Friday, October 19, 2007

UPDATED: Glorietta Mall Bombing kills 8, injures 70

Right at the heart of the country's financial district. link. looks like al queda (escuse me Jemaah Islamiya) to me. video here. photos here.

MLQ3 has the roundup. Commentaries from DJB on who he thinks is responsible.

UPDATE: My initial guess on who was responsible for this is Jemaah Islamiya. Those peeps are my main suspects. Kung hindi sila, yung corrupt elements ng military (those involved in 2004 election rigging and extrajudicial murders.)

From MLQ3:

The President, dressed soberly in black, addresses the nation. Says it is likely it was a bomb. Issues warning against using the bombing for political motivates.

Thanks for the update, Manuel. She and her fellow anti-Erap acolytes are fcking hypocrites to be lecturing us on this issue, since the anti-erap opposition played politics on the LRT bombings back in 2000 and accused erap (without any credible evidnece whatsover) of masterminding the attacks to "distract the public" from the impeachment trial.

Isabela Rep. Heherson Alvarez urged the government to act swiftly and use its resources to uncover the perpetrators of what he described as "seemingly organized acts of violence."

He said the bombing incidents brought to mind the bombings, assassinations and other acts of violence that the Marcos regime carried out to justify its imposition of martial law in 1972.

"We warn Malacanang not to allow these terrorist attacks to be used as an opportunity to create conditions of martial law or a state of emergency," he said.

While opposition leaders refused to say who they suspected was behind the attacks, they said these were apparently aimed at "distracting" public attention from the hot issue of the day--the impeachment trial of the President.

More from other erap resign groups back in Jan. 2 2001:

A MINDANAO-BASED witness claims that a "military official" masterminded Saturday's wave of bombing attacks in Metro Manila, hatched the plan two to three weeks ago, and trained a team of convicts to carry it out, an anti-crime group said yesterday.

The unidentified "witness" has offered to testify before a "credible and independent" investigation body, the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption said.

VACC spokesperson Lauro Vizconde said he knew the witness personally and had spoken with him by telephone the other day.

"But he wants to tell all that he knows to an independent investigative body; that?s his demand," Vizconde said, describing the witness as "reliable and brave."

The VACC suggested that an investigative panel should be composed of representatives from the Philippine National Police, the Armed Forces, the National Bureau of Investigation, and an observer from the United Opposition such as former Defense Secretary Renato de Villa, an expert in security matters.

But VACC chair and president Dante Jimenez said a presidential directive naming the PNP as the lead agency in an ongoing investigation "is not acceptable, considering that the credibility of PNP chief Director General Panfilo Lacson is being questioned and that he is perceived as an Estrada clone."

Whatever, Mr. Jimenez.

And this too from Jan 1, 2001: Estrada is gambling with lives for Power

OPPOSITION groups have blamed President Estrada for the unsolved bombings in Metro Manila.

Datu Haj Alonto, convenor of the Mindanao War Victims and the Kongreso ng Mamamayang Pilipino (Kompil) II, said Muslims believed that the President was behind the bombings.

Alonto, who had just come from a Mass and indignation rally at the Don Chino Roces Bridge (formerly Mendiola) in Manila, told the Inquirer over the phone yesterday that Mr. Estrada was out "to gamble everything, including people's lives, in order to remain in power."

He said the attacks were being blamed on Muslims again
, like the mall bombings last summer when "26 innocent Muslim construction workers were arrested and continued to be detained without charges since the police can't come up with any."

Militant groups belonging to the Estrada Resign Movement said the bombings were part of a plot to draw attention away from the impeachment trial.

They said the attacks would serve as an excuse to crack down on protest leaders and to discourage people from attending protest actions.

A martial law veteran said Mr. Estrada was "more evil" than the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos because the latter did not sacrifice innocent civilians in the stage-managed bombings immediately before he imposed martial law in 1972.

"I accuse as the mastermind of these bombings and terrorist attacks the real Jose Velarde," said Fr. Joe Dizon, spokesperson of the Estrada Resign Movement, in a Mass which turned into an indignation rally at the Chino Roces Bridge (formerly Mendiola).

Prosecutors in the impeachment trial have alleged that Mr. Estrada is the Jose Velarde who has a P1.2-billion account with Equitable PCI Bank.

"Only a cowardly and desperate man can do this. Someone who has the means, a P500-million to P1.2-billion bank account, the opportunity and the motive. That's Jose Velarde," Dizon said.

Of course, the anti-erap opposition were wrong. It was an Islamic jihadist from Jemaah Islamiya (a guy named Al ghozi) who detonated those LRT bombs on Rizal Day.

UPDATE: Let's hope somebody won't blame this one on "pranksters."


DJB Rizalist said...

I've had it with Trillanes. He's a nut!

john marzan said...

i disagree with trillanes too. but he's no different from the people who accused erap of masterminding the LRT bombings in 2000.