Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Arroyo admin tries to stop ABS-CBN from airing GO ads on corruption

From the Tribune:

With the decision of radio and television giant ABS-CBN to proceed with the showing of the Genuine Opposition’s (GO) political ads that highlight massive corruption in the Arroyo government, MalacaƱang has tapped the legal team of the government to check whether they could still stop the network from airing the allegedly “libelous” ads.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, during a phone patch interview, yesterday said they had summoned the legal advisers of President Arroyo and that the Chief Executive would be given recommendations on their legal actions, possibly against the leadership of the Lopez-owned ABS-CBN broadcast .

“We have not seen yet the degree of the allegedly libelous ads of GO, so our President would be just leaving that matter to our election lawyers. As of press time, it is still early to comment, I have not seen (the ads) yet, so we would also be leaving that matter to them,” Ermita added.
He said they had received an instruction from the President to strictly monitor foul advertisements of the Estrada camp, especially those deemed libelous because “baseless allegations... destroy the credibility of the Chief Executive and her government. “

“We’re still monitoring what these GMA 7 and ABS-CBN television networks would show to our people, so right now we cannot say if (the ads) are libelous but, if they are indeed libelous, we will not hesitate to lodge libel charges against the TV stations’ presidents, officials and managers because they have the responsibility, they allowed the airing, so it’s their responsibility,” Apostol added.

GMA 7 has rejected airing the GO corruption ad but ABS-CBN has accepted all four ads.

Good for ABS-CBN for airing those GO political ads. At least, hindi sila naii-intimidate unlike GMA7. (or maybe hindi naman talaga sila na-intimidate, dahil maka arroyo ang istasyon na ito.) ;)

Sana gumawa rin ang GO ng ads using the Hello Garci clips. ABS-CBN may accept the ads, but I'm very doubtful na tatanggapin ito ng GMA7, hindi ba Mike Enriquez?

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mschumey07 said...

To the administration, all truths are libelous and all their lies are the truth. But they better watch out, God showed Big Mike what filing libel suits can lead to.