Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hitchens: Mother Teresa an Atheist

Sabi ni Christopher Hitchens:

She tried her best to believe. Her atheism was not like mine. I can't believe it and I am glad to think that it is not true, that there is a dictator in the heavens. So the fact that there is no evidence for it pleases me. She really wished it was true. She tried to live her life as if it was true.

She failed. And she was encouraged by cynical old men to carry on doing so because she was a great marketing tool for her church, and I think that they should answer for what they did to her and what they have been doing to us. I think it has been fraud and exploitation yet again....

Because of the opportunist chance that Mother Teresa offered them for publicity, [the Church] failed to restrain someone who really should have been seeking proper help that she never got. Instead, they exploited her to the very end and even gave her an exorcism, as you know. The archbishop of Calcutta has admitted it. He even had to give her an exorcism in 1997, because they had so much despair of her state of mind. It‘s a cruel exploitation of a simple and honest woman....

[The C]hurch... has an answer for everything. If you can‘t believe it, if it all seems to be radically untrue, nonetheless, faith will square that settle for you. She was trying for that. But as we now know, she failed. It can‘t be done. You can‘t make people believe in the impossible. All you can do is make people feel very guilty that they can‘t make themselves believe it.

this was from Chris Matthews' hardball interview with guests Christopher Hitchens and Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, re Mother Teresa. There's a video of that segment here.

Para sa akin, whether she is a true believer or an good atheist, bilib pa rin ako kay Mother Teresa for all the good that she did for the poor.

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boinky said...

I always say a prayer for Hitchens, whose wrath against God may have more to do with his mother's suicide when he was a boy than with God (My oldest son (adopted) similarly hated God for his his birthmother's death).

However, Hitchens equates feelings with commitment. We chose to believe in God, and to do his work the best we can.That is faith.

It's like marriage: Sometimes you're in love, and marriage is full of sweetness, but sometimes you feel uggh no emotion, no joy. Does this mean you divorce, or does your vows keep you going, knowing that such things are normal, and that with time the love comes back.

At the end of her life, Mother Teresa's joy with her faith came back too...