Thursday, June 05, 2008

Arroyo's not going to push her luck

I was gonna post this sana on MLQ3's blog, but i keep getting the message:

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So dito ko na lang ipo-post yung sasabihin ko. MLQ3 wrote:

My column for today, Eight is enough , starts off with proposals for snap elections ( Snap-poll reactions ‘ignorant’ says Teodoro Locsin, Jr.) and proposes the President simply quit while she’s ahead. Of course she won’t -but it will be interesting to see if the combination of populist stunts and sending the administration senatorial slate on the stump can be maneuvered into providing the pretext for saying the public is clamoring for an extension of the incumbent’s term. To, say, 2020?

Mon Casiple, who just recently seemed pretty confident the President had thrown in the towel, suggests it ain’t over ’til it’s over

I don't think she wants to extend her term. it's not in her interest. for one, the bishops and the CBCP who have been a big help in telling people not to overthrow her and have basically looked the other way on "hello garci", will not "allow" or support any moves by her for another term extension.

and she's not going to risk it all by prolonging her unelected stay in power.

there will be moves by GMA's surrogates in the House to push for a term extension for their boss, but this will only allow the CBCP the opportunity to "oppose Arroyo" and finally distance itself from her by the time she steps down in 2010 and is no longer in power. They've already distanced themselves from Edsa Dos, diba?

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