarily while still undecided on having a "heart bypass operation." Then he returned to work at the National Security Office without answering the senators' questions on the Venable contract. And the contempt citation and the questions were forgotten by the senators, especially Senator Arroyo, as though they were suddenly stricken with amnesia. Not a peep out of them.

What I'm driving at is that Congress is slowly losing respect and credibility as the executive branch slowly chips away at its authority. Besides, there are Executive Order No. 464 which was issued by the President and directs officials and employees not to testify at congressional hearings; the Calibrated Preemptive Response (CPR) policy on street protests; and the order preventing military officers from testifying on poll cheating.

This is a pity because Congress is the only co-equal branch of government left. The Supreme Court is now perceived to be too timid to cross the President it helped put in office. All these affronts and insults Congress is taking without fighting back, as if taking cue from the notorious advice of Sen. Raul Manglapus to women about to be raped. (Pardon the comparison.)

Well, what do you expect from this Admin-controlled congress? Mano-"noted" na naman tayo nyan.

From de Quiros:

The opposition candidates called up Garci too? Then by all means let us arrest them too and prosecute them too and, where we find them guilty, punish them too. Why should the allegation that opposition candidates called up Garci to jack up their votes justify the fact that GMA called up Garci to jack up her votes? Being able to point to another person as having committed rape does not justify rape. Being able to point to another person as having murdered does not justify murder. Two wrongs do not make a right, they make a deeper wrong. A shared crime does not make two people commonly innocent, it makes them equally guilty.


Btw, nag-convert na ba si Virgilio Garcillano to Islam? Just asking.

From Ninez:

Garci is talking, not before the congressional panels, but to broadcast media.

Not surprisingly, however, what he is doing, even as he appears before the cameras, is to deny that there was any poll rigging.

Not surprisingly either, he says the tapes played were tampered with, having already been spliced as he focuses his attacks on the opposition candidates he claimed had also called him, preparing even a list of those he says called him. They called him to cheat too? Wow. He has just acknowledged his reputation as a first-class poll cheat operator.

What was even more amazing was that Garcillano even claimed he was not sure it was his voice on the tape, as he said in Sunday's interview with ABC-CBN's Henry Omaga-Diaz that the tape had been spliced and spurious.

If that is to be Garci's line in the clearing of Gloria Arroyo in the massive poll cheating operations, there certainly won't be any closure to the “Hello Garci” business because his story won't be credible at all.

For one, it has been established by at least two foreign audio experts that the tapes submitted for their expert studies, one done in Australia and the other in the United States, were not spliced or tampered with. Moreover, two local experts, early on, also judged that the tapes were not spliced or tampered with.

That Malacañang and its propagandists knew that the tape was for real was much too evident when they tried to cover up the crime last June by (a) coming out publicly with two versions of the tape, with Toting Bunye calling a press conference and claiming that the original tape had Gloria speaking to her political operator (later identified as Edgar “Gary” Raudo) which he said was “privileged” communications and the other, a fake one (which turned out to be the real conversations on the tape) with Gloria speaking 15 times with Garcillano.

There are videos of Bunye clearing and stating that it was the voice of Gloria on the tape, but not the voice of Garcillano, insisting it was Ruado. This can hardly be denied by Bunye

Malacañang's nino bonito, Mike Defensor, also knew it would be extremely difficult to claim it was not Gloria and Garci on the tape, and so he came up with another dirty trick, which was to send a tampered tape to another US audio expert who is known to have analyzed the voice tapes of Osama bin Laden.

Defensor knew damn well what the American audio expert's conclusion would be: That the tape was tampered with, which was what Defensor wanted.

Then he tapped Jonathan Tiongco, passing him off as a local audio expert, to come up with an even more astounding tale, claiming the words yung dagdag, yung dagdag which Gloria uttered, were nothing but the mention of the name of a town in the Visayas, if slowed down.

Those he invited to the press conference were apparently fooled into attending it, as they were presented by Defensor with audio experts who have already concluded that this tape was tampered with and spliced. They came out the next day to denounce the trick Defensor and Tiongco played on them, with one of them stating there was no splicing and the words yung dagdag, said twice, were the same words, no matter if one plays it at high speed or low speed.

What Garci forgets even as he denies there was any poll rigging is the fact that it is not only the Hello Garci tape that proves there was massive fraud already during elections, and more cheating after the polls, to ensure for Gloria a one million vote-fraud lead over Fernando Poe Jr. There is enough documentary and testimonial evidence that can substantiate that which they did by way of poll cheating, which dovetails with the incidents discussed in the tapes. So who is Garci, and by extension, Gloria, fooling by coming up with such denials?

But the strategy of the Gloria-Garci scheme appears to be for Garci to surface — at least in the media — to put the blame on the opposition bets, stating that he has a list of opposition bets who called him up.

Is this being done to frighten the opposition into shushing its members from pushing the inquiries into the poll cheating?

Say one female opposition member did call him and that she had paid poll operators to cheat for her to land an elective seat. So what? Let her fry. Even if she is in the opposition, she should be exposed, as she too, may have cheated her way to her elective seat.

Tama ka, Ninez!


Ginagago na naman si Sen. Magsaysay
I'm not surprised anymore that this is happening. Under this criminal administration, anything is possible:

Sen. Ramon Magsaysay Jr. over the weekend said he had again gotten a fresh warning of receiving retaliation from those being affected by his panel's inquiry into the alleged misuse of P3-billion fertilizer funds by the Arroyo administration for calling in during the last hearing a surprise witness who claimed to be a “fixer” or “runner” of First Gentleman Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo, a known close associate of key “fertilizer scam” figure, former Department of Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Joc joc” Bolante.

Magsaysay, Senate committee on agriculture and food chairman, told reporters that he had been asked by some individuals, whom he did not name, to stop his panel's probe into the fertilizer “scam” controversy or he “could be hurt.”

Maybe he should just stop the investigation on the fertilizer scam na lang ala Blue Ribbon chairman Joker Arroyo on Norberto Gonzalez (like calling it a "waste of time") para tigilan na rin siya ng admin. ;)


Arroyo critic of the most expensive boulevard in the universe arrested
Arroyo gets back at former allies for exposing the Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. scam.

A CRITIC of President Arroyo yesterday said his arrest on libel charges last Friday was in retaliation by Malacañang for his exposure of big time graft and corruption and his participation in the oust-Arroyo campaign.

Pastor "Boy" Saycon, secretary general of the Council on Philippine Affairs, said the service of the arrest warrant on him, at 6:30 p.m. last Friday was also highly irregular in that warrants are not supposed to be served shortly before the weekend.

Saycon, nonetheless, was able to find a judge, Selma Alaras of the Makati regional trial court, last Saturday and a filed a bail of P10,000.

Had a judge not been available, Saycon would have not been able to post bail until Tuesday because of the weekend three non-working days.

The arrest warrant against Saycon, dated November 14, was issued by Judge Rommel Baybay of the Makati regional trial court of branch 132.

The arrest order stemmed from a P10 million libel suit filed by Public Estates Authority chairman Ernest Villareal.

In 2002, Saycon and other members of the group Plunder Watch filed a case before the Ombudsman against PEA officials who undertook the construction of the allegedly anomalous Diosdado Macapagal Avenue at the Roxas boulevard reclamation site.

Saycon said he was the only one among the complainants who was slapped with a libel suit.

Saycon was joined by PEA director Sulficio Tagud Jr., Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, Gabriela and E-Just, among other groups, in the complaint against Villareal, PEA general manager Benjamin Cariño and 24 others.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Reviewing the Garci tapes again

UPDATE: Yo mainstream media, kailan nyo ba ipapatugtog ang hello garci tapes sa tv stations nyo? If you're looking for an "excuse," now's a good time to tell raul gonzalez, the kbp, and the mtrcb to **** themselves and we're playing the tapes on our tv news programs. Why are the media SOOOO afraid of these tapes?

I'm downloading the Garci tapes and listening to them again.

If you don't want to download the entire tapes, download this PCIJ "Hello Garci Deconstructed" mp3 file.

Hello Garci, are you still there?

Mukhang hindi magsasalita si GARCI tungkol sa tapes. Tee Hee.

Hindi magbibigay ng anumang komento si dating Commission on Election (Comelec) Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano sa kontrobersyal na "Hello Garci" tape kapag humarap ito sa wiretapping probe ng Mababang Kapulungan ng Kongreso.

Sa interview ng ANC News, sinabi ng abogado ni Garcillano na si Eddie Tamondong na hindi sasagutin ng kanyang kliyente ang anumang mga katanungan hinggil sa kontrobersyal na tape.

"As far as the tapes are concerned, we will not dignify that with a comment... Any reference to the tape will not be dignified with an answer," anang abogado ni Garcillano bilang kasagutan sa tanong kung kukumpirmahin o itatanggi ng dating poll commissioner ang umano’y wiretapped conversation nila ni Pangulong Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo hinggil sa pandaraya sa presidential election.


Nauna nang ipinetisyon ng abogado ni Garcillano sa Korte Suprema na alisin ang arrest warrant laban sa kanyang kliyente at huwag payagan ang pagpapatugtog sa Hello Garci tape dahil ito’y labag sa right to privacy ng dating opisyal.

"The petition is to stop Congress from using the illegally wiretapped tape in their congressional hearings and as basis for committee reports. We also seek that all congressional records quoting or has any reference to these illegally wiretapped tapes to be totally stricken out," ani Tamondong.

Ayon pa kay Tamondong, umabuso ang Kongreso nang iparinig nito sa publiko ang Hello Garci tape. "The illegally wiretapped tapes were what we call in law as fruits from a poisonous tree and cannot be used in any proceeding as provided for by the Bill of Rights enshrined in our Constitution," anang abogado.

Waaaahhhh... the tapes are inadmissible... waaaahhhh!!!!

Samantala, naninwiala naman si Taguig-Pateros Rep. Allan Peter Cayetano na malaki ang kaugnayan ng pagbabalik ni Garcillano sa resulta ng survey na nagpapakitang 70% sa mga Filipino ay gustong umalis na sa puwesto si Pangulong Arroyo.

"It might be the survey na nagpapakita na 84% sa mga respondent ay gusto imbestigahan ng malaliman ang hello garci tapes at 70% gusto ng alisin si GMA sa Malacañang," ani Cayetano.

Malamang aniya na gustong lituhin ng Malacañang ang 70% na ito upang isantabi nila ang kanilang kagustuhang alisin na si Arroyo sa poder kaya pinalutang si Garcillano upang magtahi ng kasinungalingan.

"Sila mismo ang bumuhay ulit kay Garci na alam nilang pabor sa amin pero mayroon siyang misyon. His mission might be to plant seeds of doubts and divide and rule the people. Gusto nilang wasakin ang paniniwala ng 70% of the Filipino people na dapat ng alisin si GMA sa Malacañang," dagdag pa ni Cayetano.

Magtanim ay di biro...

Pinauwi lang dahil sa SEAG?!

Samantala, kumalat kagabi ang ilang text messages na nagsasaad na sadyang pinabalik ng gobyernong Arroyo si Garcillano para dayain ang resulta ng Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) na pormal na bubuksan ngayong araw na ito.

Ayon sa kumalat na text, bumalik si Garcillano para siguraduhing mananalo sa SEAG ang RP team.

"Breaking News: Garci came back just in time for d SEA games. He is taskd to be the score keeper to ensure victory of RP teams," anang isang text message.

Halos ganito rin ang isinasaad ng isa pang kumalat na text message: "Kaya pinabalik si Garci sa Pilipinas dahil siya ang mamamahala sa pagtabulate ng mga score cards sa SEA games. Tiyak na number 1 na ang Pilipinas!"


More from Abante-Tonite: Napakaraming kondisyones ni Garci.

Bishop Oscar Cruz: That's entertainment.

Ellen Tordesillas: Gloriahan lang yan

From Ninez Cacho Olivares:

Chances are, Virgilio Garcillano, despite his having suddenly surfaced, isn't going to attend any hearing, whether in the House or the Senate, even if he is reportedly being coached on what to say by Malacañang aides and operators.

The reason is simple. Garci is bound to make a slip somehow even if the House allies of Gloria Arroyo have taken over the chairmanships of the various committees probing the “Hello Garci” wiretapping, this would hardly stop opposition members from asking questions.

While it is true that Garci may well refuse to answer questions, such attitude will, however, portray him as a truly guilty party, which won't look too good for his principal.

Then there is the Senate panel probing the same wiretap controversy that has announced its intention to call Garci. That would be a tougher panel.

Besides, there would be too many things Garci would have to explain publicly. Already, he and his wife have conflicting stories, with the wife Grace saying they had just returned, and with Garci's lawyer claiming he never left the country.

More to the point, Garci will have to publicly admit that it is his, and Gloria's voice on the tape, if, as he claims he will be suing those who played the tape. If he denies it is his voice on tape, then he is hardly in a position to complain about the wiretapping and playing of the Hello Garci tape, in the same manner that Gloria can't quite charge wiretapping, as she would be admitting that which she tried to avoid when she said her now infamous “I am sorry” spiel.

Already, wife Grace admitted in an interview that it was Garci and Gloria caught on tape, when she complained that the entire tape should be played and not just the 15 recorded conversations between her husband and Gloria.

All this brings up one basic question: If Garci isn't going to talk, why bother to make an entrance once again as the Hello Garci issue has been revived, and with a big bang?

A good guess is one that says the stonewalling by Malacañang on the Hello Garci issue has hurt Gloria more than the Palace lets on, as speculations have risen on Garcillano having been liquidated.

Another guess is that Garci and his wife couldn't stay away too long in any foreign country, especially in New Jersey, where his adopted daughter stays. Besides, sooner or later, his whereabouts would be traced, despite Gloria's stonewalling.

This was proved in his departure from Subic airport to Singapore and onward to a third country.

A better guess is that Gloria may have come to believe that in Garci's desperation and the constant change of addresses being a man on the lam, he could very well just give up and tell all, just to come home and lead a fairly normal life after the brouhaha over the poll rigging.

So now Garci is back, but is not willing to talk.

What then is the strategy?

From all indications, it is the legal one he seeks to put a stop to the Hello Garci controversy.

First, he comes home, aware that the House panels probing the wiretap controversy will no longer be a hostile one, with the loyal allies of Gloria taking charge after ousting those who went for the impeachment of Gloria.

Then he, through his lawyer, goes to the Supreme Court, to question the arrest warrant issued by the House against him, and now asking the court to quash the warrant.

With a high court that grants Gloria anything she asks for by way of ruling, Garci figures he will be getting what he wants — from a legal viewpoint.

But then again, the high court need not butt in. There are enough allies in the House who are more than willing to withdraw that warrant. Already, Gloria loyalist Rep. Butch Pichay has offered to take Garci into his personal custody, even when Garci is already reportedly under the custody of Isafp agents. Gloria certainly isn't going to take any chances of letting Garci out of her sight and out of her control.

She didn't trust him enough, even as he worked as her top poll-rigging operator, which was why his calls were monitored. She and Mike suspected at one time that he would go over to the opposition side.

With Garci holding her political future in his hands, she certainly can't afford to let him loose, and outside of her control.

But whatever the strategy agreed upon by Gloria and Garci, it's not likely to fly.

The Hello Garci controversy was allowed by Gloria to take too long to resolve, and as a result, it will take a herculean task to disabuse the mind of the Filipinos that Gloria did not cheat at the polls, or believe that it wasn't Garci and Gloria on tape, discussing the dagdag-bawas scheme.

Both are done for.

May napansin ako lately kay Dean Jorge Bocobo

Halos lahat ng binibira niya lately ay ang mga anti-Arroyo groups, ang opposition, at mga "leftist" groups (you know, the same groups na sumali rin sa Edsa Dos), habang pinupuri naman niya ang administration for their "brilliant" and "winning" tactics... as if si direk Alex Magno at si Max Soliven ang nagsusulat sa Philippine Commentary (and I stopped reading the PHILSTAR a long time ago, since sumabog ang GLORIAGATE scandal).

Bocobo also praised this fake administration for it's ability to maintain it's grip on power and "win every round." Dean, if you're so impressed with this effin administration's "staying power" and think the anti-GMA people are "losers" -- then you should be impressed with Marcos too. The guy lasted for 20 years, because the opposition aka "losers" couldn't get rid of him either. The biggest "loser" of all was Ninoy Aquino, who was assasinated by Marcos' henchmen, but it still took the opposition another 3 years to mount a people power against marcos (unlike noong sa Lebanon when Rafik Hariri was assasinated, nagkaroon kaagad ng people power para mapatalsik ang Syrian army sa Lebanon.)

Bocobo will probably reason na nung panahon ni Marcos, kinukulong at pinapatay ang opposition, unlike today. Well, except for serial killings ng mga leftist leaders na nangyayari ngayon at an alarming rate, iba na ang strategy ng present dictatorship. Ngayon sino-"soft touch" na lang sila, kini-kidnap, ini-intimidate, o binabayaran na lang sila. As long as hawak ng isang illegitimate ruler ang COMELEC, Congress, SC, DOJ, Ombudsman, PNP at Military, at kuha niya ang suporta ng kalahati sa CBCP at Mainstream Media, safe si Arroyo for now at hindi na nya kailangang gayahin yung style ni Marcos.

Recently, Bocobo also has been attacking the Philippine Daily Inquirer, even though sila lang sa mga dating pro-Arroyo papers ang mukhang bumaliktad at ngayo'y lumalaban na sa administration ng pekeng pangulo. Yeah right Dean, let's read the Sonny Belmonte's PHILSTAR (Wretchard's favorite newspaper) and Enrique Razon's Manila Standard instead. Like Bocobo, galit rin si Wretchard sa PHILSTAR because of leftwing bias daw kuno.

(Everybody who knows me know that I'm not a big fan of PDI. But at least they're now telling the truth now on GLORIAGATE, no? unlike the alex magno, jarius bondoc, carmen pedrosa's of the PHILSTAR world.)

Internet Censorship in the Philippines

It is being discussed right now in Pinoyexchange.

More on this later.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Samuel Ong itatapat kay Garci

Maganda ito. LOL.

At nagkita na pala sila Mike Arroyo at Garci boy. From the Malaya:

FORMER Elections Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano and First Gentleman Jose "Mike" Miguel Arroyo met over lunch yesterday in a hotel in Zamboanga del Sur, former Sen. Francisco Tatad said yesterday.

Tatad said the two apparently discussed the final details of Garcillano’s planned "grand re-appearance."

Tatad said his sources said Mr. Arroyo, wearing dark glasses, a white cap and a blue-striped shirt, arrived at the hotel with a younger-looking man who resembled him.

The younger man was in a white shirt and a brown jacket "that looked like the jacket of a policeman."

Garcillano was in a black polo shirt.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson said Garcillano was just awaiting the cancellation of the arrest warrant issued in August by five House committees jointly investigating the "Hello Garci" wiretapped conversations for his repeated failure to attend the inquiry.

Lacson said the reorganization of the House committee chairmanships was so-timed to ensure that "friendly" legislators head the committees that would handle the "Hello Garci" investigation.

"The House revamp is part of the grand plan. Once friendly congressmen are named as chairmen of the committees that would handle the investigation, then the warrant of arrest against Garci can be lifted," Lacson said.

"He (Garcillano) is just waiting action on his warrant of arrest. After that, all is set for his reappearance," he added.

The revamp was implemented Wednesday night.

Take your time, Mr. Garci. Kabisaduhin mo muna yung script mo. So that we can all "move on" na like what Archbishop Capalla will do after the end of the year. LOL.

Malaya Editorial: The Garci palabas starts off on the wrong foot.

Lito Banayo's title is a perfect description of this admin.

Arnold Clavio: Handa na ba tayong makinig ng kasinungalingan ni Garci?

Ellen Tordesillas: What I would like to ask Garci

Read this too from JB Baylon.

The rest of the links:

-- CPR este... TRO on PCIJ expires.

-- Julius Babao tatakbo sa senado?

-- Sen. Lim's ‘Katotohanan’ drive raises P1M for Gudani, 2 others

-- Aabot sa P1.2Bil ang spy fund ni GMA.

Gonzalez confirms Pinay rape victim's wish to recant

Sinabi ito ni Gonzalez kay Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Miriam sa isang closed door meeting.

Totoo pala ang balita ng Malaya 2 days ago. Ito ang relevant part:

OLONGAPO CITY – Two officials of the Department of Justice requesting anonymity confirmed reports Wednesday that the alleged rape victim had wanted to meet with Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez to recant her charges that she was raped by the six US Marines last Nov. 1.

"Her recantation is that what she remembers is that she was being kissed. She wants to delete the element of rape in her original complaint-affidavit," one of the officials said.

Gonzalez on Tuesday turned down the request of the victim who was with lawyer Minerva Ambrosio to see him, saying he did not want to be accused of being biased.

After Gonzalez rejection, the victim and her lawyer went to the office of Chief State Prosecutor Jovencito Zuño and State Prosecutor Lilian Alejo to subscribe her supplemental-complaint affidavit of withdrawal of the charges.

"The victim was advised by Zuño to go to the fiscal in Olongapo at 7 a.m. today (Wednesday) so that she would not be seen by the media. If that portion (rape allegation) is deleted, the case will be dead. It will be lessened to sexual abuse or sexual molestation," one of the officials said.

They said government can still pursue the case for the allegations of sexual molestation, but the victim’s recantation gravely weakens the case against the accused.

The alleged victim, Ambrosio and her other lawyer Katrina Legarda were absent in the preliminary hearing at the Olongapo Prosecutor’s Office.

Maria Sheila Bazar, appearing as lead counsel for the victim, said they would no longer present the victim to "shield her from further embarrassment."

Three possibilities:

a) The rape really happened at nagka-areglohan. The people responsible for quietly settling the case (same guys who "soft touched" mahusay, doble and garcia?) also asked the victim to drop the rape accusations para hindi ito magamit na issue in the future laban sa US presence inside the RP (because the plan doing more operations inside the Philippines.) How much is P1 Mil in US dollars. $18.5K? $60K is more than P3Mil yes? That's chump change for the US gov't.

b) The woman's a gold-digging schemer. She wanted to take advantage of the US servicemen by making up this rape story thinking she could earn a quick cash settlement. Either she backed off right because her case was weak, or she got the US suckers to pay her to keep quiet. If this is what really happened, then there's no point in keeping her identity a secret. Hindi naman pala siya "bikitima" eh. She's the guilty schemer.

c) She was having so much fun with the boys inside the van that she passed out, so she couldn't remember certain parts of what happened. Is it rape btw if a guy had sex with an unconscious or semi-conscious woman he met at a bar?

"Her recantation is that what she remembers is that she was being kissed. She wants to delete the element of rape in her original complaint-affidavit," one of the officials said.

But whatever is the case, this reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. One of these days, kapag may-umiyak ulit na "rape," wala nang maniniwala sa kanila.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Gloria, FG meet up with Joc-Joc in HK, discuss defense strategy

The trib has the inside scoop.

Joc Joc Bolante

JOC JOC!!! LUMABAS KA NA!!!!!!!!!!!

The Garci Moro-moro

From Ernie Maceda:

It is now crystal clear that Malacañang is scripting the Garci telenovela much like the popular Jewel in the Palace. It has been revealed as reported in Tuesday's issue of the Tribune that former Commission on Elections Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano landed in Zamboanga City on board a South Phoenix Air flight from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, on Nov. 18. There were no immigration records. In fact, his name was not even in the manifest.

Granting his name was not in the manifest, even assuming he was using a passport with a different name, no immigration or Customs police personnel recognized him? No way. Powerful people interceded and escorted him out.

But here's the clincher: GMA suddenly flies to Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat, for an insignificant cornerstone laying of a new building project, stays for two hours, meets with Gov. Pax Mangondadatu, then flies back to Manila.

A presidential visit usually involves a bigger project inauguration or big conference. And since Sultan Kudarat is in Southern Mindanao, a three-hour flight from Manila, the President usually visits one or two more provinces on the way or coming back.

The next day, Mangondadatu is seen with his governor's vehicle and two other vans in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay, escorting Garcillano at the Metro Ipil Hotel and even having lunch at the Lakewood Restaurant.

And now, Palace favorite Rep. Prospero Pichay Jr. has come out to propose that he takes over from Gov. Mangondadatu as Garcillano's handler and protector.

Coincidence? No way. Moro-moro it is. The Garci line, as echoed by his wife Grace, is that not only GMA but several opposition candidates, presumably senatorial candidates Jamby Madrigal, Juan Ponce Enrile and Jinggoy Estrada also made calls to Garci to “protect their votes.” So, if it is OK for opposition candidates to call, why complain about GMA calling too?

Simpletons. It only puts Garci in more hot water. It proves that it is widely accepted that in political circles Garci is an operator and as clearly proved by the conversations with Sen. Robert Barbers, his services are available for a fee.

The bottomline — even if two or three opposition senatorial candidates called, it does not excuse President GMA from calling him several times and insisting on a one-million vote margin over FPJ. Besides, the three opposition candidates are not the sitting President who appointed Garcillano and who is expected to reappoint him after the elections.

Anyway, we will see how opposition congressmen and senators can outwit and pin down Garci in upcoming hearing. Expect him to claim the right to privacy or the right against self-incrimination. Or will he be given a new appointment and then be covered by Executice Order 464? But wait, will Garci appear only at the House? Will he snub the Senate hearings? Let's wait and see.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Superman Returns trailer

Nakakakilabot pakinggan ang boses ni Marlon Brando (cuz the guy's already dead). But cool trailer though. Parang Jesus ang dating ni Superman dito.

The Perfect Lie

Lito Banayo: "Closure" they must invent

Kakatawa naman yung kwento ni Lito re Garci and Gracie's adventures.

I must admit na since may balita na nasa Pilipinas na si Garci, I can't wait for him to hold a press conference and answer questions from the media.

More here from Malaya's Editorial.

-- Sabi ni Ellen Tordesillas:

Kahit pa kausap ni Garcillano ang mga miyembro ng oposisyon, hindi ‘yan nagpapawalang sala kay Arroyo. Kung may kasalanan ang nasa oposisyon, imbestigahan. Ngunit hindi ‘yun dapat gawing panggulo sa kasalanan na ginawa ni Gloria Arroyo na pagnakaw ng boto ng taumbayan.

Read the whole thing. I don't care kung idamay ni Garci ang oposisyon sa pandaraya. Go ahead, kung may ebidensiya kayo, ilabas nyo.

But throwing mud at the opposition won't change the fact na nandaya pa rin si Arrovo.

UPDATE: Heh. I was reminded of this Arroyo claim na baka siya pa raw ang dinaya ng opposition.

The tribune thinks Garci is still not in the country:

It is likely that either he is not in the country but is made to appear that he has returned, through his wife's interview, or that he is in the country to belie suspicions of his death to permanently silence claims of his death and continuous reports of his going missing, which impacts negatively on Gloria, as there have been too many poll-rigging witnesses going missing, all of which is no guarantee of his surfacing to testify.

Like Dean Jorge Bocobo, Ducky Paredes is also declaring this Garci stunt a triumphant move for Arroyo.

-- Script at half-truths ni Garci hindi maisasalba si GMA

-- Abante editorial says that gimik or no gimik, magandang balita ang pagbabalik ni Garci.

-- Joc joc Bolante bumalik na rin sa Pinas? Sabi rin sa article na kapitbahay ni Sen. Magsaysay si Joc Joc.


Authentic fakes. Here's a sample from de Quiros' article today:

Three. Juan Ponce Enrile's logging company, San Jose Timber Corp., has a license to log but not to operate as a corporation. The Securities and Exchange Commission revoked SJTC's certificate of registration a couple of years ago for failure to comply with requirements. It has not lifted its revocation. Quite apart from that, Samareños, who fear the areas in their island that Enrile is determined to despoil may become other Ormocs and Infantas, say there's a current log ban covering the entire Samar Island.

Not so, say Enrile and Mike Defensor. Defensor, who issued an order in August allowing Enrile to break a 16-year-old logging ban in Samar, says it is perfectly legal.

Well, Enrile and Defensor have something in common. Enrile is the guy who faked an assassination attempt on himself to justify martial law and who made the term "dagdag-bawas" [vote-padding and vote-shaving] a household word. Defensor is the guy who abducted Panfilo Lacson's witness against Pidal and called it a rescue and who cited an American expert to prove the "Hello Garci" tape was doctored only to be refuted by the expert himself. They're both authentic fakes.

I say heh. read the whole article.

Reynaldo Wycoco suffers stroke

Here's the link. Ipagdasal natin ang kalusugan niya.


-- Baka dala na naman ulit ni Wycoco ang hidden camera niya

Pinay rape victim to recant?

From the Malaya:

Two officials of the Department of Justice requesting anonymity confirmed reports Wednesday that the alleged rape victim had wanted to meet with Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez to recant her charges that she was raped by the six US Marines last Nov. 1.

"Her recantation is that what she remembers is that she was being kissed. She wants to delete the element of rape in her original complaint-affidavit," one of the officials said.

Gonzalez on Tuesday turned down the request of the victim who was with lawyer Minerva Ambrosio to see him, saying he did not want to be accused of being biased.

After Gonzalez rejection, the victim and her lawyer went to the office of Chief State Prosecutor Jovencito Zuño and State Prosecutor Lilian Alejo to subscribe her supplemental-complaint affidavit of withdrawal of the charges.

"The victim was advised by Zuño to go to the fiscal in Olongapo at 7 a.m. today (Wednesday) so that she would not be seen by the media. If that portion (rape allegation) is deleted, the case will be dead. It will be lessened to sexual abuse or sexual molestation," one of the officials said.

Kawawa naman, her having to go through all this. So now the rape never happened is what she's saying?

Kinda predicted this would happen.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thank you PCIJ, thank you.

UPDATE: I just wanted to say that without the PCIJ hosting the Garci tapes, baka hanggang ngayon majority of the people will still be in the dark about GLORIAGATE. Kasi most of the Mainstream media at that time were intimidated by this administration from playing or hosting the files of the tapes.

Again PCIJ, we thank you for reporting the truth. More power.

Belmont Club picks up the PCIJ-Jonathan Tiongco story and connects it to the efforts by UN and other rogue country's to take control of the internet.

Fugitive Virgilio Garcillano is back

But under Gloria custody while ‘tutored’ by palace aides. From the Tribune:

Virgilio Garcillano, former Commission on Elections commissioner alleged to have been directed by President Arroyo to conduct massive electoral fraud in ensuring her victory at the polls in 2004, and for which at least 15 telephone conversations between the two were wiretapped, has just returned to the country, Garcillano's wife, Grace, said yesterday, during an exclusive interview aired over Lopez-owned cable network ANC. The interview was conducted by ANC's Ricky Carandang.

Bureau of Immigration officials also yesterday claimed there were no records either of the Garcillano couple's departure or arrival.

Reliable sources, however, told the Tribune that Garcillano has been back for some weeks now and contrary to what Grace had claimed during the interview, he is in the outskirts of Metro Manila, not somewhere in Mindanao, as earlier stated by the wife.

They also noted that Garcillano has been taken into presidential custody and has been coached for several days and continues to be coached on what to say by TV director Lupita Kashiwahara and Rep. Ronaldo Puno, adviser and confidante on the alleged poll and survey-rigging operations.

I hope this is not true. Kasi hindi ba obstruction of justice yung ginagawa nila, and Lupita and Ronnie Puno could be charged with suborning perjury (tama ba ito?) if Garcillano lied under oath.

Dean Jorge Bocobo seems confident this latest Garci stunt is a winner for Arroyo.

Perhaps now the Opposition is learning that the Palace plays for keeps on every single round of this game. That is why they have won every important round....

The President has a really mean streak when she wins is what this says to me.

He also agreed with Teddy Boy Locsin na the opposition should be preparing for the next impeachment attempt raw.

Dean, numbers at pera ang kailangan mo. Hindi ba idinaan ng mga kaalyado ni Arroyo sa superior numbers nila (at sa salitang "noted") ang pag-proclaim kay Arroyo noong 2004, and they used the same strategy sa pagpatay ng impeachment complaint nung 2005? Kaya kahit unahan ng opposition si Oliver Lozano sa pagsubmit ng impeachment complaint sa June 7, 12:00am, walang kwenta rin.

At hawak ni Arroyo ang COMELEC, Congress, SC, DOJ, ang pulis at military, kinda like Marcos. So she may have to be forced out of Malacanang.

More from Abante-Tonite:

Matapos makumpirma ang palihim na pagbabalik sa bansa ni dating Commission on Election (Comelec) Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano, kaagad namang pinagdudahan ng oposisyon ang motibo ng Malacañang kaakibat ang alegasyong sumailalim na ito sa matinding "rehearsal" para sa inaasahang pagharap sa imbestigasyon ng "Hello Garci" scandal.

Ayon kay Senate minority floor leader Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel Jr., sa halos anim na buwang pagkawala ni Garcillano, walang maniniwala na hindi ito pinag-praktis ng Malacañang sa mga ihahayag o ikakanta sa publiko, katulad din ng umano’y ginawang pagpapraktis ni Cong. Iggy Arroyo sa pirma ni Jose Pidal....

Sinabi naman ni Pimentel na walang pakialam ang oposisyon sakaling idamay ni Garcillano ang ilang opposition personality na naka-phonepal nito nakaraang presidential election katulad ng namagitan sa kanila ni Mrs. Arroyo kung saan pinag-usapan ang pandaraya.

"Wala kaming pakialam kahit sino pang idamay niya, ang importante narito siya at magsasalita tungkol sa kanyang nalalaman kung paano nila dinaya ang resulta ng halalan," ani Pimentel.

Tulad ni Pimentel, ikinatuwa ni Sen. Panfilo "Ping" Lacson ang paglutang ni Garcillano dahil magkakaroon na ng linaw ang mga isyung nakapaloob sa "Hello Garci tape" subalit hindi rin inilalayo ng senador ang senaryong sumailalim sa pagsasanay ang dating Comelec official para sa gagawin nitong ‘pagkanta.’

Plus: May maniniwala pa sa kanya?

Arroyo's request rejected

From Ernie Maceda:

Rejected. US President George W. Bush went out of his way to visit Mongolia to praise the leaders of Mongolia, being the 1st US President to visit Ulaanbator, the capital of Mongolia. Mongolia has a special place in Bush's heart because it has a contingent of 120 soldiers in Iraq since the start of the war up to now. Bush went to great lengths to detail the heroic performance of some Mongolian soldiers in Iraq.

Once again we can say it was a big mistake for GMA to have pulled out our contingent of 50 soldiers in Iraq. At the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Busan, South Korea, the Philippine request for a one-on-one meeting between GMA and President Bush was rejected.

Gov't wants to use radio station for propaganda

Neal Cruz reports on Ate Glo's latest propaganda efforts.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Can't blame Iya Villania

From Ernie Maceda:

Can't blame Iya. ABS-CBN TV star Iya Villania can't be blamed for suspecting that TMG operatives were behind the carjacking of her Nissan Patrol as part of a bigger syndicate that included Land Transportation Office (LTO) personnel.

Iya's Nissan Patrol was issued new registration papers and new plates one day after the carjacking. It was immediately put on the market openly for buyers to examine at a not-too-secret Quezon City location with several other stolen vehicles.

The widespread and frequent “carnapping”/carjacking incidents have been going on for years with the majority of owners unable to recover their vehicles. In some cases, stolen vehicles have been discovered being used by police officers.

Our sources tell us this cartheft syndicate is so big it has extended its operations to Fukuoka, Japan, and San Francisco and Los Angeles in the US. The report also reveals prominent names are involved. The entry point used to be Subic and Clark but it recently shifted to Cebu and Davao.

With the locally stolen vehicles, the cheaper models are “chop-chopped” and sold as car parts with Banawe stores as fences.

Definitely the luxury ones, whether locally carjacked or smuggled in from abroad, are easily registered with conniving officials of the LTO and Customs from Metro Manila to Zambales, Pampanga and Cebu.

Yes, Miss Iya Villania has good ground to suspect something fishy in the sudden appearance or her stolen Nissan Patrol. She can thank the Ortigas/Garnet incident as having put pressure on the syndicate to recover lost prestige by reporting the solving of her carjacking case. Iya did not specifically mention connivance. It was Gen. Angcanang who mouthed the suspicion. Siya ang pumutak!

Blackmail attempt against Sen. Magsaysay exposed

Hala! Akala nyo masisindak nyo si Sen. Magsaysay ha, Arroyo admin?

Frontpage pa itong balita sa Abante-Tonite.

UPDATE: Dean Jorge Bocobo says Magsaysay's got the right stuff to become president. MLQ3 agrees, and thinks he would make a great president.

At sa plano raw ng mga kongresista na imbestigahan rin ang mga Senators kung paano nila ginamit ang "pork barrel" nila, sabi ni Ellen Tordesillas na maganda raw yan para magka-bukingan ang dalawang panig kung sino sa kanila ang mas malaking magnakaw.

Ernie Maceda adds his 2 cents on the fertilizer scam:

Many more. Six more congressmen have been charged by the Commission on Audit for grossly overpriced fertilizer out of their “pork barrel” allocations. This brings to 10 so far the number of congressmen involved in the fertilizer scam. There will be more.

At the Senate, former Budget and Management Secretary Emilia Boncodin and former Solicitor General Frank Chavez revealed that not only P728 million was released for fertilizers and farming inputs before the May 2004 elections but three more releases for a total P3.9 billion were made.

One significant fact was brought out by Sen. Jamby Madrigal. Bukidnon Rep. Mike Zubiri realigned his P5-million allocation for a concreting project which proves that the fertilizer funds were released to the control of the congressmen proponents.

Former Batanes Rep. Butch Abad complained that his name was included as a proponent even if he did not request an allocation. And neither did he receive the funds allocated to him. The list of ghost recipients headed by Makati City Rep. Teddy Boy Locsin is getting longer. Who got the money?

Now one can understand why former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn Bolante is in hiding. Definitely, he has a lot of explaining to do.

There have been fertilizer scams before under other Presidents but certainly not of this magnitude and not election-related. Another instance of corruption being worse under GMA.

A witness for hire?

Lacson and Pimentel said Moner’s lawyers demanded security and food and housing assistance. Lacson said if totaled, the judge’s demand would amount to a staggering P20 million.

"He wanted round-the-clock security, food and even a condominium where he and his companions could stay. May insurance pa nga that would last for a number of years," Lacson said in an interview.

Pimentel nodded his head on hearing Lacson’s statement, saying, "Yes, he asked that from me, too."

Lacson said he did not yield to the demands. "Why should I? I do not have that kind of money. After that (failed negotiations), I never heard from them again," he said.

Is Moner trying to cash in on the GLORIAGATE scandal?

Next question: is the Moner case similar to Datu Ahmad Bayam's?

First "Raul Gonzalez award" nominee is Raul Gonzalez

The Raul Gonzalez award is given to any public official who makes the most ridiculous, unintentionally funny, or bastos statements.

From Malaya:

Gonzalez, in justifying the waiving of custodial right, said the government does not have to ask for their custody since it would be a waste of money.

"Why will you need custody for? Papakainin mo pa yan," he said, adding that a provision in the VFA stipulates that the government has to provide the suspects a place of detention acceptable to the Americans.

"Eh kung sabihin nila sa air-conditioned rooms ilagay? Gastos lang," he added. "Siyempre, if we’re the one (having) custody, we should pay (for everything), including their laundry."

He said the government could not force the United States to hand over the accused "unless we declare war on the Americans."

Arroyo's media cheering squad

-- Neal Cruz: Press doesn't exist to be cheering squad of gov't

The thrust of their argument is that there is too much "negative" news and not enough "positive" news in the media. They echo the claim of the Marcos martial law administration that media should be a partner of the government in nation building.

There should be a balance between the "good news" and the "bad news," they said. A congressman-panelist complained that the media did not report the six bills he had filed in Congress. In short, they want the media to praise them and be their cheering squad.

Let me clarify the role of the press in a democratic society. The press does not exist to be the cheering squad of the government. It exists to be critical of the government and its officials. It exists not to point out the "good and the beautiful" in the government, but to point out the faults and blemishes in it. A public official shouldn't expect to be praised for doing a good deed. He is supposed and expected to do that. That is his job and duty. And a good deed is its own reward.

But when he does wrong, then that should be pointed out so that he would know that what he did was wrong and so that he can correct it. And so that the public will know what the official they voted into office did or did not do and can replace him when the next election comes around.

The odds are so heavily in favor of the government that it does not need the press to backstop it. On the contrary, it needs the press to hold it in check and criticize it when it abuses its powers. It has the funds, the many agencies supported by taxpayers' money to promote itself. It even has some pseudo-journalists in its pockets.

On the other hand, the public has nobody on its side but the press. The press is the eyes and ears of the people. It tells them what they should know. It can be compared to an ombudsman, who exists as the watchdog and prosecutor for the people.

In other words, our society needs something to balance the immense powers of the government. And that, in its own limited way, is the role of the press. That is the "balance" that everybody should be crying for.

Neal adds:

One of the panelists asked: What about accountability? The government accounts to the people, what about the media?

Two of the professional journalists (God bless them) replied that media account to the public, too, and more quickly than do the public officials. Politicians account for their actions usually only during the elections every year. But the media account for their actions every day, every hour, every minute. A media outlet that loses its credibility quickly loses readers and viewers. The public is very discerning and can be quite unforgiving.

Witness what happened to the media during the martial law regime. The press published only "positive news" about the government and rarely any "negative news." What happened? The public did not believe the establishment press and patronized the underground press such as the Inquirer and We Forum. The same thing will happen if we follow the clamor of Ate Glue and her defenders to accentuate the "good news" and play down the "bad news." Nobody would believe the media and a new underground press would be born.

Yup. Look at what's happening to Philstar, Manila Standard, Manila Bulletin etc.

-- Conrad de Quiros: Standards

Read the whole thing.

-- NEWSBREAK has a major 4-article story in the military's role in GLORIAGATE

a) Suspicious Operations by Aries Rufo

b) In the Shadows by the Newsbreak team

c) Madame Operator (Part I) by Miriam G. Go

d) Madame Operator (Part II)

Bush visits Mongolia

Cool pics from Bush's trip to Mongolia. ASTEEG!

Pero sira-ulo itong si Bush. Pumunta siya sa Mongolia, pero kinalimutan niya ang "major non-NATO ally" nito sa Asya. Deadma. :(

"You are an example of success to the world."

George W Bush has become the first sitting US president to visit Mongolia.In a show of support for a fledgling democracy that has sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, Mr Bush said US forces were proud to fight alongside the "fearless warriors" of Mongolia.In his speech, Mr Bush expressed strong support for Mongolia's young democracy, encouraged more economic reforms, and pledged to hammer out a US aid package.

He said: "You are an example of success for this region and the world.

"And I have come to tell you, as you build a free society in the heart of Central Asia, the American people stand with you."

Bush also thanked the country for sending more than 100 soldiers to support US forces in Iraq and roughly half that number to bolster international efforts in Afghanistan.

The US has said it is providing Mongolia with £10m of military aid this year to train Mongolian officers at US military schools, for equipment and to refurbish an old Soviet-era training area.

Mongolia also qualified for the Bush admin's Millennium Challenge Account's economic assistance to reduce poverty:

He congratulated the people of Mongolia, on behalf of the American people, for qualifying for eligibility for the Millennium Challenge Account, and looked forward to the successful conclusion of a Compact that will reduce poverty through economic growth and reflect the Government of Mongolia's commitment to continued political and economic reform.

"How can an honorable man such as Joe Lieberman stay in that party?"

How indeed.

Man, this Ralph Peters guy is merciless:


QUIT. It's that simple. There are plenty of more complex ways to lose a war, but none as reliable as just giving up.

Increasingly, quitting looks like the new American Way of War. No matter how great your team, you can't win the game if you walk off the field at half-time. That's precisely what the Democratic Party wants America to do in Iraq. Forget the fact that we've made remarkable progress under daunting conditions: The Dems are looking to throw the game just to embarrass the Bush administration.

Forget about the consequences. Disregard the immediate encouragement to the terrorists and insurgents to keep killing every American soldier they can. Ignore what would happen in Iraq — and the region — if we bail out. And don't mention how a U.S. surrender would turn al Qaeda into an Islamic superpower, the champ who knocked out Uncle Sam in the third round.

Forget about our dead soldiers, whose sacrifice is nothing but a political club for Democrats to wave in front of the media. After all, one way to create the kind of disaffection in the ranks that the Dems' leaders yearn to see is to tell our troops on the battlefield that they're risking their lives for nothing, we're throwing the game.

Forget that our combat veterans are re-enlisting at remarkable rates — knowing they'll have to leave their families and go back to war again. Ignore the progress on the ground, the squeezing of the insurgency's last strongholds into the badlands on the Syrian border. Blow off the successive Iraqi elections and the astonishing cooperation we've seen between age-old enemies as they struggle to form a decent government.

Just set a time-table for our troops to come home and show the world that America is an unreliable ally with no stomach for a fight, no matter the stakes involved. Tell the world that deserting the South Vietnamese and fleeing from Somalia weren't anomalies — that's what Americans do.

While we're at it, let's just print up recruiting posters for the terrorists, informing the youth of the Middle East that Americans are cowards who can be attacked with impunity.

Whatever you do, don't talk about any possible consequences. Focus on the moment — and the next round of U.S. elections. Just make political points. After all, those dead American soldiers and Marines don't matter — they didn't go to Ivy League schools. (Besides, most would've voted Republican had they lived.)

America's security? Hah! As long as the upcoming elections show Democratic gains, let the terrorist threat explode. So what if hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners might die in a regional war? So what if violent fundamentalism gets a shot of steroids? So what if we make Abu Musab al-Zarqawi the most successful Arab of the past 500 years?

For God's sake, don't talk about democracy in the Middle East. After all, democracy wasn't much fun for the Dems in 2000 or 2004. Why support it overseas, when it's been so disappointing at home?

Human rights? Oh, dear. Human rights are for rich white people who live in Malibu. Unless you can use the issue to whack Republicans. Otherwise, brown, black or yellow people can die by the millions. Dean, Reid & Pelosi, LLC, won't say, "Boo!"

You've got to understand, my fellow citizens: None of this matters. And you don't matter, either. All that matters is scoring political points. Let the world burn. Let the massacres run on. Let the terrorists acquire WMD. Just give the Bush administration a big black eye and we'll call that a win.

The irresponsibility of the Democrats on Capitol Hill is breathtaking. (How can an honorable man such as Joe Lieberman stay in that party?) Not one of the critics of our efforts in Iraq — not one — has described his or her vision for Iraq and the Middle East in the wake of a troop withdrawal. Not one has offered any analysis of what the terrorists would gain and what they might do. Not one has shown respect for our war dead by arguing that we must put aside our partisan differences and win.

There's plenty I don't like about the Bush administration. Its domestic policies disgust me, and the Bushies got plenty wrong in Iraq. But at least they'll fight. The Dems are ready to betray our troops, our allies and our country's future security for a few House seats.

Surrender is never a winning strategy.

Yes, we've been told lies about Iraq — by Dems and their media groupies. About conditions on the ground. About our troops. About what's at stake. About the consequences of running away from the great struggle of our time. About the continuing threat from terrorism. And about the consequences for you and your family.

What do the Democrats fear? An American success in Iraq. They need us to fail, and they're going to make us fail, no matter the cost. They need to declare defeat before the 2006 mid-term elections and ensure a real debacle before 2008 — a bloody mess they'll blame on Bush, even though they made it themselves.

We won't even talk about the effect quitting while we're winning in Iraq might have on the go-to-war calculations of other powers that might want to challenge us in the future. Let's just be good Democrats and prove that Osama bin Laden was right all along: Americans have no stomach for a fight.

As for the 2,000-plus dead American troops about whom the lefties are so awfully concerned? As soon as we abandon Iraq, they'll forget about our casualties quicker than an amnesiac forgets how much small-change he had in his pocket.

If we run away from our enemies overseas, our enemies will make their way to us. Quit Iraq, and far more than 2,000 Americans are going to die.

And they won't all be conservatives.