Sunday, September 30, 2007

China calls Burmese crackdown "internal matter"

Sabi ni wretchard:

And the UN is on the way. Mizzima news fears a sell-out:

with China, which along with Russia vetoed a Security Council resolution on Burma earlier this year, once again calling the ongoing protests and crackdown an internal affair, the Council ended up urging the junta to exercise restraint.

China is full of BS for propping up the junta, Wretchard.

But that's what the same thing the US embassy said during the Hello Garci election fraud scandal (na kabaligtaran sa stance nila sa... let's say Belarus) and at the height of the protest rallies in 2006, with the admin using violent CPR dispersal tactics and the declaration of Proc 1017 to prevent a "people power" type movement vs. Arroyo. Sabi ni US envoy Christopher Hill according to djb:

I also listened to the remarks of US Undersecretary Christopher Hill yesterday, here on a 3-day sudden visit at midweek. He said it was "up to the Filipino people" and that the US government was not about to interfere in an internal matter.

Besides wretchard, you say the right things on Burma, but made apologies for the arroyo regime.

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