Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Killed three times

Eto sabi ni Teddyboy Locsin on why he voted not to impeach Arroyo:

The impeachment complaint has been decried by the minority as “assassinated” and by the majority as “dead on arrival.” I submit it was never alive nor was it ever intended to be. Like Frankenstein’s monster, but without the requisite electrical charge, the exhumed cadaver of the previous impeachment was meant only to be used as a club with which to beat the respondent after rigor mortis had set in, it was never the intention to enlighten judgment or educate as to the substantiality of the charges, as common men and women understand substance to be.

Yes, impeachment is dead, but like De Quiros said, only because your friends in Congress killed any efforts at public accountability three times.

The first time na nangyari yang patayan ay nung ni-railroad ng mga kaibigan mo ang proclamation ni GMA while they dismissed any requests for a recount on the disputed COCs.

And the nerve of some of your tongressman friends to put the blame on the opposition for delaying vote canvassing. Kung may ebidensiya ng dayaan siyempre made-delay yan, dahil pinipigilan ng opposition ang pag-railroad ng coronation ni GMA, dahil gusto nila ng recount, na hindi nyo naman pinayagan.

But you know what, this issue keeps coming back dahil questionable ang legitimacy ni Arroyo, at puro coverups lang ang ginagawa ng mga kaibigan mo sa administration.

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schumey said...

I never liked Locsin as he thinks he's the only one with a brain that functions. He's better off writing than being a tongressman who does know what substance is. C'mon Teddyboy, you just can't handle the truth that's why you'd rather see it dead.

baycas said...

all those talk of the dead reminds me of corpus delicti, the fact of a crime having been actually common men and women understand the substantiality of the charges, those 173 assassins must be put to trial.

rigor mortis may actually exist but the ghost of the charges lives on till the respondent is made to account for all the accusations facing her. truly, the cadaver of last year's impeachment was long buried and even then...may i just remind the horrorable t. locsin that even an exhumed corpse can tell a lot of the crime committed and the identity of his/her killer.

Dr. Frankenstein will only be too glad to resurrect the dead on and on, year after year...