Saturday, November 10, 2007

Democracy and Freedom declining around the world

MLQ3 noted this in his recent post. Here's the latest example on America's other client state Georgia. Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Welcome MLQ3 readers! Re MLQ3's post on Pakistan, Ito ang dagdag ni Jim Hoagland kanina:

Pakistan is an unusual country -- a nation capable of looking into the abyss, pausing briefly to consider its options and then jumping headfirst into darkness. The willingness to go splat has been the backbone of Pakistan's national survival strategy for its 60-year history.

Whether rattling nuclear rockets at a much more powerful India or allowing terrorist networks to use Pakistani territory to mount plots against Afghan, American and British targets, the country's leaders have raised political blackmail to a national and international art form. Oppose or ignore us at our -- and your -- peril is the unofficial national motto of Islamabad.

Read the whole thing too.

UPDATE: Anne Applebaum: Georgia's Leap Backward

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