Monday, September 04, 2006

Blog of the Day: Bare Naked Media

I checked on new blog that fancies itself as a "media watchdog" run by Sassy Lawyer and a bunch of kids called Bare Naked Media.

Natawa ako sa post na ito ni Juned about Philippine newspapers. If Enrique Razon's Manila Standard Today and Philstar are "centrists", then the Tribune and Malaya are "centrists" too, no? ;)

On the Manila Standard Today: "Often critical of the Opposition, this has led them to be viewed by those from the Opposition and its supporters as being Pro-Administration."

yeah right, as if mga taga- opposition lang ang naniniwala niyan. :rolleyes:

Let's not bullshit around here, Juned. Magpakatotoo tayo. I admit Malaya and the Tribune are anti-Arroyo. But the Manila Standard Today is pro-Arroyo, Juned. It's not just something the opposition made up. TALAGANG PRO ARROYO ANG MANILA STANDARD TODAY. Sassy and Bong Austero were hired precisely because they were known arroyo defenders.

Same with PHILSTAR too. Hindi lang "accusations" yan, TALAGANG PRO-ARROYO rin sila (puro pro arroyo, anti-opposition ang mga kolumnista nila). Malacanang loves PHILSTAR so much, they even got three of their columinists to write the new arroyo draft constitution.

As for PDI, dati pro-Arroyo sila when I wrote this post. but they have become critical of this administration as more evidence of wrongdoing and coverups surfaced. I guess they formed their new opinions on Arroyo based on the evidence and actions of this admin, instead of looking for evidence to support their opinions, like what PHILSTAR and MST are doing.

So, from the biggest pro-arroyo newspaper during 2001-2005, nag 180 sila, at sila na ngayonang pinaka-malaking anti-ARroyo newspaper.

And this is the funniest remark from Juned:

PCIJ or the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. Often critical to the Administration and only midly critical to its opponents.

Ah, people with short memories.

More on Bare Naked Media "magic-magic" here. You want to be taken seriously? that incident there won't help. Unless you're into Joke-Joke lang.


schumey said...

What's next, MTRCB rating the blogs? There are no balanced views in media. It depends on how the reader appreciates the content and substance of the report. The editorial page, now that's a totally different story. Its only anti or pro. There is no such animal as centrist for an opinion writer will always take sides, otherwise, he's not opinionated. What made me laugh was how Juned describeb PCIJ. If memory serves me right, they exposed Erap. He should labelled them, advocates of good governance and transparency.

john marzan said...

I think juned lost a little bit of credibility here when he said Alex Magno was an "independent" and "another man’s voice of the people".

Lord Dracula said...
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Lord Dracula said...

Since the Sassy Lawyer is now a columnist (for MST at that), I find this kinda outrageous:

"We’re just here to provide a counterpoint to the mass media noise that (more often than not) is often just an extension of vested interests." (taken from the about page)

Like the MST's?

Either these bloggers are paid hacks, opinionated bigots, or plain callouses.

john marzan said...

"We’re just here to provide a counterpoint to the mass media noise that (more often than not) is often just an extension of vested interests." (taken from the about page)

Like the MST's?

I think Mr. Razon's Manila Standard Today IS the very definition of an extention of vested interests.