Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rep. Miles Roces uses fictitious address in his COC

Talaga bang nakatira o resident si Miles Roces sa 526 Ronquillo St., Sta. Cruz, Manila?

I've been to the place where he claims to be residing (near the ole' Goodwill Bookstore carriedo), but I can't imagine him or his fam living there, cuz it's a purely commercial area. When it was brought to his attention, here's what the Roces camp had to say:

Roces refused to comment on the residency issue, but said he would answer the disqualification case against him at the Comelec.

The PDI article i provided came out apr. 11, 2007. Malapit na ang election. But the faux address issue has yet to be addressed by the Roces camp or the COMELEC. Are you still living in the 3rd district, Miles?

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mschumey07 said...

The COMELEC will never act on it. Just look at Juju's case which is yet to resolved. Miles after all is Manny Pacquiao's driver, the COMELEC's biggest endorser.