Monday, August 28, 2006

Roilo Golez is right

Roilo Golez's email to ellen tordesillas:

We ended up with less votes. 32 compred to 51 last year. But one must look at the 27 who were conspicuously absent and did not vote.

Many of those absentees were with us last year and must have gone through severe moral dilemma. I believe their hearts remain with us but the exigencies of the times forced them to do what they just did,i.e. to be absent. Morally, they remain with us.

I agree with Mr. Golez. And I don't think it's productive to go after or "purge" guys like ruffy biazon, edmund reyes or clavel asas martinez.

i'd rather focus on defeating those who voted twice to kill impeachment, and those congressmen who absented themselves last year and voted to kill impeachment this year.

BTW, will Mikey and Iggy Arroyo run for congress next year?

MLQ3 lists down those who switched their votes:

Representatives Proceso Alcala, Teodoro Locsin, Jacinto Paras, Arthur Pingoy, Antonino Roman, Hans Christian SeƱeres and Rodante Marcoleta initially oppose resolution, insisting on exploring bacteria option. Then they change their minds.

I think these names are worth remembering too. And Marcoleta if you'll recall, is the arroyo stooge who endorsed the oliver lozano complaint.

UPDATE: Funny sensational headline from the Pro-Arroyo newspaper Manila Standard Today: Minority sets purge of ‘infidels’

I can't find other newspapers where the opposition called those who did not vote for impeachment "infidels", Rey Requejo and MST Editor in cheif Jojo Robles. Lumalabas na naman ba yung bias nyo?


schumey said...

Absence can cut both ways. Regardless if one saw the futility of the impeachment, the show of conviction plays a very big role. You never abandon a friend in the midst of the fight. Conviction and principle makes a man. Playing safe is a different story.

Lord Dracula said...

Take a look at the Wall of Shame.