Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MBC loses interest in fighting corruption; Says it's "a way of life"

How times change. Corruption is not a big issue anymore, unlike 7 years ago.

from the malaya:

FILIPINO business has come to accept corruption as a way of life, resulting in reduced enthusiasm in fighting it, Ramon del Rosario, chairman of the Makati Business Club, said yesterday.

Del Rosario, president and chief executive officer of Phinma, was reacting to the results of the 2007 SWS Business Survey on Corruption, which said that the scale of public sector corruption remains high in the country.

"Corruption is a fact of life but is something that should not be accepted to stay," Del Rosario said...

On fighting corruption, managers are willing to contribute 2 percent of their net income, down from 5 percent in 2006.

"The loss of interest in contributing to fight corruption may be traced to the fact that they do not see something is going to happen or be addressed, or because of the lack of visible results. This is why private sector should do its share by policing its ranks. True that some of us don’t pay honest taxes... we also bribe. It is true that some keep more than one set of books... but we continue to monitor how we can identify how we can improve ourselves through rigid standards," Del Rosario said.

But i bet the issue of corruption will make a big comeback if somebody they don't like (Lacson? Binay?) will run for higher office.

Weder-weder lang yan.

UPDATE: ganito rin ang sinabi ni MLQ3:

Parties should fight over issues, you say? Before 1946, the issue was: independence now, or later? After 1946, the defining issue of any election is that uniquely Filipino expression, “graft and corruption”: keep the current rascals, or replace them? Today, it’s poverty and the lack of social justice. Every election has been fought on one of these issues. They’re too broad, too simple, for you? Tough.

That's what you hear from the other side a lot too, nowadays. But before Edsa Dos, the issue was def "corruption." Doon natanggal si Erap. Even tho erap i think was about "poverty alleviation" before it was the cool thing to do. Hindi ba nag-improve ang economiya natin by 4.4% GDP in 2000 under erap, after the disastrous 1998 (due to asian financial crisis.)

Magaling talaga sila diokno, medalla at pardo, you have to admit.


MLQ3 said...

i've been hearing from quite a few people in business that at this point, all they want is to at least be able to predict the rates of corruption. a foreigner told me this, too: "the problem with the philippines isn't corruption, but that it's so damned unpredictable. everywhere else, it's at a fixed rate, in the philippines, it's a floating rate -impossible to do business that way!"

john marzan said...

That's what you hear from the other side a lot nowadays.

I forgot to add the word "too." fixed na.