Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So should Erap return his jueteng money to Chavit?

MLQ3's 2 conditions before the admin grant Erap a pardon:

My general principle is imprisonment really does nothing, I think it only leads to hardened and tougher criminals. In fact, my inclination is to support imprisonment only for three kinds of criminals: murderers, rapists/molesters and big-time drug dealers. All other crimes should be handled with fines and some sort of community service truly beneficial to the public. Anyone who has ever visited a jail, talked to inmates, knows that those crammed into jails enter a nightmarish world in which crime rules every aspect of the inmates’ lives.

For political crimes including plunder, which is grand-scale theft, I really think that what that UP Professor pointed out is a good idea. He clarified that what he said was the Filipino concept of justice is restitution, not retribution, that for Estrada, what the public wanted wasn’t just for the money he stole or illegally acquired to be returned to the public, but that he should also then quit politics, having betrayed public trust.

So, I support Estrada’s being allowed to go home, but only on two conditions: that assets forfeited by the courts remain forfeited (Estrada claims, anyway, rightly or wrongly, those assets were never his) but also, a ban on political participation. He can go home, but shut up, and not even be allowed to vote. And that should be the rule for all public officials accused of illegally amassing fortunes: return the money, and quit politics. Without these two requirements, no pardon should be considered or offered, because as so many have reminded me, there is an important precedent that’s been set.

Sa pagkakaalam ko, hindi naman ninakaw ni Erap ang pera ng gobierno. Pero tumanggap ng bribe kay Chavit to let him continue his illegal gambling operations in Ilocos Sur.

Mapunta naman tayo sa ZTE. Eto ang sabi ni Mon Casiple:

However, we can already glimpse something from the Neri testimony. One, there is definitely the BIG ONE in terms of information hiding behind the “executive privilege.” Two, there are possibly others–more powerful and far more vulnerable–deeply involved in the ZTE scandal. Three, the ZTE scandal has implications that go to the heart of the survival of the GMA administration and ruling coalition–possibly more than the Garci tapes scandal itself.

Nah, maybe because ZTE is a post-Gloriagate scandal (meaning after mid-2005).

Hindi ba sinabi ni Joker Arroyo na boss maam Arroyo may have survived Hello Garci, but if another scandal comes out, some of GMA's supporters will be less forgiving...

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