Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Let's send one Kapatiran candidate to the Senate

Can we do it? Is it possible? Can we at least all agree on one Ang Kapatiran candidate?

Originally, after Kiko was dropped by GO, si Mr. Remoto sana ang iboboto ko for my 12th Senate Candidate. Since mukhang hindi na siya tatakbo sa senado, pinagiisipan ko kung sino sa apat (kiko, doc martin, jess paredes, adrian sison) ang iboboto ko for my twelfth candidate.

i was leaning towards either doctor martin bautista and zosimo paredes. Pero mukhang mas attractive at interesting na kandidato si dr. bautista.

(I've posted about Ang Kapatiran last month, after reading mr. de quiros and mr. pangalanan's articles re them.)

After reading pareng baycas' endorsement of martin bautista sa blogpost ni ellen re the "Ang Kapatiran", I'm officially including doc in my list of senators i'm voting for.

I will try to convince others to support doc martin for the 12th slot. let's see if we can send one Ang Kapatiran candidate to the Senate, thru word of mouth via the internet. Spread the word, my peeps. Doc Martin Bautista will make it to the Senate!

And if doc martin manages to get more votes than singson, tessie, kiram, magsaysay, lozano, montano (or even tol defensor), siguro matatawag na rin nating "moral victory" yan para sa kanila. and it will encourage other worthy candidates to join in future elections.

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