Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Some sectors (presidential aspirants) are not in favor of Ms Arroyo's resignation because it would not work to their interest."

From the PDI Editorial:

Some sectors are not in favor of Ms Arroyo's resignation because it would not work to their interest. These include some presidential aspirants looking forward to 2010. If Ms Arroyo resigns and her constitutional successor, Vice President Noli de Castro, takes over, he will have a big advantage over the other presidential aspirants. A De Castro presidency could set back the timetables of the other presidential aspirants by at least six years. That may be too long a time for them to wait for their turn at Malacanang, and they certainly would not want such a thing to happen.

Let's try to identify those presidential aspirants who are not in favor of Arroyo's resignation for selfish political reasons. Kasama ba diyan si Loren Legarda? Si Mar Roxas? Si Manny Pangilinan?

The media should ask all presidentiables--including Lacson, if they are in favor of Arroyo's resignation. Para malaman na natin kung sino talaga ang tunay na opposition, at sino ang namamangka sa dalawang ilog. And let's not vote for those who are not credible on the Arroyo issue.

Mar Roxas, to my knowledge, has never called for Arroyo's resignation since unang lumabas ang ebidensiya na ninakaw ni Maam ang election noong 2005. Lately, he's been trying to make a little noise here, a little noise there--trying to be critical of Arroyo without totally alienating the Administration or it's core group of Arroyo supporters in the civil society.

Ditto for Manny Villar--who's a shameless pol trying to play both sides for maximum personal and political gain. How can you trust this guy puts personal ambition above principles?

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