Sunday, October 07, 2007

Let's kill all the American Comedy writers!!!

Another insensitive joke on Filipinos?!?

From the INQUIRER:

Cory Aquino a victim of ‘insensitive’ US TV joke

By Dona Pazzibugan, Miko L. Morelos

MANILA, Philippines-- Senator Benigno Aquino III denounced as “insensitive” and “in extremely poor taste” a joke that featured his mother, former President Corazon Aquino, in the hit US television show “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

“It is sad that while adding humor to such an important issue, the producers of the show chose to use pictures that were disrespectful, insensitive and in extremely poor taste,” the senator said of the show, which has won two Peabody awards and several Emmys.

“The Daily Show,” known for its comedic interpretation of the news, last week featured a picture of Cory Aquino, an icon of Philippine democracy, with the label “slut.”

REad this too from Dean Jorge Bocobo.

I watch the Daily Show daily--I tape it everytime it airs. Yeah, he's a Leftist jerk. But did you see him make fun of hillary's cackle though? hah ha hah!

BTW, I believe i've already seen that daily show episode re women leaders a few weeks ago with sam bee interviewing blogger lashawn barber (na colleague ni djb sa pajamasmedia, lol.) Did not think much of it. Of course it's a stupid and juvenile joke, and you should see the stuff they say about bush, hillary, rove, alberto gonzales etc (the jokes on iraq aka mess'opotamia are not funny tho.)

IIRC, lashawn (who's a conservative) said na she's not in favor of having a woman president dahil "less qualified" raw sila (oh, how CONSERVATIVE and NON-PROGRESSIVE!) The Daily Show "agreed" with her by showing photos of former women leaders like thatcher, golda mier, cory and angela merkel in "embarassing situations".

Ang nakakapagtaka, luma na yang episode na yan, but why are we making this an issue only now? Dahil sa desperate housewives?

I'm sure kung sa pinas ginawa ito, hindi papayag ang MTRCB na maipalabas yan (OTOH, hindi naman ang administration ni Arroyo ang tinatamaan, sa malamang pasado ito.)

But if we can force Jon Stewart to make an apology (with his tail between his legs), then color me impressed.

I guess like the "Arab street", we are slowly developing our own "Filipino street" after Desperate, and now this.

Kill all the American comedy writers! Behead those who insult Filipinos!

MORE: comment ni DJB:

I was very curious though that the dyed in the wool liberal moon bats on that Jon Stewart Show picked on Cory Aquino as the woman leader of the Philippines and not Gloria Macapagal Arroyo...

My guess as to why they chose cory? Because between the two, cory's more popular (an icon) than ate glo-- who's a nobody oustide the RP.

See, the thing is, nobody here would be offended if they used Arroyo instead of Cory. And if it's not offending anybody, it ain't funny to them.

UPDATE: Oops. Wala palang angela merkel. Mali si DJB. Golda mier, Thatcher at Cory lang pala.

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cvj said...

I think by highlighting the issue, DJB is just trying to score brownie points for the conservative cause. You can see that all his reasoning that went behind his Mohammed Cartoons justification is now out the window and replaced with a new set of reasons having to do with 'sociological roots'. I suppose his entitled to it in the same way that we're entitled to outrage over Malu Fernandez' remarks.