Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Soc Villegas, hypocrite

From the Tribune:

Villegas admitted that he had had a change of heart on the subject of overthrowing presidents.

“I do not believe anymore in using people power to change governments,” he said even if he is “sad” and “disheartened” over the rampant corruption in the government that, according to him, caused the collapse of Marcos and then President Joseph Estrada....

“We must never allow any politician to ever tamper with people power again,” Villegas said, apparently referring to Mrs. Arroyo, who was openly supported by Sin as replacement for Estrada.

Yeah, we should not use people power anymore. Removing corrupt and incompetent leaders via elections are the way to go.

But weitaminit! Hindi ba we did that already in 2004 when the people voted Arroyo out of power?

The problem was: Arroyo, Garcillano and her COMELEC would not allow it to happen, so they rigged the elections. And her allies in the House helped in covering up the scandal by railroading GMA's proclamation without granting the opposition's numerous calls for a recount back in june of 2004 (apparently, Arroyo solons were afraid then na "hindi maganda ang pagpapataas" ng militar kay Maam, at baka mabuking).

As long as GMA controls the COMELEC, mahirap magkaroon ng credible elections o referrendum. And if you listen to the Hello Garci tapes, hindi lang naman si Arroyo ang nakinabang sa dagdag bawas eh. Listen to the other arroyo politicians whose voices were caught on tape too. Read the testimony of Zuce. Many of her allies in Congress have benefitted from the COMELEC cheating operations too.

Isa pa, you would have been more credible about your "no more people power" speech if you also asked for Arroyo's resignation as well. But obviously, you and your CBCP colleagues would rather let the status quo remain.

you TALK about corruption, but you refuse to even mention Arroyo by name. yet you and your CBCP friends have called for erap's resignation and removal from office a few years ago on lesser charges.

And does anybody really believe that you or the CBCP would not be calling for the president's resignation or people's power kung ang presidente ay galing sa opposition (like FPJ or PIng lacson)? This article speaks for itself.

apparently, people power should only be used against "the others" like the marcoses, erap, ping lacson etc.

but use it against "an edsa dos creation" like Gloria macapagal arroyo? NO WAY! NYET! NEVER!

btw, aren't you Socrates Villegas the same guy who backstabbed whistleblower Vidal Doble and handed him over to Arroyo's ISAFP? The media called it a "rescue operation". Just like what Michael Defensor did to Udong Mahusay was a "rescue operation" too, eh?


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