Saturday, January 20, 2007

Don't fall for the stupid GMA-Erap trap

Why is it na whenever somebody from the administration side floats the idea of "freeing Erap" or "reconcilation" with the Erap camp, tahimik lang ang mga taga civil society (both pro- and anti- Arroyo).

OTOH, if there's even a hint from the "pro-Erap" camp re "freeing erap", magwawala kaagad ang mga ito.

May pagka-double standard at hypocrisy rin dito ano?

Anyway, napansin ko itong si iloilo city boy:

If there is no "third force," people will be forced to choose between senatorial candidates who are either pro-GMA (pro-Cha Cha, anti impeachment, etc.) or pro-Erap (pro-impeachment, work to free Estrada).

So being pro-impeachment means being pro-Erap too? No offense, but that's just dumb. If everybody who's considered a "pro-impeachment" candidate can also be tarred as "pro-Erap", then i guess oliver won't be voting for any "pro-impeachment" senators anytime soon, no? Which obviously makes arroyo happy (and the Wednesday group too, since they've been fence-sitting on the Arroyo issue for as long as I can remember.)

And the "pro-Erap" senators may "work to free erap". Ooohhh... that's scary. But it's silly to pick on the "pro-eraps" because most of the talk about "freeing erap" have come from the administration side, obviously to pander to erap's masa supporters. Whether it's a CON ASS pusher like Jaraula, or a bullshitter like Mike Defensor, or Lito Atienza and a bunch of businessmen, or Manny Villar.

Without an alternative "third choice," the internecine GMA-Erap warfare will continue up to 2010 and beyond. Our country will never be able to put closure and get out of the rut. A "third force" victory at the polls will send a clear message to pro-GMA and pro-Erap forces: people are already tired of your poisoned politics!

Who says it's a GMA-Erap fight? I think you're living in the past, Oliver. Erap's in jail for almost six years now, surely it's not erap's fault anymore that our country's still a mess. And you know and I know that he's already politically done--meaning the likelihood of a comeback or a restoration is nil-- even though he's still more popular than Arroyo.

Erap is done. Period. That leaves us with Arroyo. The last woman standing. You put her there, what are you going to do now to rectify THAT problem? Will the Third Force party headed by Joker, Angara and Recto really get rid of Arroyo (via impeachment) if they win? Or only maintain status quo? That's what I want to know.

Will they do the right thing and impeach this phony president, and remove the most divisive force in politics today? Or are they just gonna keep claiming na they're not "pro-arroyo" and not "pro-erap" and hope they fool everybody?

(I don't think erap is as divisive. Else, why would some admin officials even call for erap's release and not suffer any backlash from civil society? if villar, drilon, sonia roco, angelo reyes, loren legarda, guingona thinks it's okay to meet or reconcile with Erap, maybe wala na yung galit nila sa kanya dati?)

Like for example, what is sen. joker arroyo's position on "hello garci" anyway? Does he believe na arroyo and garci rigged the elections? Para kasing hindi ko maalala yung sagot nya sa isyung yon eh. Can anybody recall if he has ever asked for Arroyo's resignation too, because of the Garcigate?

Sorry guys, but I'm a unapologetically one-issue voter here. Between a qualified anti-Arroyo candidate and a qualified Administration candidate, I'll choose the qualified anti-Arroyo candidate. I'll choose the best, most qualified, anti-aRroyo candidate available (whether from Erap camp, the Roco camp, the Civil society camp, or any other independent, third partyish type candidates).

GMA is the issue here, not Erap. Erap is sooo 2001. I'm not falling for the stupid trap na this is a GMA-Erap fight.

More from Lito Banayo.

It’s downright silly to talk of the May elections as a proxy war between Gloria and Erap.

Hey guys, Erap has been out of power for six years to this day. In fact by April 25 this year, three weeks before Election Day, he shall have been detained for six years too. And in all of these years, this benighted land has been led by one woman, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who, by the grace of the late Cardinal Jaime Sin, the legal imprimatur of Hilario Davide and the Supreme Court, the mutiny of then AFP chief Angelo Reyes, and the witting or unwitting consent of some hundred thousand or two of the elite, their employees, and students of elite schools, became president of the Republic.

In 2004, three years and four months after her ascent to conspiratorially-stolen power, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo "won" election this time through the grace of Garcillano, the financial legerdemain of Joc Joc Bolante and the Pinedas, the legal imprimatur of the 12th Congress and Comelec, and the conscription to illegal election "duty" of the generals of the military and the police.

So stop beating Erap who has been languishing in detention these six years, and start beating Gloria who has made life so miserable for the teeming millions of this benighted land. To frame the coming mid-term elections as an Erap-Gloria war is to keep living in the past.

Preach it man, preach it!

I'll write more about the "Third Force" option tomorrow.

UPDATE: If people want to see what a REAL GMA-Erap contest looks like. Call a snap elections.

But the Estrada camp, reacting to talks of this being a proxy fight between himself and Mrs. Arroyo, reportedly laughed this off, pointing out that if it is “a real fight” that Malaca├▒ang wants, then all that is needed is for Mrs. Arroyo to call for snap presidential elections, and both will run to settle the legitimacy issue once and for all.

Estrada was quoted as saying the need not even go out and But campaign, as he would do it from his resthouse in Tanay, Rizal.

The former president was reported to have said that such an election between the two of them would settle once and for all the legitimacy issue hounding Mrs. Arroyo.

Because there are SOOOO many people who want to turn the midterm elections into an ERAP and GMA, which again is silly.



"Who says it's a GMA-Erap fight? I think you're living in the past, Oliver."

I think it's NOT too difficult to understand that the coming mid-term election is all about Gloria. But Gloria's loyal dogs can't seem to understand this one simple fact. What's wrong with them?

It’s like those dastardly Gloria blogging loyalists who insist that those who are against the unano are Erap supporters.

They can’t get it into their thick heads that Gloria’s toppling Erap was a breach of the Constitution and the Rule of Law,so that attacking Gloria for her coup d’├ętat is not being pro-Erap, it is all about defending the Republic’s Constitution.

Had Gloria, Davide, Reyes and their loyal evil society followers, including her minions, eg, Mike harebrained Defensor, et al, her cabal of Stalinists, Hitlerians, Garci, Puno, Ebdane, Espinoza, Bunye, etc., followed the rule of law, the country wouldn’t have found itself in the kind of shit it is today - in other words, it would’ve been a straightforward electionneering - am not saying, the situation would have been ideal but Gloria’s warped mind wouldn’t have to pit itself against Erap’s own boozed mind.

Goddamn idiotic perverts!

john marzan said...

I think it's NOT too difficult to understand that the coming mid-term election is all about Gloria. But Gloria's loyal dogs can't seem to understand this one simple fact. What's wrong with them?

oliver is not one of arroyo's "loyal dogs." i believe he distanced himself from Arroyo after "hello garci", but is uncomfortable supporting people who are "pro-erap" or people who used to work for his administration.