Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Arroyo should Go, and Noli should take over

Who's afraid of Noli Anyway?

Read this too from MLQ3.

The Danger with having a Noli Presidency is not that he is "incompetent"-- but because I think he will protect Arroyo and her crooked associates in the gov't, COMELEC, the military if she steps down. Oh, and Joker Arroyo is Ka Noli's closest advisor on all things political. That there is a hint of where de Castro's loyalties and leanings lie.

UPDATE: Edsa Dos weakened our democratic institutions.

But it was the 2004 Garci Elections that killed it.

Lito Banayo connects da dots. Money quote:

And she will not resign because she has two more years of corruption to work out. We want her out, we must oust her. Oust her from office she never won to begin with. Oust her because she is plain usurper, plain squatter. The ties that corrupt begin with the tie that binds. Cheaters are never clean.

Read the whole thing.

Oh, one more thing, here's the answer to my Name that Author contest.

UPDATE: Conrad de Quiros is right too.

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