Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Disappointed at Joker

Conrad de Quiros is disappointed with Joker Arroyo's stance on the Burgos case.

Well, the old Joker is gone and dead.

UPDATE: Buking ang militar. If you're gonna kill someone, better make sure they're dead.

dead men tell no tales.

The PNP recently filed murder charges against 12 military men, led by a major, for the killing of Protestant pastor Isaias Sta. Rosa in Daraga, Albay. The government is citing the PNP’s action as proof of its determination to go after state agents acting as executioners.

The Sta. Rosa case, however, was a fluke in that the killers failed to do a clean job. The pastor was snatched from his home by men in uniforms, taken to a remote place and shot. The victim, a martial arts expert, was able to seize the gun of one of his abductors and succeeded in killing him before he himself succumbed to his wounds. The body of the abductor yielded an ID showing he was a member of military intelligence.

A similar modus operandi characterizes the killing of most activists. The AFP, when confronted with such killings, bristle at the accusations. "Where’s the evidence, where’s the evidence?" AFP officials would ask like a broken record.

Of course, there could be no evidence as the victim would no longer be in a position to testify. As we said, the Sta. Rosa case was a fluke. If there’s a lesson to be learned from the filing of charges against Sta. Rosa’s killers, it is that the executioners had better be sure they did a clean job.

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Prince Heinell said...

At least I am not disappointed with him. He has sold his soul to the .... you know, and for that he is just another politician masquerading as a human rights ek ek.