Friday, July 20, 2007

US Congressmen question Zubiri's "victory"

Ano kaya ang sasabihin ni Meegz dito.

From the Tribune:

Two US lawmakers will write a personal letter to President Arroyo to raise the issue of the controversial election of administration candidate Juan Miguel Zubiri to the 12th and final senatorial slot.

Zubiri won the slot by virtue of the votes from Maguindanao province in southern Mindanao that an election watchdog yes-terday confirmed were fraud-tainted as shown by du-bious certificates of canvass (CoC).

In his letter to Mrs. Arroyo, US Rep. Donald Payne (Democrat, 10th District, New Jersey), congressional sources yesterday said, will express concern on behalf of his Filipino-American constituents regarding Zubiri’s proclamation.

The letter will be co-signed by US Rep. Robert Wexler (Democrat, 19th District, Florida).

“The Filipino-American constituents of the two congressmen from New Jersey and Florida have made representations before them. In turn, they are acting on the issue,” one of the sources said.

Here's more on fake senator zubiri's "win" from Robert Verzola:

According to Roberto Verzola, secretary general of the poll watchdog Halalang Marangal (Halal), the results of the May 14 mid-term elections from six towns in Maguindanao are fraudulent and should not have been accepted by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Verzola, during a press briefing at the office of the Philippine Rural Recons-truction Movement in Quezon City, said the average fill-up rate for senators in the six towns had exceeded 12, a statistical impossibility.

A report prepared by Halal recommended the investigation of the vote-rigging in Maguindanao, urging probers to nail those who falsified or forced Comelec officials to falsify results and official documents and those who hid or destroyed official documents and ordered the murder and kidnapping of witnesses to the fraud.

Halal also urged the prosecution of Comelec officials “who, despite the statistical and circumstantial evidence, officially accepted these results and foisted them on the Filipino people, and those who offered to pay or otherwise reward local officials who deliver them the votes, regardless of the people’s will.”

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cvj said...

John, thanks again. BTW, by any chance, did you happen to come across a website where Verzola provides his computation on how he derived the ballot fill-up rate?

john marzan said...

"According to Roberto Verzola, secretary general of the poll watchdog Halalang Marangal..."

ito yung website nila, cvj. it's updated to july 20. i haven't checked all their reports yet.

john marzan said...

check Halalang Marangal's comprehensive report and stats re maguindanao here, cvj.

cvj said...

Thanks John, i'll use this as material for my next blog post.