Thursday, May 24, 2007

Advice for Manila Mayor Fred Lim

before he takes over from Lito Atienza.

1) Focus on making the place safe and business friendly.

1) Wag nyong ipa-sara ang dvd business sa Quiapo. Malaki ang tulong ng dvd selling sa mga kapatid nating Muslim.

2) Wag nyo nang ipa-bukas pa ang Rizal Avenue for the vehicles. Turning Avenida into a pedestrian promenade is one of the best things Atienza ever did for this city of ours.

3) alagaan ng mabuti ang mga underpass na ipinaayos at nilinis ni mayor atienza (Lacson upass etc.)

Eto sabi ni Carlos Celdran na taga mayniLA rin:

Thanks for the hopeful note, Ivan. Could you tell him not to completely rip apart Avenida Rizal though.

Opening it up to vehicles would really be regressive in the quest to reclaim public spaces.


Prince Heinell said...

I disagree with Celdran. Avenida Rizal is a public space, alright, but it is a road, and a national road at that.

The truth is, ripping Avenida Rizal would hurt his business, that is why he wants to retain it.

john marzan said...

i like the new rizal ave. i think most people do. I think the place is an improvement over the previous version.

Khalid said...

To whom it may concern

I have the knowledge, that the mayor of Manila will not have time to read this, and so i pray, that in some form, this gets to him. I understand that the Mayor is carrying out several projects in order to facilitate a better capital for the Philippines. The most obvious being that of the clean up of the Bay walk.

It is obvious that the mayor feels it is time for Manila to acquire it’s long-lost image of being one of Asia’s most diverse, and unique city. We do have the potential and the means to be in the lime-light again.

The main thing that bothers me, is the way Manila doesn’t do enough to include edifices such as the Metropolitan Theatre, Luneta Hotel, Jones Bridge (Puente Grande is nicer to the ears), and other long-lost, decaying buildings (which once had that glamourous majestic air) in its ambitious Tourism Plans. The main reasons why tourist ARE tourists, is because they want to experience the different things which makes a city so unique. These once architectural marvels of Asia have so much potential to become grade A tourist attractions, but I feel that the government doesn’t appreciate these works of art.

The Jones Bridge had a quality which filipinos were proud of. AFter the second world war, its reconstruction was rushed, and the aesthetic qualities it once had; ignored. Its a shame. That bridge was a national treasure, and the people at the top forgot all about it. I saw pictures of the Puente Grande as it once was. So majestic. So Grande. Such bridges dont exist in Asia, and if they do, they are countable. Puente Grande is the longest spanning bridge of the Ilog Pasig. It doesnt deserve the state its in right now; steel supports visible, with its nuts and bolts sticking out like a sore thumb. Its funny how there is a plaque on the bridge to recognise it as a tourist attraction- but when one actually looks at it, they question themselves, HUH? Whats so great about that? Its badly painted, and where is the grandeur which this plaque boasts that the bridge has? Its tacky, and an embarrassment to those who have worked tirelessly to design such a bridge.

Manila has to do more than to clean itself up. It has to preserve its culture. These structures embody our heritage, and our ancestors’ tireless endeavors to put Manila at the top. Why can’t we uphold and maintain their vision?