Sunday, February 24, 2008

How Media should Use the Garci Tapes

I'm sure you've heard by now the latest PCIJ reports of wiretapping and spying vs. Arroyo's critics. Alam natin na up to now ginagawa pa rin ito ng Arroyo Administration--even after ISAFP was already exposed as the culprit behind the Hello Garci scandal.

re the relevance of the Garci Tapes: Most people have already made up their minds whether Arroyo is guilty or not. So playing the tapes now, after a looooooooong two and a half year delay thanks to the SC, won't change people's minds anymore.

But what the media can do is expose the people who ordered the gov't wiretappings on public officials from the administration and the opposition.

That's where the Hello Garci and Lozada tapes come in.

I think it is outrageous that to this day, this administration is still wiretapping and spying on critics and officials who have the potential to embarass this administration.

People like Lozada and JDV III.

And people like Garci too, because just like the previous two, the people who were behind this did not trust Garci either. So they had to put all of these people under surveillance.


Jego said...

In a recent news story, a multi-million peso facility was opened in Gen San that was supposed to be used against the drug trade. The news item almost innocently mentioned that it could be used to tap phone cell phone conversations. The inauguration of the facility was attended by US Ambassador Kenney. Makes you wonder if the Yanks have something to do with this whole wiretapping thing.

john marzan said...

i remember the issue of wiretapping was used against lacson during the time (2001) ping was being persecuted by corpus, rosebud, mawanay, blanquita pelaez and the whole admin aparatus with trumped up charges.

lacson allegedly "abused his power" raw as police chief with the eavesdropping thing (aside from being a druglord with billions stashed overseas.)

now, the same people who were outraged by the wiretapping that was allegedly done during erap's time are now silent.

as if the eavesdropping done on arroyo's critics is the new normal.

the impression i get from arroyo defenders is that we should "get used to it" na lang raw. tutal, we only have to wait for 2 years more before she steps down.