Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Strange Article, Strange Suggestion

Nabigla ako dito sa strange article mo MLQ3. "Referendum on Estrada"

Ummm... erap's been out of office for 5 years already, tapos "referendum on Erap" pa? Shouldn't it be a referendum on Arroyo's illegitimacy and administration instead?

And let's have A REAL REFERENDUM for god's sake. A yes-or-no vote on Arroyo's stay in power. And not the kind "One Voice" is proposing.

You want erap to run again for the Senate in 2007? Bakit pa? I did not support Edsa Dos, but I don't want erap to run again for office either. Too divisive. Same with Arroyo. Tapos illegitimate pa si maam. For once, I agree with the partisan defenders of the Arroyo administration when they criticized the idea.


if erap is guilty as charge, 5 years in jail is not the corresponding punishment... What Earp referendum? Do the people deserve to subjected to such choice again it?

Don’t we have enough of Erap?. Is nt putting Erap back in Malacanang or even in senate a step backward against what we really wanted to achieved? Jinggoy and loi is already in teh senate and looks like JV is going to the senate too ( if the May 2007 election will push through). With that should we still miss Erap in the senate????

Domingo Arong:

Erap, GMA, the Marcoses, and all incumbents including those who have ever been an incumbent elective official since 1946 and members of their immediate families (DYNASTY) should be barred from running for any elective position during the next or any other election ever.


But Erap again????? Pleeaaassseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Besides, erap still sees himself as the president, at ninakaw lang ni Arroyo ang kapangyarihan sa kanya. If he runs for the senate, then he is virtually conceding na si Arroyo na talaga ang tunay na presidente. Sorry, but i don't see that happening at all.

But if you really want erap to run again, MLQ3, maybe the only way he'll do it again is if he runs for president one more time (via snap elections), which he will probably win.

At matatangal na naman siya sa isang edsa coup.

So wag na lang.

Since Ms Arroyo can’t move on, Estrada should (and offer the country the chance to) move on, too. Forget the argument that Estrada is still President. His support for Fernando Poe Jr. proved that life is not like science fiction. Time cannot stop, it continues. But time is running out. The only thing that can stop Estrada from running for senator is a parliament, and the administration knows this.

Even if erap wins a senate seat, may chance pa rin na baka maa-abolish ang senado if Malacanang had their way.

(Heh. Maybe that is the point. ;) )

Here’s a question: can our country afford the continuing division? In her closest brush with statesmanship, President Macapagal-Arroyo said the country couldn’t afford to be permanently divided, and offered herself as a sacrifice. That period of sacrifice proved short-lived, and the division continues. The debate is now reduced to: which of three things—time, a new constitution, or bayonet—will put an end to that division?

All false choices, MLQ3. And how can a new Arroyo constitution heal the divisions within our country? You're way off, Kuya Manuel.

The only surefire way to heal the division within is for Arroyo to be removed from power, then hold special elections to replace her.

Some time ago I wrote that Estrada deserved a speedy resolution of the charges leveled against him. It seems clear, though, that the government can’t afford a verdict handed down either way (if Estrada is acquitted, administration allies will rebel; if he’s convicted, his mass base will be infuriated); so, paralyzed by the political dilemma presented by Estrada, its solution is to keep him in detention and drag out the trial. At this point, the country should have already known if it owed Estrada an apology or if he should stay in jail (where he could decide on accepting or rejecting a pardon). It still doesn’t, and I don’t see how our people will ever know—or whether, by now, anyone can still hold the opinion—that Estrada has gotten a fair trial.

Nah, i don't think arroyo's allies will be all that upset if erap is convicted, then pardoned. I believe that's what the arroyo admin intends to do after 2007.

So what's really on your mind, Manuel? ;)

UPDATE: Yes, 2007.

Despite its much publicized efforts to reconcile with the camp of deposed President Joseph Estrada, MalacaƱang yesterday refused to give any commitment on the proposed release of the ousted leader next year when he turns 70 years old.

This was the Palace’s reaction to the statement of lawyer Leonard de Vera, convenor of Equal Justice for All Movement, who said Estrada should be released once he turns 70 years old next year based on Memorandum Circular (MC) 155 issued by President Arroyo on Nov. 17, 2004, which granted executive clemency to convicts who are 70 years old and above.

Hindi ba Erap hater si Leonard de Vera dati? What made him change his attitude on Erap?


mlq3 said...

basahin mo ulit. at yung comment ko sa thread. never ko sinabi gusto ko ng arroyo consti. pero, for the sake of argument, who says only the palace can push the envelope?

john marzan said...

basahin mo ulit. at yung comment ko sa thread. never ko sinabi gusto ko ng arroyo consti. pero, for the sake of argument, who says only the palace can push the envelope?

yes, sinabi mo na ayaw mo sa arroyo consti.

pero, ano naman ang kinalaman ng bagong constitution sa pag-"heal" ng divisions sa ating bansa?

kahit na gawa ng Con Con ang bagong consitution (instead of arroyo's PI or ConAss), it still won't work because it doesn't address the gloriagate legitimacy issue (at ang mga sub-issues like abuse of power, obstruction of justice at corruption) ni Arroyo?

hindi naman yung consitution ang nandaya eh, si arroyo at ang comelec/military operators nito. sila ang dapat tanggalin at repormahin (housecleaning).

john marzan said...

pero, for the sake of argument, who says only the palace can push the envelope?

manuel, the main reason kung bakit may instability sa bansa natin ay dahil sa legitimacy crisis at corruption issues ni Arroyo. since ayaw ni arroyo bumigay sa mga issues na ito, ang suggestion mo is for the anti-Arroyo groups and the opposition to "move on" na lang?

and you made a weird suggestion na erap should run for the senate to "end the division" within our country.

but isn't it simpler instead for you to advise erap to acknowledge arroyo as the legit president of 2001 and 2004, and to urge his followers to do the same?

john marzan said...

It seems clear, though, that the government can’t afford a verdict handed down either way (if Estrada is acquitted, administration allies will rebel

i don't believe so. yung mga "idealists" na kakampi ni Arroyo --sila yung most likely na magagalit, katulad nung nagalit sila nung nalaman nila ang garapalan na pagnanakaw sa boto-- noong edsa dos ay nagsi-alisan o iniwanan na si GMA.

Ang natitira na lang na supporters ni arroyo ay yung mga so-called "realists". yan ang mga taong susuporta kay arroyo kahit na alam nilang ninakaw niya ang election at may authoritarian tendencies ang corrupt pangulo nila, dahil natatakot silang mapunta sa opposition ang malacanang.

"realists". ganyan rin ang tawag sa mga marcos loyalists dati.

ganyan rin ang polisiya ng US noong 1970's to early 80's sa pilipinas at mga ibang latin american countries at sa middle east.