Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sabi ni MLQ3:

This comment in Ricky Carandang’s blog was also shrewd and on the button, I think:

I believe Romy Neri has two things in his mind. He wants to fight corruption and the best way to show it is to expose Abalos. On the other hand he does not want chaos by exposing GMA, he knows that it will trigger street protest, bring down the economy, create a crisis, usher in the uncertainties of a De Castro presidency. Maybe looking at some of the opposition senators he might tell himself “dito ko ba sa mga ito ipagkakatiwala ang katotohanan, they can’t handle the truth”.And maybe if the senators eliciting the truth were Ninoy Aquino, Lorenzo Tanada, Jose “pepe” Diokno, and Jovy Salonga kaninang umaga pa natin alam ang katotohanan.

But nonetheless Romy Neri is not the judge of who deserves the truth. Poor guy, he’s playing God.

So there.

Kuya manuel, you've just highlighted what we already know about the mentality of some of Arroyo's enablers like Bong Austero and other like minded arroyo defenders in the blogosphere.

It is this same mentality that made the notion of Arroyo stealing the presidency acceptable in their eyes--a "necessary evil"--cuz you know, we don't want the opposition to win. (Or at the height of Hello Garci, their reasoning was... sino papalit kay Arroyo kung may Special Elections? Baka manalo pa ang opposition. NO WAY!)

It's an easy way to justify letting ARroyo off the hook.

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MLQ3 said...

kaya nga, playing god siya. at maraming mag-aamen.