Monday, March 31, 2008

Dead Man Walking

Magdi Allam, a staunch Egyptian-Italian critic of Radical Islam, has converted to Roman Catholicism. In doing that, he has committed the crime of Apostasy, which is punishable by death.

What made it worse was that the conversion was done in a very public manner. And many Muslims see this as "provocation" by the Vatican.

MORE: Why Magdi and his conversion is so controversial.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Afghanistan's "American Idol"

It's called Afghan Star. Videos are all here.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Photo of the Day

McCain Romney 08?

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., left, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speak on the airplane as they arrive in Denver, Colo. Thursday, March 27, 2008. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Fitna the Movie

Geert Wilders, a target of jihadists like fellow Dutch Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, releases a controversial new film on Islam today called Fitna.

Running time: 15 minutes

Part 1:

Part 2:

UPDATE: The problem with Wilder's video is that it targets the religion of Islam, not just the Extremists. Hindi naman lahat ng Muslims ay masama eh.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

CBCP forced to grudgingly acknowledge the obvious

John Nery sez:

In a previous column, I called the January statement of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines intellectually dishonest, for making a false distinction between the concerns of Metro Manila and those of the provinces. But the February statement--the result of an emergency plenary session, called less than a month after the regular one in January--forcefully does away with the distinction. It finally, if belatedly, acknowledges that the entire country faces a "crisis of truth." This, I think, is a useful declaration; it pulls the moral rug from under any continued Malacanang attempt to ignore or evade or undermine the ongoing Senate investigation into the National Broadband Network controversy.

They had no choice, John, because their last pastoral letter (written by Fransisco Claver?) was out of touch with reality.

Here's what the PDI editorial said then:

The CBCP did not call the administration to account for the many “sins” that have been imputed to it. On the contrary, it called the many problems of the country “simply rumors, fears, suspicions, imagined wrongs.” “Because these are reported in the newspapers, we begin to believe that they are true.”

Corruption in government is part of the “rumors, fears, suspicions”?

To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How can Melo guarantee clean elections in 2010 if...

He refuses to tackle the biggest stain on the COMELEC?

Not an encouraging start for 75 year old Jose Melo.

Melo said his stint in the Comelec will be all about the success of the 2010 elections.

He batted for the computerization of the 2010 elections but "if not, we should at least have peaceful, credible and honest elections."

Melo said he believes the Comelec would regain the people’s trust in the light of its involvement in the "Hello Garci" scandal, the anomalous purchase of the automated machines and the electoral fraud in Maguindanao in 2007.

"The Comelec has good people. Leadership counts a lot. I just hope to be an example for them to follow," he said.

He said he would adopt a hands-off stand on the re-opening the "Hello Garci" case.

"Personally, I don’t think the Comelec should be handling this matter. It also cannot be given to Congress because it could be politicized. Rather, there should be an independent commission that will handle it that will be given the proper funding and proper power to call witnesses," he said.

How can one talk about reforms and bringing credibility back to the institution if the man who is tasked to restore order in the COMELEC would rather put his head in the sand? If somebody is appointed to fix COMELEC's credibility and corruption problem, I expect that person to ruthlessly go after the cheaters and the dagdag bawas operators.

In ordinary times, when an institution is corrupted and used by the power holders to steal elections, you remove the source of the corrupting influence (Arroyo) and you replace the head of the COMELEC with somebody who is going to get tough in going after the corrupt operators at the COMELEC. The fact that mr. Melo refuses to do it is BS.

But these are not ordinary times. Because Arroyo is still in power. And Melo is not that person to clean up the COMELEC.

I guess it's business as usual, and the cheaters will not be punished.

“We may not like the President, but what are the people offering? Who is a credible alternative?”

That was Archbishop Lagdameo around January 2006. From Conrad de Quiros:

The CBCP has a number of recommendations, from electoral reform to poverty alleviation. But the moral imperative -- ferreting out the truth, discerning right and wrong -- is paramount. Does the relentless pursuit of truth apply to Arroyo’s legitimacy? “Of course,” says Lagdameo. But the people, he says, have to present “a credible alternative” to remove her. “We may not like the President, but what are the people offering? Who is a credible alternative?”
The idea that there is no "credible alternative" to Arroyo is insulting and stupid, if you ask me.

Related Post:

- Dishonest

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I've heard the CBCP's "reasonings" as to why it cannot support Arroyo's resignation or impeachment. I've heard their call since 2005 for "seeking the truth" on the Hello Garci issue. I've read the salient parts of their "pastoral letters."

And I find them dishonest. Their "search for truth" call reminds me of OJ Simpson's vow to "find the real killers" of his wife Nicole. They continue to resist condemning Arroyo even in the face of overwhelming evidence of criminality by this administration.

More on the CBCP's recent pastoral letter from Filomeno A. Sta. Ana:

The pastoral letter’s intended message was plain and
simple—don’t condemn Gloria Arroyo. Not only Gloria
but you and I, Jun Lozada, the nuns, the senators, the
journalists, and everyone else are all sinners. But because the bishops obfuscate, their plain message became convoluted.

While the bishops’ virus-infected message lulled some
mass goers to sleep, it contaminated the way others
wrote. For instance, the Philippine Daily Inquirer
editorial (20 March 2008) had a complex, if not vague,
comment on the bishops’ statement: “It takes a
theological tin ear or deliberate ignorance of the
Catholic Church’s social doctrine to mistake the
statement as an unqualified endorsement of the Arroyo
administration— but the latest letter may have only
succeeded in adding to the laity’s growing confusion.”

Anyway, the lesson here is that sometimes, serious and
substantive matters for religious occasions should be
written in a straightforward way. Or even in a funny
way. At least, a funny message can attract attention.

Read the whole thing.

Arroyo defenders like to praise the CBCP for giving nuanced, "complex" answers (via pastoral letters) dahil hindi raw "black and white" ang Arroyo issue dahil maraming gray areas ito.

but most of the times though, giving straightforward answers is more helpful and morally clarifying, and complexity can sometimes be used for deception.

i guess the bishops' pastoral letters are cleverly "complex" in that sense.

MORE: What DJB said:

the Catholic Bishops newfound dedication to searching for "the Truth" sounds more like an evasion of the Truth even if they already know exactly what it is.

The real reason why they don't want to see Arroyo out is because they don't want Noli or somebody from the Opposition (and i'm not talking about Roxas, Legarda or Villar) to take over. Not the BS in their pastoral letters. Remember when bishops like Capalla and Lagdameo kept asking back in 2006: who's the "credible alternative" to Arroyo.

From Conrad de quiros:

The CBCP has a number of recommendations, from electoral reform to poverty alleviation. But the moral imperative -- ferreting out the truth, discerning right and wrong -- is paramount. Does the relentless pursuit of truth apply to Arroyo’s legitimacy? “Of course,” says Lagdameo. But the people, he says, have to present “a credible alternative” to remove her. “We may not like the President, but what are the people offering? Who is a credible alternative?”

at basahin nyo ang reaction ni Conrad.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Impending Rice Problem

Ellen Tordesillas: "MalacaƱang denies there’s an impending rice shortage but tells restaurant to serve less rice."

Identifying the Contradictions

of the Obama's race speech today by Mickey Kaus.

UPDATED: The CBCP is part of the Problem

When they issue statements that make it clear that they firmly stand behind this "president" and encourage the flock to do the same-- they're part of the problem.

They're part of the abetting of Corruption.

From Rina Jimenez David:

In fact, it seems to me that in the most recent pastoral letter signed by Rosales and bishops in nearby dioceses in time for Holy Week, the church leaders were more inclined to lay the blame on everyone, denouncing the "corruption we detect in ourselves." Indeed, we are all to blame for the state of our country, particularly as voters who allow our votes to be bought, corrupted or trivialized. But by saying that "everyone" is responsible for bad governance, aren't the bishops in effect saying that "no one" is to blame?

THE LETTER seems more intent on quelling the rising tide of protest--which Arroyo officials hope will be dissipated by the Holy Week break--than in clarifying the moral issues involved in the current political crisis.

Granted, as the Cardinal and bishops aver, that "we can restore truth and justice without resorting to violence and hatred," in the face of an administration that is using all its powers to block the search for truth and persecute the truth-tellers, how can the people demand and receive accountability from our public officials? What moral option is left to the people who find all legal and democratic avenues to getting at the truth of the corruption allegations blocked at every turn?

"Everybody's corrupt"? Now that's a familiar line. it sounds a little bit like the one used by a pro-Arroyo bishop to minimize the crime of Hello Garci election rigging: "everybody cheats anyway."

It's everybody's fault raw. The Opposition is corrupt too, the CBCP spokesman said. Their Accusers are corrupt. We're all corrupt.

To this I say: sorry CBCP bishops, pero buking na si Maam, si Garci, at ang administration na sinusuportahan nyo. Throwing mud back at us won't change a thing. And your Pastoral Letter is B.S.

We're corrupt? NO, YOU'RE CORRUPT! You and the administration you blindly support.

Looking back, it wasn't FVR who saved Arroyo back in 2005, but the CBCP. This is the same CBCP who's head at that time supported the Calibrated Preemptive Response when it first came out.

This is the same CBCP that called the the idea of impeaching Arroyo an "unproductive" exercise. Impeachment raw is not a credible means of establishing the truth.

MORE: Related commentary from Schumey.

UPDATE: Notice that the CBCP (except for one or two Bishops) continues to resist condemning Arroyo, if you read their statements carefully. But they weren't that shy about going after Erap when he was president, no?

And money quote from Edener Benitez Fabella:

Question is, how do you reconcile a message that condemns government’s blatant corruption while at the same time, warning critics against removal of the source?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SC Justice Renato Corona used to be Arroyo's Spokesperson and Chief of Staff

And a partisan one at that. Also read the CNN article on the role that he played for Arroyo.

So this suggestion from Franklin Drilon makes sense.

More from MLQ3. And this one.


Dean Jorge Bocobo over at Philippine Commentary is very excited over the fact that Justice Corona (of the spouse who signed that manifesto in support of the President fame) is still taking his doctorate in law while already serving on the bench.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Soldier languishes in jail because of Erap CDs

For receiving 6 Erap docu CDs and sharing the extra copies to fellow soldiers at the barracks.

From Ellen Tordesillas:

On Sept. 25, 2006, 1Lt. Artemio Raymundo Jr., was riding the LRT and he saw someone distributing DVDs of “Ang Mabuhay para sa Masa” and “At All Costs”. Since it was for free, he got six copies and upon arriving at the Marine barracks in Fort Bonifacio, he shared the extra copies to his fellow junior officers.

The two CDs are documentaries. “Ang Mabuhay para sa Masa” is a biopic of former President Estrada while “At All Costs” is about the rigging by Gloria Arroyo of the 2004 elections.

Afraid of the truth, the Arroyo administration had banned the public showing of “Ang Maqbuhay para sa Masa”. The documentaty has not been declared illegal and therefore can be viewed privately.

For sharing the CDs with other soldiers, Raymundo was ordered detained by Maj. Danilo Luna . Later he was charged with Disrespect Towards Superior Officer (Art. 64), Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and Gentleman (Art. 96) and Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order and Military Discipline (Art. 97).

One year and six months had passed, the poor guy is still languishing at the Marine Brig in Fort Bonifacio and no trial had been conducted.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Adm. William Fallon could become Obama's VP

Why not? He gives Obama credibility on national security issues.

UPDATE: Naunahan ako nito.

"Kill Bill-ing" Harry Potter

The Final Harry Potter film to be split into two parts.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bigger than the ZTE Scandal

This blog and it's contents raw, according to Jessica Zafra. She adds:

Last night the blog came to an end (Note: That was at 11; things change quickly), and you could feel the city’s withdrawal symptoms. Two people at dinner actually shrieked, “NO!” As someone put it, “Ay, balik-ZTE na naman.” The discussion turned to whether the scandal had helped perpetuate those in power by distracting the public from the previous, more expensive scandal.
Anyway, I must be one of the few who have yet to read the blog. I will read it ASAP para makasali ako sa usapan, hehe...

UPDATE: Okay, I read some of Brian's posts. Hindi ko kilala ang mga main characters sa blog niya. I've heard about Tim Yap and Celine Lopez, but i don't read their columns. I don't know these high society people and i can't relate. Not part of their circle. So for Ate Jessica to say that the public or the entire city of Manila is distracted by some blogger's rants is a bit of a stretch.

MORE: Maybe it would have been a bigger scandal if it was Cesar Montano instead of DJ Montano.

Here's the cached version of the blog. More here.

So what do we learn from all of this. There is no privacy anymore. You piss somebody off, they'll air your dirty laundry in public. Hell has no fury like a white man scorned.

here's the most recent example of expressing Anger, web-style.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Arroyo will "step down" after 2010, but will become RP's Putin

MLQ3 and Conrad de Quiros are wrong. Sabi nila she won't quit after 2010. But I think she will.

Arroyo apologists keep telling us na we have to be patient: 2 more years na lang raw, tapos mawawala na si Maam. He's wrong too.

Arroyo wants to become the RP's Vladimir Putin, and wants to get somebody like Russian sock puppet President Dmitry Medvedev as a successor. With the cheaters in COMELEC and the military still intact, mabilis lang gawin.

(VIDEO: Anne Applebaum on Putinism)

JDV Yoda is half right when he said the LAKAS-KAMPI merger is part of her plan to extend her term. What she intends to be is a kingmaker, and a powerful, controlling national figure after 2010, para tuloy tuloy ang pagiging untouchable niya (at mga dagdag bawas operators sa COMELEC at wiretappers sa ISAFP) after she steps down. So the national nightmare will not end after 2010. Maam, Pidal, Mikey, Dado and Iggy will not go away, sorry to say.

The only thing left is who will be her chosen successor? It seems like most of the current presidentiables, except for Lacson, has left the door open for that possibility.

So sino sino sila? Si Noli?

Si Loren? (heh.)

And like Loren Legarda, for all the recent criticisms Mar Roxas leveled against Arroyo--Roxas and his LP party have yet to burn their bridges with the Arroyo administration. But don't call the Liberal Party Arroyo collaborators.

As for Manny Villar, what else is there to say about this shameless pol? The guy will do anything, get in bed with anybody, to get elected.

Shaq did it AGAIN!

and here's the previous one vs San Antonio, almost hit the kids in front row!!!

Rockets imitate Mutombo

Maybe Eliot Spitzer can use the DJB defense

UPDATE: Spitzer jokes from David letterman, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert.

NY Gov Eliot Spitzer was caught on a wiretap at least six times linking him to a prostitution ring. "Client 9" got caught because authorities were tapping the phones of the Emperor's Club to monitor their illegal activities.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was also caught numerous times in 2004 talking to COMELEC commissioner Virgilio Garcillano re how to increase her votes and fix the elections in her favor. She got caught because ISAFP was monitoring the illegal activities of Virgilio Garcillano, and she had the misfortune of calling Garci on his tapped phone.

Maybe Gov Spitzer can get New Yorker's sympathy by using the Dean Jorge Bocobo defense that the wiretapping of his calls is a "crime against national security" and a violation of his privacy.

MORE: What Spitzer did was no big deal to me. It's boils down to sex. It doesn't compare to Arroyo's successful attempt to illegally alter the outcome of the 2004 elections via massive dagdag bawas.

UPDATE: from campaignspot:

I had concurred with the consensus that Eliot Spitzer's horrific scandal would have a minimal impact on the presidential race.

But if Spitzer thinks he doesn't have to resign, that he can somehow wait and the storm will pass, he's insane. And then it will A) increase pressure on Hillary to call on him to resign B) offer an opening for Obama ("if we Democrats want to clean up the culture of corruption, we can't twiddle our thumbs when we see it in our own ranks", etc.).

What's more, there was once a time when resignation within hours was the only thinkable resolution to a jaw-dropping scandal like this one. But that changed, right around 1998. Recall that even George Stephanopolous mentioned impeachment when word of the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke.

Since then, we've seen several politicians try a variation of the Bill Clinton "I'll just have to win, then" strategy, most notably Gary Condit*, Larry Craig and David Vitter. Our public life is not enhanced by politicians who take the "you'll have to force me out of office" strategy; essentially these men are advertising their own lack of honor and sense of what is appropriate behavior on the part of an elected leader. So often these men claim that they are "taking responsibility" for their actions. Sorry, attending counseling and a prayer meeting or two doesn't cut it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Political Conservatism" of many Bishops

Heh. From John Nery:

Consider, out of many possible examples, what he said at a "Mass for Truth" at his alma mater the other Sunday. Reacting to what he said a priest "close to the cardinals" had told him about the political conservatism of many bishops, he let loose with a confession of un-faith:

"I replied, Father, if you're telling me now that the Church where I seek refuge is being indifferent to the truth and justice just because of your own geopolitical considerations, Father, you have to teach me to unlearn all the homilies, all the liturgical sharing, all these doctrines that you have [taught] me before, because I have to renounce my faith if that is how you will answer me."

Obviously he got carried away. To renounce the same faith of the nuns who protect him requires an act, a leap, of rationalization.

That's a nice way of putting it. Or if we are going to use straight-talk language: most of these bishops are pro-Arroyo. To me--and knowing the CBCP's history in similar situations--this talk of newfound "political conservatism" from the bishops is code for "the cbdp is not gonna help you lozano" and "you making maam look bad, we want to see her finish her term."

Many of them have been in the tank for Arroyo since 2005.Remember when Samuel Ong and whistleblower Vidal Doble sought refuge at the seminary, but they were kicked out and handed over to ISAFP by Bishop Villegas (on Arroyo political operator Medy Poblador's request) These people were involved in obstructing justice, pero walang naparusahan.

More here, here, and here.

Obviously he got carried away. To renounce the same faith of the nuns who protect him requires an act, a leap, of rationalization.

Well, the nuns were aight. But most of the Bishops and Cardinals are in the tank for Arroyo (especially the jesuits). Obviously, there's a divide between the males and females (officials) in the Catholic church. Problem is-- in most religious organizations--the men usually have the power.

"Some sectors (presidential aspirants) are not in favor of Ms Arroyo's resignation because it would not work to their interest."

From the PDI Editorial:

Some sectors are not in favor of Ms Arroyo's resignation because it would not work to their interest. These include some presidential aspirants looking forward to 2010. If Ms Arroyo resigns and her constitutional successor, Vice President Noli de Castro, takes over, he will have a big advantage over the other presidential aspirants. A De Castro presidency could set back the timetables of the other presidential aspirants by at least six years. That may be too long a time for them to wait for their turn at Malacanang, and they certainly would not want such a thing to happen.

Let's try to identify those presidential aspirants who are not in favor of Arroyo's resignation for selfish political reasons. Kasama ba diyan si Loren Legarda? Si Mar Roxas? Si Manny Pangilinan?

The media should ask all presidentiables--including Lacson, if they are in favor of Arroyo's resignation. Para malaman na natin kung sino talaga ang tunay na opposition, at sino ang namamangka sa dalawang ilog. And let's not vote for those who are not credible on the Arroyo issue.

Mar Roxas, to my knowledge, has never called for Arroyo's resignation since unang lumabas ang ebidensiya na ninakaw ni Maam ang election noong 2005. Lately, he's been trying to make a little noise here, a little noise there--trying to be critical of Arroyo without totally alienating the Administration or it's core group of Arroyo supporters in the civil society.

Ditto for Manny Villar--who's a shameless pol trying to play both sides for maximum personal and political gain. How can you trust this guy puts personal ambition above principles?

Monday, March 10, 2008

SNL's Censored Hillary/Obama debates skits on Youtube

can be found here. Funny, funny stuff from Saturday Night Live.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

To Barack Obama: Forgive Samantha Power, invite her back into the campaign

if i were barack, i'd forgive samantha power for her silly "monster" remark and invite her back into the campaign.

and make a promise to barack supporters that it will never happen again.

People will respect you more for it, Sen. Obama. Don't let the Clinton machine push you around.

and oh yeah, screw hillary!

UPDATE: Of course, Billy Shaheen also resigned from the Hillary camp for talking about Obama's drug use. But Shaheen is a political operator who knows what he is doing when he injected this issue during a PUBLIC press conference.

MORE: I also remember Hillary got reporter David Shuster suspended from MSNBC for saying the Clintons are "pimping" their daughter Chelsea.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Friday, March 07, 2008

Raul Pangalanan on Arroyo's Stonewalling strategy

EO 464 is dead again, but the coverup will continue. A must read.

UPDATE: Did GMA blink, or wink?

MORE from Ninez Cacho Olivares:

Just what powers did Gloria give up when she scrapped Executive Order (EO) 464, known as her gag rule?

Nothing, which is why there is no cause for anyone — including the Catholic bishops, to jump like chimpanzees over the lifting of her gag rule, because, for one, her officials are to remain gagged, through her abuse of the power of the executive privilege principle. For another, the Panganiban Court had already voided those sections in EO 464, which were in conflict with Congress’ powers to summon Palace executives to its legislative hearings.

So her officials can no longer use as an excuse for their absence in congressional hearings EO 464. Big deal. The record will show that the Cabinet officials have not been invoking the EO to explain away their absence, although the military does.

Instead, they invoke executive privilege, in which case, they will be attending congressional hearings but will refuse to answer questions posed to them by the legislators, on account of executive privilege. So what has really changed in the gag rule equation?

What? ANOTHER 7-7 vote by Arroyo's Supreme Court?

Heh. smart strategy. it allows some of arroyo's appointed stooges to look evenhanded--unlike before.

McCain's VP Selection: the Sooner the Better

Because I don't see any advantage in delaying the announcement of his vice presidential candidate. If John McCain already has a person in mind for the job, the sooner he introduces the candidate, the better.

Why should he do it sooner?

1) To show that the GOP are 3 steps ahead in uniting the party and getting ready for the general election, while Democrats are still divided.

2) To reassure GOP base early and remove the uncertainty. Of course, he needs to select an acceptable VP for the conservative base for the early announcement to be effective. My pick for VP is Mitt Romney. Once the selection has been announced, conservatives who are still distrustful of McCain on some issues will welcome this acceptable VP pick, and you'll see the money donations start coming more and often to the mccain camp, and the Republican base will be more energized.

3) Because two GOP candidates campaigning simultaneously all over the country is better than one. While Hillary and Barack Obama are still focused on tearing each other apart, McCain and his VP pick can get a head start by campaigning early together and/or separately, to cover even more ground.

21 Accents

(via Althouse)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm a Slithering Reptile

in the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem. Hmmm... sino kaya ang nag enter ng blog ko sa ecosystem nila?

Peter Wallace: Gov't's 7.3% GDP growth claim only 4.8% in reality

Read the whole thing. And Peter Wallace is no anti-GMA pundit. Money quote:

So because we had less imports, GDP looked good. From where I sit, that does not indicate a strong, growing economy, the best in 31 years. It indicates one where there’s probably a lot of skullduggery going on, and I’d better find out what it is—and fix it.

and this one:

We should be seeing better results by now. Instead, more people are poor today, and more people don’t have jobs than was the case in 2000. Percentages fool you, percentages are irrelevant when you talk people. In 2000 there were 11.2 percent unemployed according to government statistics. In 2006 there were only 7 percent—but they changed the definition. Using the old definition (only available up to 2006) there’s been no improvement, its still 11 percent. But there were 7.7 million more people eligible for work, so the 11.2 percent in 2000 was 3.5 million people and the 11 percent in 2006 was 4.1 million people. That’s 600,000 more people and that doesn’t even include the eight million who reluctantly deserted their families and fled overseas seeking a job that wasn’t available here. But it does include lowly paid, even unpaid, agricultural workers working on the family farm. I don’t consider that satisfactory employment.

Marion Cotillard believes the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories?

shocks naman!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Archbishop Lagdameo should be extra-careful. He should distance himself from the influence of Archbishop Cruz. He should smell danger."

"If he does not listen to the majority, I think there would be moves to replace him as president of CBCP."

-- Bishop Juan De Dios Pueblos, warning CBCP president Archbishop Angel Lagdameo


Pero bakit paranoid si Bishop de dios Pueblos? "New brand of People Power" is code for we not gonna remove arroyo via Edsa 4.

Arroyo should Go, and Noli should take over

Who's afraid of Noli Anyway?

Read this too from MLQ3.

The Danger with having a Noli Presidency is not that he is "incompetent"-- but because I think he will protect Arroyo and her crooked associates in the gov't, COMELEC, the military if she steps down. Oh, and Joker Arroyo is Ka Noli's closest advisor on all things political. That there is a hint of where de Castro's loyalties and leanings lie.

UPDATE: Edsa Dos weakened our democratic institutions.

But it was the 2004 Garci Elections that killed it.

Lito Banayo connects da dots. Money quote:

And she will not resign because she has two more years of corruption to work out. We want her out, we must oust her. Oust her from office she never won to begin with. Oust her because she is plain usurper, plain squatter. The ties that corrupt begin with the tie that binds. Cheaters are never clean.

Read the whole thing.

Oh, one more thing, here's the answer to my Name that Author contest.

UPDATE: Conrad de Quiros is right too.

Democrats Still Divded

While McCain has already sewed up his nomination, the Dems are still divided and Hillary and Barack are still duking it out. It could get ugly with the Clintonistas mulling legal action.

And this could go all the way to Denver.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Unable to blog for past 4 days

connection is down.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Na-FPJ si McCain

NYTimes raises McCain's citizenship eligibility to run for President. This is just silly.