Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ang billboards ni Ali

I guess matagal na nilang pinaghahandaan ang candidacy ni Ali Atienza for Manila mayor in 2007.

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mschumey07 said...

My friends in Binondo do not want another Atienza in city hall. Lacson is a shoo-in for mayor. I suppose Lim is a pawn to divide the votes. Remember he also run before to split the votes for president. The people of Manila should ask the Atienzas who funded the shirts and billboards. Gambling and drug lords perhaps?

john marzan said...

i'm not worried about fred lim. kahit si lim o si lacson, okey lang sa akin.

i don't see lim dividing the votes of lacson. but i see lim taking away the lito atienza vote.

kasi lacson is known more for his popularity with the chinese community than with ordinary manilenyos cuz baguhan pa lang siya sa manila (having said that, popular siya sa manila, no doubt).

Lim, OTOH, even though he's Chinese, is not as popular as lacson in the Chi-Com. But his strength lies with his popularity with ordinary Manilans. Ganyan rin si Atienza.

anyway, this is not about kung sino ang sa administration o opposition pagdating sa local elections.

it's about who is popular among the people of manila. And in my opinion, Lacson and Lim are the top two candidates, with dark horse Ali Atienza (because Lito A. is his poppy and gov't resources will be used to help his candidacy).

To Lacson and Lim, may the best man win.