Monday, June 16, 2008

Erap praises CBCP for "admitting mistake" on Edsa Dos

From Ellen Tordesillas:

Former President Estrada yesterday commended the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines for admitting that their supporting a power grab against him in January 2001 that installed Gloria Arroyo in MalacaƱang was a mistake.

“I commend the CBCP in displaying humility and admitting their error in supporting my ouster. At least now people are beginning to admit the truth that Edsa Dos was a conspiracy, a power grab. Former Chief Justice Cecilia Munoz Palma was right when she said that Edsa Dos was an instance when the rule of law was thrown out and the rule of force prevailed.”

Last Saturday, after more than seven years, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) acknowledged the error of the “Sin era” in supporting the second people’s uprising on EDSA, and wants to “make up” for it, GMA-7 online reported.

Manila archdiocese vice chancellor Fr. Sid Marinay said the current direction of the CBCP is now to strengthen political institutions that EDSA 2 had weakened.

but the joke is on erap. the only reason they are changing their emphasis from let's get rid of erap "by any means necessary" to "let's follow the constitution" on Arroyo is simple--they want their president arroyo to stay and finish her unelected term in 2010.

(They don't want to "people power" arroyo. They don't support the impeachment process vs Arroyo, calling it an "unproductive exercise" (way to undermine the system/process you've advocated, bishops). And they don't want to call for her resignation.

Get the drift, mr erap?)

And the reason why they chose to disregard the rule of law in 2001? because they knew they couldn't remove a democratically elected president without breaking the law themselves and supporting a civilian/military coup.

If Arroyo wasn't so corrupt and venal, Edsa dos would still be celebrated to this day by the likes of dean jorge bocobo, the CBCP, civil society, and arroyo herself.

And Erap would still be rotting in jail with no chance at pardon. Arroyo only released erap (with blessings from the bishops) to save herself from ending up like Estrada.

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