Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Be the Anvil. Or the Hammer.

Du mußt steigen oder sinken,
Du mußt herrschen und gewinnen,
Oder dienen und verlieren,
Leiden oder triumphieren,
Amboß oder Hammer sein.
- Goethe

“You must rise or sink, you must either conquer and rule or serve and lose, suffer or triumph, be the anvil or the hammer.”

Neal Cruz explains how Alan Cayetano got screwed

by the COMELEC, Arroyo's Supreme Court, and Juju's handlers:

Another priority that the Commission on Elections (Comelec) should attend to is the disqualification of nuisance candidates. It is not difficult to recognize nuisance candidates. They are the candidates who cannot wage a national campaign, such as in a senatorial election which can cost a candidate hundreds of millions of pesos, or those who have the same name as a better-known and more credible candidate. The purpose of the nuisance candidate is to spoil the chances of the other candidate. With two candidates with the same surname, votes for that surname without any first name are considered “stray” and are not counted. Thus, the candidates lose many votes that way.

Of course, candidates who are adversely affected are quick to file disqualification cases. Because of the limited campaign period, and the time it takes to disseminate Comelec decisions and instructions to employees in the field, it is imperative for the Comelec to resolve these disqualification cases quickly.

But as in the resolution of election protests, the Comelec is very lackadaisical in deciding disqualification cases. Thus, the affected candidate loses precious time.

Take the case of Alan Peter Cayetano and Joselito “Peter” Cayetano. Anybody with a modicum of common sense can readily see that Joselito is a nuisance candidate. He is a poor worker who lives in a small house in a rural area. It is obvious he cannot wage a national campaign for senator. Even his relatives were amazed at his candidacy. And his nickname is not “Peter” but “Jojo.” It is obvious that he was persuaded to file his certificate of candidacy and use the nickname “Peter” to hew as close as possible to the name of Alan Peter Cayetano. The Comelec eventually found him a nuisance candidate and disqualified him. But when did it promulgate its decision? One day before the elections.

Then the Comelec said it could not remove his name from the list of candidates because the decision had not yet become final. Joselito had five days to appeal to the Supreme Court, which he did. Until now, the Supreme Court has not decided the case although anybody except the justices can readily see who is the nuisance candidate -- and the elections are already over.

To make matters worse, the Department of Education circulated instructions to teachers to consider all votes for “Cayetano” (with no first name) as “stray” and not count them. Ordinarily, these votes were set aside and then counted later in favor of whoever wins the disqualification case. But with the education department order, the Cayetano votes were not counted and forever lost, and can no longer be counted for Alan Peter even if he wins the case in the Supreme Court.

So you see, by delaying its decision on the disqualification case, it was as if the Comelec decided in favor of Joselito, or whoever his backers are. The purpose of his nuisance candidacy was achieved: to deny votes to Alan Peter Cayetano.

Disappointed at Joker

Conrad de Quiros is disappointed with Joker Arroyo's stance on the Burgos case.

Well, the old Joker is gone and dead.

UPDATE: Buking ang militar. If you're gonna kill someone, better make sure they're dead.

dead men tell no tales.

The PNP recently filed murder charges against 12 military men, led by a major, for the killing of Protestant pastor Isaias Sta. Rosa in Daraga, Albay. The government is citing the PNP’s action as proof of its determination to go after state agents acting as executioners.

The Sta. Rosa case, however, was a fluke in that the killers failed to do a clean job. The pastor was snatched from his home by men in uniforms, taken to a remote place and shot. The victim, a martial arts expert, was able to seize the gun of one of his abductors and succeeded in killing him before he himself succumbed to his wounds. The body of the abductor yielded an ID showing he was a member of military intelligence.

A similar modus operandi characterizes the killing of most activists. The AFP, when confronted with such killings, bristle at the accusations. "Where’s the evidence, where’s the evidence?" AFP officials would ask like a broken record.

Of course, there could be no evidence as the victim would no longer be in a position to testify. As we said, the Sta. Rosa case was a fluke. If there’s a lesson to be learned from the filing of charges against Sta. Rosa’s killers, it is that the executioners had better be sure they did a clean job.

Maka-Admin si Naida Angping?

The admin is claiming na administration candidate siya.

Among the winners from the administration coalition:

Jaime C. Lopez (Lakas), Second District, Manila; Zenaida Angpin (NPC), Third District, Manila; Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David (Kampi), Fourth District, Manila; Amado Bagatsing (Kampi), Fifth District, Manila; Bienvenido Abante Jr. (Lakas), Sixth District, Manila;

Ang alam ko yung talunan na si Miles Roces ng (LAKAS-LP) ang maka Arroyo. Isa pa, yung asawa niyang si Harry Angping ay isa sa mga main FPJ supporters sa Maynila? At hindi ba pakulo ng admin at ni Roces/Atienza ang disqualification effort kay Harry boy?

UPDATE: Yup, maka-admin nga. ;)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Zero votes for Lacson in Maguindanao

From the Tribune:

Genuine Opposition (GO) senatorial bet Panfilo Lacson yesterday filed a complaint before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) protesting the zero votes that he supposedly got in Maguindanao province.

Lacson, who is in third place in the latest Comelec tally, said it is impossible for him not to get any votes in the province, stressing he had never had zero votes from any of the municipalities in Maguindanao, even during the 2004 presidential elections, where he ranked third in the province.

“It’s impossible, it’s highly improbable at least for me to be getting zero votes because this is my third election, even during the presidential campaign, I didn’t get a zero vote there. FPJ (late opposition standard-bearer Fernando Poe Jr.’s initials) got zero in two municipalities there, but I never got zero votes in any of the municipalities, so how come...unless all my supporters there died,” the reelectionist senator said.

According to Lacson, his complaint is backed by affidavits from people who were not allowed to vote during the elections in the province.

He added they also have an affidavit from the board of election inspectors (BEI) that served in the province.

Tumahimik ka na Lacson, and just follow this idiot's advice to just shut up and move on na! raw. lolololol...

MORE: Palace berates Lacson over poll fraud evidence baring

Saturday, May 26, 2007

US gov't pleased overall with RP elections

Unfortunately, Ganyan rin ang sinabi nila nung 2004 elections.

Concerned raw sila sa violence na nagaganap sa election natin, pero overall successful raw ang elections natin.

From the Tribune:

A senior US State Department official yester-day took cognizance of violence-marred elections in the Philippines.

“I know there have been some problems with violence,” US Assistant Secretary for East Asian and the Pacific Christopher Hill said.

“But I would say overall the elections have been very successful and a real sign that the Philippines has a very well developed democracy. It has never been an easy process,” he added.

Earlier, international human rights watchdog Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) found “extremely appalling” the extent of deaths, violence, cheating and corrupt practices that have occurred during the recently concluded national and local elections.

I'm sure tuwang tuwa si Arroyo sa hatol ng US.

More from GMA7:

A visiting senior US State Department official on Friday said Washington has taken note of the turbulent midterm elections in the Philippines conducted last May 14.

“These are pretty tough elections. Were pleased that overall, elections have gone forward. We know that there are some cases, problems. We know authorities are investigating these," said US Assistant Secretary for East Asian and the Pacific Christopher Hill in a GMA News interview.

Hill said although the polls have been marred by violence and charges of fraud, the Philippines has proven again that democracy is operating effectively.

“When you look at the standard of the region, it’s not bad at all," he said.

Hill’s view sharply contrasted with the International human rights watchdog Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) findings.

AHRC said it found “extremely appalling" the extent of deaths, violence, cheating and corrupt practices that have occurred during the recently concluded balloting.

I guess if you're going to compare us to china or myanmar, panalo tayo!

UPDATE: Heh. I'm So Ronery, So ronery and sadry arone...

They need to Youtube this

Evidence of cheating captured on video by cellphones. Sen. Lacson has obtained a copy of the video, and he will release it to the media.

From the Tribune:

Proof of ARMM fraud bared in video footage

Jojo Arazas and Kristine V. Torres


The Genuine Opposition yesterday put its money where its mouth is, as GO winning senatorial candidate Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson yesterday bared before the media incontrovertible proof of cheating actively engaged in by police and military elements, as well as the Commission on Elections (Comelec) officers through a dated and timed video footage taken from a cellphone, along with witnesses and affidavits all attesting to the poll fraud that occured in Lanao del Sur.

Criminal charges are being readied by GO’s legal counsel in the Lanao del Sur province against officials of the Comelec in the Second District of Sulu island with Lacson vowing to assist the witnesses and the lawyers when they file the charges before the Office of the Ombudsman on Monday.

The move is part of Lacson’s three part evidence of poll cheating that included a video footage, numerous pages of affidavits, and the persons who witnessed the fraud in Sulu.

Really, they need to youtube this ASAP.

Hello World!

Ito ang bumulaga sa akin when i visited MLQ3's blog. Na hack siguro ng mga kampon ng admin. lololololo....

Kay ellen rin, down yung site niya. What's going on here?

Pati sa malaya, suspended na naman.

Free Image Hosting at

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Aleck Bovick got bigger

you go, girl!

Advice for Manila Mayor Fred Lim

before he takes over from Lito Atienza.

1) Focus on making the place safe and business friendly.

1) Wag nyong ipa-sara ang dvd business sa Quiapo. Malaki ang tulong ng dvd selling sa mga kapatid nating Muslim.

2) Wag nyo nang ipa-bukas pa ang Rizal Avenue for the vehicles. Turning Avenida into a pedestrian promenade is one of the best things Atienza ever did for this city of ours.

3) alagaan ng mabuti ang mga underpass na ipinaayos at nilinis ni mayor atienza (Lacson upass etc.)

Eto sabi ni Carlos Celdran na taga mayniLA rin:

Thanks for the hopeful note, Ivan. Could you tell him not to completely rip apart Avenida Rizal though.

Opening it up to vehicles would really be regressive in the quest to reclaim public spaces.

Fr. Panlilio should quit priesthood

and focus on being governor of Pampanga. If you don't want to quit the priesthood, then one should not enter politics.

Mga iba pang nanalo (Lokal)

From Ernie Maceda:

- Rufus Rodriguez won as congressman of Cagayan de Oro

- Yul Servo and Jong Isip won as Councilors of the third district of Manila

- Naida Angping won over Miles Roces for the House seat sa 3rd District ng MayniLA.

- Talo si rep. Gilbert Remulla.

- Panalo si Lani Cayetano, asawa ni Alan Cayetano for congressman in the 1st district of Taguig Pateros.

Hitchens on Falwell's foul rantings

if you're a rev. jerry falwell fan, DON'T READ THIS. hehe..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why is always getting suspended?

Ayun, hindi na naman namin ma-access ang anti-Arroyo paper na Malaya newspaper.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Rodriguez to Oden."

You'll be hearing that from Blazer announcers for a long time. Congrats to Portland for winning the NBA draft.

Encourage witnesses and teachers to step forward and blow whistle on fraud

the opposition, NGOs, and other watchdog groups should find these witnesses (all over the country) of fraud and encourage them to step forward and tell us everything they saw and know about the dagdag bawas operations that took place in their areas.

Cardinal Rosales: Cheating in 07 Elections very small compared to Marcos' time

I heard Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales say that today on the AM Radio.


- Extrajudicial killings today a "mere blood speck."
- Rosales on Gloriagate: "We have bigger fish to fry than Arroyo."

Eyewitness to Cheating

more reports of GARAPALAN na pandaraya and election fraud are coming out, from Rina Jimenez David.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Every vote must count for Alan Cayetano

The COMELEC's a disgrace. "Disqualified" raw si Juju, pero nasa balota pa rin ang pangalan niya, at "stray votes" raw ang mga "Cayetano" votes. LOL.

I think what the opposition should do now (especially Cayetano's fellow senatoriables) is to rally behind Alan Cayetano NOW (kahit na hindi pa tapos ang bilangan), hold a presscon, and condemn the COMELEC's disenfranchisement of Alan Cayetano voters. Habang maaga pa. Every Cayetano vote must count for Alan Cayetano, and not for that phony Pidal nuisance candidate Juju "the invisible man" Cayetano.

A recount may be needed. I'm also interested to know how many teachers followed the DEPED memorandum to count the Cayetano votes as stray. We need to get some teachers who did not count the Cayetano or "Alan Cayetano" votes to come out in public. We need to know kung gaano kalaki ang nawalang boto kay Alan Cayetano.

From the PDI Editorial:

Other parts of the anti-Cayetano strategy, however, have been characterized by the same brazenness, the same use of legal form to hide criminal intent.

It took a division of the Abalos Comelec more than a month to disqualify Joselito Cayetano—the man who went by the nickname “Jojo” but listed his nickname in the certificate of candidacy as “Peter”—as a nuisance candidate. He was unknown and unqualified—not because of his poverty but because of his lack of capacity to run a nationwide campaign. Indeed, the fact that he did not give media interviews (the kind of free publicity any serious candidate hungers for) should have been enough reason to see through the nature of his candidacy. That he called himself Peter, obviously to cause his namesake congressman mischief at the polls, should have quickly led to the same conclusion: This Cayetano was not a serious candidate. That it took the Comelec en banc another six weeks to confirm the division’s finding shows that the deliberate delay was really part of the strategy. The decision came out on May 11, the last Friday before elections.

Deliberate confusion was another key part of that strategy. The day after the May 11 decision, the Abalos Comelec issued a reminder that the disqualification of Joselito Cayetano was not yet final—and that therefore he remained a candidate. On election day itself, the Department of Education issued a memorandum, signed by Undersecretary Franklin Sunga, directing teachers not to include “Cayetano-only” votes in the count: “if only the word Cayetano is written on the ballot, the vote shall be considered stray.”

We cannot remember any other instance when the DepEd, the government’s largest single agency, ever issued a memorandum essentially protecting a nuisance candidate. The long arm of Malacañang is long indeed.

UPDATE: Now this is just sick.

Election inspectors in Obando, Bulacan, voided votes for “Alan Cayetano” after an election supervisor went around the precincts in the town telling the Boards of Election Inspectors that it was he—not Joselito Pepito Cayetano—who had been disqualified.

It was Joselito Cayetano, a senatorial candidate of the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan, who was disqualified by the Commission on Elections on May 11 for being a “nuisance.” But the decision was not yet final.

Closer to the Comelec’s central office in Manila, BEIs in the city’s sixth district also shunned the votes for Alan Cayetano, a senatorial candidate of the Genuine Opposition, because of guidance from certain Comelec officials in the area.

If our election officials are untrustworthy, WHO CAN YOU TRUST?

And automating our election systems won't really help much. It'll only make it more easier to cheat. Kumbaga, you won't even know it.

Sabi nga ng isang DIEBOLD spokesperson (sila yung gumagawa ng mga voting machines, back in May 12, 2006:

David Bear, a spokesman for Diebold Election Systems, said the potential risk existed because the company’s technicians had intentionally built the machines in such a way that election officials would be able to update their systems in years ahead.

“For there to be a problem here, you’re basically assuming a premise where you have some evil and nefarious election officials who would sneak in and introduce a piece of software,” he said. “I don’t believe these evil elections people exist.”

The admin gets the last laugh. Unless we can do the following:

2) A Zero Tolerance Approach to Cheating. It's a two-step process. First, reform the COMELEC and do a thorough housecleaning within the Election commission of all those involved in the dagdag bawas operations of 2004, and those who helped lie and coverup for those guilty COMELEC officials. Second, automate our voting system. But we need to do the COMELEC housecleaning first.

Another power rate increase coming up

More bad news for us consumers. From Neal Cruz:

But here is more bad news: Electricity rates in Metro Manila will increase again soon. The reason is the high prices being traded at the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM).

Because of the low availability of power plants running on cheaper fuel such as coal and geothermal energy, power rates at the WESM during the April billing cycle soared by P2 per kWh, to P8 per kWh from P5.936 per kWh in March.

The impact of the drastic rise in the WESM prices on the four million Meralco customers was calculated to be at 50 centavos per kWh, to be lumped as a component of its generation charge.

Since there is a regulatory lag, the pass-on of this increase will be deferred until such time that the Energy Regulatory Commission approves the Meralco application. But just the same, it will eventually shock consumers when they receive their electricity bills.

This is the third unusual price increase since the electricity spot market opened last year. And we are again witnessing the evil hand of the mafia in the National Power Corp.

What happened to the "low power rates" promised by Malacanang?

Official Statement of NAMFREL-Maguindanao

Got this email from Leah Navarro:

> Official statement of Namfrel-Maguindanao on the Quick
> Count of Elections in the Province of Maguindanao
> To date, NAMFREL-Maguindanao does not have NAMFREL's
> 6th copy of election returns from 22 municipalities of
> Maguindanao. Our volunteers reported the following:
> 1. Except for members of the Board of Election
> Inspectors (BEI), no other persons or organizations,
> including NAMFREL volunteers, were allowed access to
> the centralized counting of votes for all
> municipalities in the Maguindanao Provincial Capitol.
> 2. Our volunteers were told that municipal election
> officers issued a verbal order to withhold release of
> all copies of the ERs, including NAMFREL's 6th copy.
> In most cases, municipal COMELEC officers did not
> recognize the appointment of our NAMFRL municipal
> chairpersons.
> Since our quick count is based on the NAMFREL copies
> which were not made available to us,
> NAMFREL-Maguindanao will not be able to announce quick
> count results for the elections in the province. In
> view of what we perceive as systematic withholding of
> the ERs to NAMFREL that casts doubts on the integrity
> of the 6th copy of the election returns, we will still
> not include the Maguindanao results in our quick count
> even if they are not made available to us in the
> following days.
> May 19, 2007, Cotabato City.
> (Sgd.) Fr. Eduardo G. Tanudtanud, OMI
> Chairman, NAMFREL Maguindanao and
> Shariff Kabungsuan

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Let's Make Our Voices Be Heard Again

Got this from Ellen Tordesillas:

Gloria Arroyo’s cheating operating is still at work. If they have not been very effective so far, it is because of the vigilance of the people. But don’t count them out yet.

They are still at it in their well-planned, systematic and shameless plunder of our votes.

Please join the Concerned Citizens at a People’s Proclamation and Protest rally on Wednesday, May 23 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), where the Comelec canvassing is being held.

Assembly point: Star City at 3 p.m.

Please wear black. Bring your friends and associates.

Let us not allow this shameless administration to to murder our democracy again. Not Again.

Mabuhay and dakilang Pilipino!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bilangan ng boto sa NATIONAL ELECTIONS ang problema

Hindi sa LOKAL elections. Hindi masyadong problema sa mga local elections dahil mabilis malaman kaagad kung sino ang panalo.

Sa national magkakaroon ng dayaan, meaning the Senate races at yung mga party Lists (or the 2004 Prez elections), dahil pwedeng ma-Garci ito habang dahan dahang tina-tally ang mga total votes sa buong pilipinas.

Read MLQ3 for more of the crazy stuff that's going on in the vote counting for the Senate elections here, here, and here.

Ang Init!!!!

Man, it's hot today! Global Warming!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

COMELEC screws Cayetano

basahin nyo ito. Read the comments by Tongue Twisted. Sabihin nyo sa akin na hindi kayo nabwisit sa pang-gagago ng COMELEC kay Alan and just want to go to their office and knock the teeth out of COMELEC chair (and LAKAS party boy) Ben Abalos.

And nice job James and "COMELECAko". Ang gagaling nyo! You guys make Garci proud.

On behalf of Alan Cayetano.

UPDATE: Don't mess with the Pidals, Alan.

Or people like this dude will NOT like it. No siree!

Even pro-arroyo columnist Tony Lopez thinks the COMELEC is lookin too garapal with their tactics vs. cayetano.


- The Idiots at the COMELEC are still at it.

Arroyo's "Black Magic"

pinaka-malakas talaga siya sa Mindanao.

More: Opposition readies charges vs 12-0 election fraud operators

UPDATE: Heh. ;)


I have to say it again. Wow!

So this is the reason why Malacanang tried to suspend Binay


In the COMELEC’s final tally at 6 a.m. Thursday, Binay won a total of 198,814 votes against the 22,462 of Sen. Lito Lapid.

The third mayoral candidate, Elias Dulalia, garnered 1,243 votes.

Lito Lapid got mauled.

And some good news too for Manilenos: Ali's out and Miles Roces seems to be losing to Naida Angping

Mayoral bet Arnold "Ali" Atienza conceded to Sen. Alfredo Lim Thursday afternoon.

Speaking to reporters at the Diamond Hotel along Roxas Boulevard, Atienza said the will of Manila voters must prevail and shook the hand of Lim.

"I am conceding to Senator Lim," he said.

"It’s the will of the Manileños. But it is still a victory for me to receive such overwhelming support. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t."

Atienza said data of his party Buhayin ang Maynila showed that he received an estimated 200,000 votes while Lim won the election with an estimated lead of 80,000 votes.
Ali’s brother-in-law re-electionist 3rd District Rep. Miles Roces was reported to be also losing to Naida Angping.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Akala nila kasi NO-EL eh...

kaya they just kill their opponents to make up for lost time.

Let hear it from Ralph Recto:

In a phone interview, Recto said that some “unscrupulous” politicians had to resort to extreme measures to get back on the winning track.

“I believe that part of the reason for the violence is that some unscrupulous politicians were not prepared for the campaign and had to make up for the lost time because they thought there would be no elections this year,” Recto said.

Recto said it was not until the last few days of 2006 that the public was sure that elections would push through as the House of Representatives had hurriedly adopted a resolution forming a constituent assembly, without the Senate consent, and the suspension of this year’s elections. It was only after a strong public outcry that Malacañang and the House dropped the plan to avoid a crisis.

Recto said that some of the politicians could have resorted to violence because they did not have enough time to prepare for their reelection.

Message sent: Concentrate on Boxing muna, Manny

Mukhang talo si Manny Pacquiao kay Darlene Antonino Custodio para sa Congressional seat for the 1st District of South Cotobato.

It doesn't mean na ayaw ng tao kay Pacman, o hindi siya popular. What the voters are saying is: We care for you Manny, that's why we don't want to see you enter politics for now. Concentrate ka muna sa flourishing boxing career mo. That's why we are not voting for you yet.

Sabi ng ng isang Manny Pacquiao fan:

“Matigas kasi ang ulo. Dapat sa boxing na lang siya. Mahal namin siya at ayaw naming pumasok talaga sa maruming pulitika,” said Daniel Aguila, a cigarette vendor from an old Blumentritt neighborhood and a certified Manny fateful.

And that's the sentiment of the majority of pacman fans i know.

More of my own views here.

Sunday, May 13, 2007






Yan ang nakita kong mga posters na nakadikit sa pader noong sabado at linggo sa quiapo at binondo.

UPDATE: And i'm not the only one who noticed it.

Pacquiao: Darlene wants to have me killed!

Manny Pacman is actually peddling this story, believe it or not. I know medyo late na itong istorya na ito, but still... what a silly tale.

The idiots at the COMELEC are still at it

up to the last minute. From Ellen Tordesillas:

It’s glaringly clear: there’s a method to all these madness.

After affirming late Friday afternoon that Joselito Cayetano is a nuisance candidate, Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos said writing “Cayetano” on the ballot will make it a stray vote.

He says the matter is still appealable to the Supreme Court.

In an interview with Alan Cayetano in Camp Bonifacio where he attended the boodle fight hosted by fellow senatorial candidates Antonio Trillanes IV, Alan said, “Comelec is supposed to clarify, not confuse.”

But that’s what Abalos’ Comelec is precisely doing. Confuse people. And we can only think of a multi-million reasons why they are doing that.

Akala mo wala na si juju ni Pidal. Pero may silbi pa siya.

To contact the COMELEC re this katarantaduhan, go to this site. Good luck.

Last day trashing of candidates from the pro-Arroyos

Sabi ni Mita (source):
Cayetano? Seriously. What is his record in Congress?

Sabi ni Cathcath:
Mita. pareho lang sila ni Escudero. All noise, no accomplishment. Paganakakita ng camera, nakapose kaagad.


But girls, hindi ba ganyan rin si joker. Isang grandstander? Ano ba ang record niya sa congress? I bet mas may nagawa pa si Cayetano at Escudero kaysa kay Mr. "Ubusin" ang mga "Corrupt" (or is it Mr. Pag "bad" ka, "lagot" ka.)

Joker Arroyo's friend, max soliven (7/31/2001):

I don’t want to say, on the other hand, that Joker is lazy. I’m just wondering why, in his three terms (nine years) as congressman from Makati, Joker did not file or get passed into law a single resolution or bill. Why, he didn’t even, his contemporaries say, have a House staff of his own. So, some ask, where did the appropriations for a House staff go? To charity, no doubt.

So, Joker: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. A freshman Senator getting the Blue Ribbon is a grandstander’s dream! And that’s always been your forte. Or is Senator Arroyo (no relation) merely making pakipot? I don’t think it’s comely for his fellow solons to have to come to their knees and beg.

To charity, no doubt. Because i don't recall joker swearing off pork or the other perks while he was a congressman.

Of course, Max was just teasing Joker when he wrote that article, but we former Joker Arroyo fans all know there is some truth to the grandstanding comment. Max needled Joker for being hesitant to accept the Blue Ribbon chairmanship (which meant investigating Mike Arroyo and the admin) after running on the "Ubusin ang mga Corrupt" platform.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Trillanes or Gringo?

Sino dapat iboto? I'll let Dean Jorge Bocobo do the selling:

In a related development, Lt. Sg. Antonio Trillanes IV, leader of the Magdalo group of army officers who mutineed against high level corruption in the Military in 2003, has filed his Certificate of Candidacy for the Philippine Senate. I think his case must be carefully distinguished from that of Gringo Honasan, also under arrest for rebellion in the matter of the Oakwood Mutiny, who will also be running for the Senate. I hope Trillanes makes it, but not Gringo. Trillanes has a real cause which I think Gringo is only exploiting for his own aggrandizement.

Altho he later seems to be distancing himself from his previous statements.

Patsada Karajaw of Trillanes possible victory: "We Believe!"

Administration resort to name-calling in tv ads

Guys, panoorin nyo ito. This anti-Opposition ad ran on ABC-5.

I don't care if you're pro-or anti-Arroyo, that ad is ugly and is doesn't offer anything other than name-calling. and the people behind these tv ads thought it was a good ad? i've seen lots of political ads, here and in the US (political junkie, remember?) Some are bad, some good. This one from the admin is just plain awful, and will backfire on TU.

Btw, I want the TU candidates to denounce these dispicable ads. This kind of discourse is ugly, unacceptable, and must be disavowed.

And to think na some tv stations refused to air the opposition's ads on corruption. The opposition ads are harmless compared to some of the vile stuff from TU and the administration.

(no surprise though. hardcore ang admin sa cheating machinery nila. siyempre hardcore rin sila sa mga political ads nila.)

Hmmm... this smells like vote-buying in MayniLA-La land

Manilenya is all over this.

(me naman, are they still giving away free stuff? can i still avail of it? i'm willing to accept goodies or cash. kailan po ba ang deadline mayor atienza?)

Thursday, May 10, 2007



1) Alan Cayetano
2) Sonny Trillanes
3) Loren Legarda
4) Manny Villar
5) John Osmena
6) Noynoy Aquino
7) Nikki Coseteng
8) Martin Bautista
9) Ping Lacson
10) Chiz Escudero
11) Sonia Roco
12) Koko Pimentel

And here are Ellen Tordesillas and Enteng Romano's choices.

A lot of the pundits are saying na mare-retain raw ng administration ang House.

let's say they are right... (NOT!), then we need to make sure the Opposition gets control of the Senate so there will be somebody who will check on the abuses and corruption of this administration.

Maka-Arroyo talaga si Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales

Manuel Buencamino reacts to Rosales implicit support for the ARroyo admin. It's a good one.

Matagal na nating alam na maka-ARroyo si Cardinal Rosales.

He also kept parroting the admin line and even found time to push for Arroyo's charter change:

Rosales also pushed for amendments to the Constitution as another solution to the country’s social and political problems.

He explained the proposed shift to parliamentary form of government could help address needs for a quick change of the country’s political leaders without having to resort to another people power revolution.

But Rosales pointed out that in order for Charter change initiatives to be effective, a change in attitude of Filipinos and their leaders is necessary.

He said the country must do a thorough house cleaning by adopting a new political system.

Rosales added the people should focus on the positive implications of Charter change, noting a new Constitution for a parliamentary government would bring elections at a lesser cost aside from improving the country’s political image abroad.

Obviously for him, okay lang makialam sa pulitika, at maging advocate ng parliamentary system, dahil yan rin ang itinutulak ni Arroyo.

UPDATE:re cardinal rosales, conrad de quiros keeps complaining that the opposition is not doing enough to enrage the public vs. the Arroyo gov't.

he's partially right. but it's tough for the opposition, especially when "credible" "moral guardians" like guadencio rosales and half of conrad's do-gooding "civil society" undermine the anti-GMA message by minimizing the gravity of the extra-judicial killings or telling us that ARroyo is not the real problem but marcos, and it's time to Move on na.

Be thankful to Mike?

Tama si Conrad de Quiros dito:

MANILA, Philippines -- I got asked by a reporter last week if Mike Arroyo’s decision to drop the charges against 46 journalists was something to be glad about in light of that day being Press Freedom Day.

My answer was: Why on Earth should anyone be thankful for something like that? Why on earth should we see that as a boon to press freedom? Press freedom is not something we owe to him. It is not his to give or take, proffer or withdraw, as he pleases. Press freedom is a right. It is something to be enjoyed and exercised as a matter of course. It is not a gift that may be freely bestowed by the First Gentleman or his wife, especially since neither one of them has any rightful claim to the positions they occupy. It is part of the condition of our being as citizens who live in a democracy. Or who like to think we do.

Yeah, for the journalists to thank Pidal for dropping the libel suit is like expecting falsely accused whistleblower Acsa Ramirez to be grateful to GMA and Reynaldo Wycoco for not tormenting her any further.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rep. Miles Roces uses fictitious address in his COC

Talaga bang nakatira o resident si Miles Roces sa 526 Ronquillo St., Sta. Cruz, Manila?

I've been to the place where he claims to be residing (near the ole' Goodwill Bookstore carriedo), but I can't imagine him or his fam living there, cuz it's a purely commercial area. When it was brought to his attention, here's what the Roces camp had to say:

Roces refused to comment on the residency issue, but said he would answer the disqualification case against him at the Comelec.

The PDI article i provided came out apr. 11, 2007. Malapit na ang election. But the faux address issue has yet to be addressed by the Roces camp or the COMELEC. Are you still living in the 3rd district, Miles?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Vehicle of Burgos snatching traced to soldiers, DENR men

This is interesting. I really have a bad feeling about Jonas Burgos' fate.

Beware of Illegitimate Survey Reports

Are they referring to this one perhaps? :) btw, i don't think it's 6-4-2 for GO. It's more like 8-3-1 for them. kinokondition lang ng malacanang ang mga supporters nila.

Beware of Illegitimate Survey Reports

Social Weather Stations

In response to inquiries about election-related survey results published on April 30, 2007 in Manila Bulletin ( "Trinidad hikes lead over rivals"), and on alleged "SWS survey" reports being distributed, such as in Pasay City ( see Figure 1), SWS warns the general public to disregard any survey report that is not confirmed as an SWS release on its website.

Anyone checking the website will observe that, to this date, SWS has not made any report concerning prospects for the 2007 elections at the local level, including Pasay City.

In case sponsors of SWS confidential surveys decide, as is their prerogative, to release their results directly to media, the SWS website will likewise post the said release, to allow the public to confirm that the survey is genuine and to validate the media reportage.

In past experience, spurious allegations of SWS survey findings tend to become more frequent as an election approaches. The public is thus advised to take advantage of two important features of SWS operations which enhance the credibility of the SWS surveys.

In the first place, all externally-sponsored SWS projects provide that, upon public release of survey findings by a sponsor, SWS is at liberty to inform the public of: (a) the sponsorship of the survey, (b) dates of interviewing, (c) methods for obtaining interviews, (d) the population that was sampled, (e) the size and description of sub-samples, (f) complete wording of the questions upon which the release was based, and (g) percentages upon which conclusions are based. This provision is in keeping with the Code of Professional Ethics and Practices of the World Association for Public Opinion Research, Article 19.

Secondly, every SWS survey, whether national or local, sponsored or non-sponsored, is archived in the SWS Survey Data Library, which preserves the original raw data, questionnaires and methodology, for public use upon expiration of the embargo period, if any.

The SWS webpage is at SWS's email addresses are and Address of SWS Office and SWS Survey Data Library: #52 Malingap Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, 1101, Philippines.

Nuisance candidate ni Pidal nasa listahan pa ng NAMFREL

Check out their site in zamboanga. bakit nandiyan pa ang pangalan ni joselito juju cayetano. hindi ba disqualified na yung nuisance candidate ni pidal?

gagohan na naman ang election na ito.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Lacuna for Mayor, Angping for Congressman, Nixon Kua for Councilor

Eto po ang kumpletong listahan ng mga candidates (councilor, mayor, congressman) na iboboto ko para sa 2007 local elections.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Malaya: The AFP has crossed the line

A politicized military doing its worst during election time.

13 na ang kandidato ng TU?


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Robredo is not a Filipino Citizen - COMELEC

Winnie Monsod is all over this outrage. Most of the time, I don't agree with her, but in this case, she's right.


- The Jesse Robredo Case

UPDATE: More twisted logic from the COMELEC.

UPDATE: Conrad de Quiros comments.

And from Willy Prilles, who is from Naga, has the lowdown on this. If you want to know more about the Robredo case, read his blog and keep scrolling.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Arroyo admin tries to take down Binay again

From Ellen Tordesillas. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

You knew the last time the admin "backed out" from going after and taking out one of the leaders of the opposition on trumped up charges, it was only a temporary, tactical retreat, right?

Anyway, siguro alam ng Malacanang na matatalo na ang manok nilang si Lito Lapid, ano?


- Pro ARroyo columnists comment on the political hitjob on Binay
- Mike Arroyo's proxy war in Makati
- Binay, one of the top 5 Mayors in the World in 2006
- Lito Lapid will only debate Binay -- in Kapampangan

Martin Nievera namumulubi sa Amerika

He's having a tough time sa States. Why doesn't he try to make a comeback sa Pinas?

The Greatest Upset in NBA Playoff History

Warriors shock the Mavs to win the series 4-2.

Start the celebration here!

Steve Kerr: The Anatomy of a Historical NBA Upset

Henry Abbott: What if Dirk refused the MVP trophy?

Bong Austero tries to clarify for Peter Wallace

From MLQ3, Austero tries to clarify the "misconceptions" concerning English and the business community's attitude towards the language:

On the other side of the debate are those who believe that the current (dismal) level of proficiency in English among graduates already requires drastic measures. It might also be important to note that no one in the business community has come forward to categorically express unqualified support for EO 210. Even my own professional organization, the People Management Association of the Philippines which, by virtue of its stature as the national organization of human resource management practitioners in the country should be a key participant in the discussion, still has to come up with an official position on the matter.

However, insinuations that the business community prompted this latest wrinkle are running thick. In particular, some fingers are pointing at the call center industry which has been experiencing difficulty in finding graduates that meet its English proficiency requirements.

Hmmm... ewan ko lang kung nabasa na ni Bongbong yung isinulat na article ni fellow MST collumnist Peter Wallace, director of the Australian-NZ chamber of commerce sa Pilipinas.

‘Magandang araw, ito po si Glaiza, anong maipaglilingkod ko sa inyo?’

If you don’t know what that means, then join the 6.4 billion other people on this planet that don’t either.

“Hello, Glaiza speaking. How may I help you?”

Almost two billion people understand that. English is used by a quarter of the world’s population and is considered as the global lingua franca. It is the dominant international language in communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, diplomacy, and the Internet.

The English-speaking crowd is something the Philippines definitely wants, or at least should want to be, a part of. And Filipinos have already shown a remarkable ability to be conversant in the language. Specifically, the country is now number two in call centers in the region. From zero employees just six years ago, the industry now employs 145,000, and it’s not slowing down.

Well, actually it could for one simple, sad reason: there won’t be enough English-speaking, English-comprehending Filipinos to hire.

So it’s a very welcome development to see the President recognize the importance of reverting to English as the primary language of education. House Bill 4701 mandating this was passed in the House of Representatives. Let’s hope the Senate acts with equal dispatch. The administration takes the credit for pushing this piece of legislation.

katulad ng madalas sabihin ni instapundit, read the whole thing. so that you may understand why kuya manuel reacted negatively to wallace's article:

Much as I, too, favor increased attention and resources given to the promotion of English, it’s notions like those peddled by Peter Wallace that help discredit the proponents of the language.

Read the whole thing.

Previous: Peter Wallace needs to STFU.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Misleading si Winnie Monsod

One of the "proofs" Winnie Monsod gave kung bakit nasabi niyang si Arroyo raw ang nanalo was because Arroyo's K4 coalition party won a huge majority of the House and gubernatorial, and mayoral seats noong 2004.

What is more, other circumstances obtaining during the campaign period support the conclusion that it is the claim of “illegitimacy” that is a lie: after all, her coalition party, K4, won 58 percent of senatorial seats, 87 percent of congressional seats, 85 percent of gubernatorial slots, 87 percent of city mayor seats, and 85 percent of all mayor seats. Either they carried her or she carried them, or there was some combination of both.

Sinagot ko siya dati dito, but after reading this propaganda from Ed Angara of TU, kailangan ko ulit i-address ang isyung ito.

Kasi sa political situation natin post-1986, the less dominant party (Ramos' LAKAS) and the opposition (Erap) were able to win the presidency in 1992 and 1998 respectively, kahit na talo ang parties nila pagdating sa number of House seats won.

Ramos did it in 1992 when he won the presidency. LDP won the majority of the House seats w/ 86 seats (with the hastily organized LAKAS party a distant second at 40 seats),


LDP also won the 16 senate seats that year as opposed to LAKAS' 2.

but Ramos was able lure away a significant chunk of the LDP partymembers to his LAKAS a few months after the House convened.

The Lakas-NUCD-UMDP party was hastily organized for the 1992 election, after Defence Secretary Fidel Ramos lost the LDP presidential nomination to House Speaker Mitra. It was a merger of the newly formed Lakas ng EDSA (not to be confused with the Lakas ng Bansa) and the older National Union of Christian Democrats-Union of Muslim Democrats of the Philippines (NUCDUMDP) founded in 1984. From an original 40 elected members, it was able to expand to 119 after Ramos won the presidency. Out of the 104 re-elected members of the House, 88 were former LDP members in the Eighth House. After the 1992 election, the LDP lost 58 more members to Lakas, which successfully elected party stalwart Jose de Venecia Jr. (a former LDP member) as speaker of the house. Thus, from being the party with the most number of elected members, it slipped to third place with 25 remaining members. Formerly the major administration party under the Aquino administration, the LDP found itself as the opposition in the Ramos administration, deprived of access to patronage.

Same thing happened when Erap won in 1998. In spite of LAKAS winning the most House seats that year,


nangyari rin sa kanila yung nangyari sa LDP noong 1992. many LAKAS members defected to Erap's party LAMMP after the 1998 elections.

After the election, LAMMP was reorganized into Laban ng Masang Pilipino(LAMP) and emerged as the new dominant party after the presidential victory of its candidate Joseph Estrada. Lakas suffered the same fate as its predecessor, the LDP, in the lower house. In spite of capturing the most house seats, its numbers quickly dwindled as members defected to the new administration party. The membership of LAMP swelled and the party was able to elect Manuel Villar (a former Lakas member) as the new speaker. Other political parties suffered defections as well.

ganyan rin probably ang mangyayari if FPJ became president, at marami sa mga kakampi ni Arroyo sa House at Senate ang lilipat sa panig ni FPJ-Angara.

BUT the point here is this: If you win the presidency o na-install ka bilang isa, magsisilipatan ang mga administration candidates sa panig mo (eg Chavit, Lito Atienza) And the admin party's success in the House, Senate, Mayoral and Gubernatorial races does not mean na panalo rin ang kandidato nila sa pagka-presidente, like what Maam Winnie is trying to suggest. In fact, FVR and erap have proven Maam Winnie wrong.

it's possible that Arroyo can win the House races. But what does that mean really?

the LDP party won big in 1992 House and Senate races, but mitra fared poorly (4th place?). LAKAS local bets won big in 1998 but manok JDV was pummeled to the ground by Erap.

UPDATE: Read this to from Conrad de Quiros and MLQ3. And this to from Manuel Buencamino.

How and Why You Should Be Involved in the May Elections

From Enteng Romano:

Some people tell us, "Why don't you just let GMA finish her term? Instead of
advocating impeachment, which is very disruptive, why don't you just prepare
for 2010 and field a candidate who will support your agenda?"

On the surface, this looks like a sober and reasonable request coming from
people who are not necessarily rabid GMA fans.

How quickly we forget. Only a few months ago, the GMA administration –
using the resources of the DILG, launched a very expensive people's
initiative to revise the charter. And when the Supreme Court declared the
exercise a bogus, GMA marshalled her allies in Congress to push for a
constituent assembly (ConAss).

Had they succeeded in either mode of charter change, we will not have an
election this May, the Senate will be abolished, the current Congress will
be transformed into a rubber-stamp parliament not much different from the
Batasang Pambansa of Marcos during the martial law years, and the charter
will be amended to allow GMA to rule beyond 2010 either as president or
prime minister.

Now, what makes you think they have abandoned their plans? Should they get
enough seats in the next Congress, you can be sure that twiddling with the
charter will be high on the agenda. Already, they are looking at October
2007 as the target date of transforming to a unicameral-presiden tial
government. And that's only the start.

The pattern is clear. First, there were CPR, EO 464, and PP 1017 – all
intended to suppress the truth, muzzling any legitimate inquiry into the
Garci scandal and fertilizer scam. Then, there were the GMA-funded People's
initiative and the shameless ConAss attempt by GMA lackeys in Congress. This
time, the goal was to pre-empt any further impeachment and entrench
themselves (GMA and her allies) in power by amending the charter.

Except for ConAss - which was withdrawn before it could be challenged, all
of these were subsequently declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

I'm sure GMA has enough advisers to point out the glaring legal infirmities
of her Executive Orders and charter change initiatives. She proceeded just
the same, asserting validity of her orders until rebuffed by the Supreme
Court. It exposed GMA's dictatorial bent and true character. She will do
anything, including making a mockery of the law, just to stay in power.

The lack of outrage from a jaded and cynical citizenry has emboldened the
GMA regime to be more brazen and punitive in dealing with political

FG Mike Arroyo filed over 40 libel cases against critics and journalists –
one for the record books. Meanwhile, decades-old charges are resurrected and
used as basis to arrest party list representatives linked with militant
groups. In the countryside, human rights are routinely violated – curfew is
imposed, citizens without cedulas accosted and even arrested, residences are
searched without warrants, and some people would simply disappear without
any trace. More recently, army contingents were deployed in densely
populated urban poor areas to "dissuade" residents from voting for militant
party list groups. And GMA would even publicly commend the officers of these
units for a "job well done."

Not since the dark years of martial law have we seen militarization and a
reign of terror and intimidation of such scale. And you still wonder why
over 800 incidents of extrajudicial killings and disappearances remain

And, where there is growing political tyranny, crony capitalism is not very
far behind. Large government contracts, smuggling, and gambling operations –
legal or otherwise, are becoming the exclusive domain of people close to the
palace. Do you still wonder why we are now the most corrupt economy in Asia

It's déjà vu – the 70s all over again. The scripts are eerily similar. Only
the terminologies have changed – from New Society to Strong Republic, from
communists to terrorists, from KBL to Kampi. Marcos, at least, had the
decency to declare martial law. GMA does not even bother.

Is there hope for our country? More importantly, is there anything we can do
to change the situation?

Fortunately, there is one window of opportunity left for us to derail the
GMA blueprint to stay beyond 2010: the May 2007 elections.

We need to elect to the next Congress at least 79 men and women of moral
courage who will block the anticipated self-serving charter change of GMA.
These same men and women can exact accountability from GMA for the unabated
corruption and extrajudicial killings through congressional inquiries and
initiation of an impeachment complaint. This will also put closure to
longstanding issues like the Garci scandal and the fertilizer scam which
have haunted this administration. Maybe then, we can all move forward.

It's not easy. And we need to get organized.

The Black and White Movement launched its Black List-White List campaign for
this purpose. We selected 100 Congressional Districts and party list groups
where we will vote and actively campaign FOR candidates in the White List
and campaign AGAINST those in the Black List. It also includes annotations
why candidates were included in the list.

The details are published at
www.BlacknWhite- Movement. com.

How can you be involved?

1. Help us promote this campaign. Forward this email to friends,
relatives, and colleagues. Post it in your favorite blogs and egroups.

2. Vote for the whitelisted candidate in your district, if there is

3. Campaign for whitelisted candidates, and against blacklisted ones
within your sphere of influence. If you're reading this via email, you're
probably much better off than the average Filipino, and you have influence
over people in your workplace, at home (relatives, house help, and their
families), and in your community. Create your own sample ballot and
distribute to people you can influence. You'd be surprised how many people
are just waiting for endorsements and instructions from people they trust
and respect.

4. Be involved in the poll watch. There will be cheating, true. But
vigilance from more people can certainly reduce its effect.

Each of us will have to do our share. Sitting idly by is no longer an

Remember - this election is not a choice between the status quo and a
destabilizing impeachment espoused by the opposition, as GMA would like you
to believe. It is a choice between perpetuating the GMA regime on the one
hand, and the restoration and rehabilitation of our democratic institutions
on the other.

Together, we may yet secure a better future for our children.

God bless,


How to revive old theaters in Manila

Matagal nang nasa isipan ko ito. Kung may pera lang ako, gusto ko sanang buhayin ang mga natitirang old-school theaters sa Recto at Quiapo.

Sayang kasi sila eh. Wala nang pumupunta doon. Puro nasa mall na lang sila. O manood ng pirated na dvd.

Here's what i think needs to be done.

Turn these old theaters into venues that exclusively show old or classic films (hindi yung mga one month old films ha!) Most people have seen old movies on dvd, but have yet to experience it on the big screen. For example, meron akong "2001, A Space Odyssey" at "Blade Runner" sa dvd, pero hanggang tv screens lang tayo. i'd be willing to pay to watch it in a theater though.

The owners of these old theaters have no choice. They can't compete with the mall theaters. And others would rather buy pirated dvds than see a current blockbuster film. If these old theaters don't make the necessary changes, mawawala sila lahat, at sayang naman.

The trick here is to provide something different from what the mall theaters are showing. (counter-programming ba ang tawag diyan?) And to provide a venue for old classics to be shown on the big screen, something your dvd home entertainment system cannot do.

Siguro naman mas mura ang gagastusin ng theater owners kapag lumang luma na ang ipapalabas na pelikula ano?

Here are some of the oldies that i would love to see on the big screen.

1) Any Hitchcock Film
2) Blade Runner
3) Sunset Blvd.
4) 2001 A Space Odyssey
5) the old noir films of the 40s like the Maltese Falcon, Double Indemnity
6) old MGM musicals
7) Kubrick films
8) Brian de Palma films
9) Orson Welles films
10) the early Roman Polanski films
11) Old foreign films
12) Faster Pussycat! KILL! KILL!
13) Old Horror Classics
14) Classic B Movies or cult films

Kung may gagawa nito, Maganda sana kung available pa yung mga lumang posters ng mga pelikula na ito. And use the internet, blogs and forums to promote the theater and movie schedules. make the theater show a double feature too para mas masaya.

UPDATE: Allow smoking inside the theaters too.

Pwede rin yung mga ganito ipalabas.

UPDATED: Today is World Press Freedom Day

And what better way to celebrate it than for Mike Arroyo to withdraw all the libel suit vs. Journalist. Napaka-bait pala nitong si Kuya Mike. Perfect timing pa! ;)

UPDATE: But it doesn't really mean na hindi mare-reinstate yang kaso na yan, katulad ng nangyari kay Ellen Tordesillas, kung mapikon ulit sa iyo si Kuya Mike. Kasi we know a) Mike (heck, the admin!) is capable of doing it, kahit na alam nating harassment lang ito sa media. b) The cases are not settled, just withdrawn.

More from Ellen:

I posted bail (P10,500.00) in the sala of Judge Silvino T. Pampilo, Jr. of Branch 26 of the Manila Regional Trial Court. Arraignment is set on Oct. 25, 2006 at 8:30 a.m.

I was with former Sen. Francisco Tatad, who was also issued an arrest warrant on the same case filed by Mike Arroyo.

The warrant of arrest stemmed from an article that appeared in the May 19, 2004 issue of Malaya quoting Tatad identifying Mike Arroyo as the chief “cheating” operator.
I attended he preliminary investigation way back in 2004. A few months ago, Tatad and I were dropped from the case. Mike Arroyo, however, petitioned that we should be re-instated in the case.

His wish was granted and the warrant of arrest was issued last Friday. Malaya informed me late this morning about it. I understand the two cases (the original and our re-instatement) will be consolidated.


- Ang mga corrupt at bayaran sa Media
- Pidal, Wycoco: "Irresponsible" Media is at fault for journalist deaths

Spiderman 3 comments

1) bryce dallas is delicious. napapatingin ako sa mata niya. kirsten dunst looks fugly in this film.

2) so if tobey's in his evil mode, nagiging adolf hitler ang hairstyle nya?

3) bruce campbell sighting again as the french maitre'd. man, he's gotten heavy since evil dead.

5) I got bored by the 3rd one. I don't care about any spiderman movies anymore. bring on batman! joker!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

`E-VAT isa sa mga pumatay sa industriya ng pelikula'

From the Ang problema ay baka tumaas pa lalo ang buwis natin if TU and Arroyo wins after the 2007 midterms. More here.

(sa totoo lang madadagdagan pa yan dahil sa laki ng taxpayer money ginastos ng admin para ipanalo ang TU at congressional and local bets nila. And don't forget, if TU wins, itutuloy nila ulit ang Charter Change so talagang tataas ulit ang buwis natin.)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Register my Blog, Maam Arroyo? No Effin Way!

God, I hope this is not true.

Pero kung totoo, is this similar to china, or different?

China orders bloggers to register with government

Associated Press
Tuesday June 7, 2005
Guardian Unlimited

The Chinese authorities have ordered all weblogs and websites in the country to register with the government or face closure in Beijing's latest attempt to control online dissent.

Commercial publishers and advertisers could be fined up to 1m yuan (£66,000) for failing to register, according to documents on the Chinese information industry ministry's website.

Private bloggers or websites must register the complete identity of the person responsible for the site, and the ministry - which has set a June 30 deadline for compliance - said 74% of all sites had already registered.

Article continues
"The internet has profited many people, but it also has brought many problems, such as sex, violence, feudal superstitions and other harmful information that has seriously poisoned people's spirits," the ministry said in an explanation of the new rules.

All public media in China is controlled by the state, but limits on the internet have tended to lag behind advances in technology that hindered Beijing's ability to keep tabs on users and service providers.

In the latest move, information industry ministry computers will monitor sites in real time and search for their registration numbers, reporting back if a site is unregistered.

China has more than 87m internet users - the world's second largest online population after the US.

The government has long required all major commercial websites to register and take responsibility for internet content. At least 54 people have been jailed for posting essays or other content deemed to be subversive online.

However, blogs on which writers post their thoughts for others to read have been harder to police. According to, a Chinese blog hosting company, the country has around 700,000 such sites.

The international press freedom group Reporters Without Borders has criticised the new rules, saying they would force people with dissenting opinions to shift websites overseas. Mainland Chinese users could be barred from accessing them because of government censorship filters.

"Those who continue to publish under their real names on sites hosted in China will either have to avoid political subjects or just relay the Communist party's propaganda," the group said. "This decision will enable those in power to control online news and information much more effectively."

The latest restrictions follow the introduction of many other measures. Authorities have closed down thousands of internet cafes, the main point of entry to the internet for many Chinese unable to afford a computer or web access.

They say they want to tax the internet and blogs raw, and they all want us to register. I bet they'd drop the tax thing as a concession and just require us to register.

Anyway, will this be implemented AFTER the elections?

Sabi ni Kuya MLQ3:

The income-generating aspect of the proposal, if true (my hunch is that the whole thing is a trial balloon, and who knows, perhaps the statement being attributed to Cabarrios is being airbrushed, so to speak, off the face of the internet?), will keep bloggers’ and others hackles raised. But here’s what raised my hackles: it’s all something that could be very, very useful, National Security-wise.

Imagine Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez armed with such a list, and on a bad quote day. Jeepers Creepers.

Ah, national security-wise. Kinda predicted sumthin like that in my previous post.

The Unfair Elections Act of 2007

Yup, I believe the admin are operating under these set of guidelines. (I'm not joking)


The best of the 4 Grindhouse trailers.

If you...are thinking...of going...into...this house - DON'T!

If you...are thinking...of opening...this door - DON'T!

If you...are thinking...of checking out...the basement - DON'T!

DON'T look behind.
DON'T look up.
DON'T look anywhere.
DON'T scream for help.
DON'T don't even breath.


If you are thinking of seeing this film - DON'T


UPDATE: The faux trailer was directed by Edgar Wright of "Shaun of the Dead" and the new movie "Hot Fuzz".

And the voiceover for the trailer was done by Will Arnett!