Friday, June 06, 2008

"The Firm" finally gets its revenge

Tribune publisher Ninez Cacho Olivarez gets "found guilty" , gets 2 years of libel. Malacanang denies it had anything to do with it.

Read this report too from the Associated Press.

Sabi ni Schumey:

The Tribune has been a thorn in Gloria’s side. GMA failed to silence her with her 1017. Without rebutting Ninezz’s claims, I wonder where the court based its decision. Influence peddling? We all know who pushes the buttons to get things done in this country.


-- PNP takes over Tribune office during "State of Emergency"
-- Inciting to Sedition raps filed against Tribune Editor in Chief

UPDATE: Wayback Machine Aug. 5, 2003:

Tribune chief arrested, to be arraigned 19 times

Tuesday, 08 05, 2003

The Daily Tribune's publisher and editor-in-chief, Ninez Cacho-Olivares was yesterday arrested by the Manila Police on two counts of criminal libel. Seventeen more arrest orders for Olivares have been issued by the Makati Regional Trial Courts for the same complaint filed by President Arroyo's personal lawyer F. Arthur “Pancho” Villaraza.

Bail was set by the Makati courts at P10,000 per count, with a total of P190,000 for 19 counts.

Olivares is scheduled for arraignment in 19 different salas in the Makati Trial Courts next month.

MalacaƱang lauded the Makati courts and the police on the arrest of the Tribune publisher saying the case will now be properly tried in court.

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