Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Opposition" senator Enrile supports CON Ass

From the Malaya:

SEN. Juan Ponce Enrile yesterday filed a resolution seeking to convene both houses of Congress into a constituent assembly (con-ass) that would introduce amendments to the Constitution.

In Resolution No. 580, Enrile said the House of Representatives cannot, by its lonesome, convene into a constituent assembly.

Enrile said he has been calling for changes in the 1987 Constitution for some time and even delivered a privileged speech on it last year.

Enrile is in favor of shifting to a parliamentary form to put and end to "the political turmoil, social disarray and unrest that have challenged the leaders of this nation and rendered futile all efforts to attain national unity."

Sabi naman ni Lito Banayo: "Why not Con Con?"

UPDATE: Ernie Maceda admits Enrile is part of GMA's camp already:

Enrile crosses the bridge. Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile filed proposed Senate Resolution 580 calling for a Constituent Assembly (Con-ass). This is a counterpart to the House resolution being pushed by Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr.

Charter change has been openly supported by GMA. The opposition, spearheaded by the House led by Minority Leader Francis Escudero and the UNO headed by Mayor Jojo Binay, has consistently opposed both the people’s initiative (PI) and Con-ass.

Senator Enrile’s filing the Con-ass resolution puts him squarely in the camp of GMA. It also gives credence to Speaker de Venecia’s claim that at least five senators are supporting Con-ass namely Miriam Santiago, Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, Edgardo Angara and Enrile. This will enable De Venecia to get the 195 magic number he needs to push through his interpretation of the three-fourths vote needed to push Con-ass. Is this for real or just for show? Here we go again. Round two at the Supreme Court. What a waste of time and resources!

Matagal na nating alam na maka administration yang si Enrile at Angara.


mschumey07 said...

Hi John, Schumey here. This beta version is driving me nuts. Anyway, Enrile has been known as a political butterfly. I am not surprised at his statement. His company was given by the DENR to log despite the fact that he will be cutting trees in a declared forest reserve. Its obviously bribery.

john marzan said...

i prefer the old blogger to beta, schums. i haven't upgraded mine yet.

mschumey07 said...

Good for you, The problem now is I can't revert to the old one. I guess I'll just have to live it it for now.