Thursday, August 21, 2008

Arroyo needs to defend and explain the MOA-AD

If Arroyo and her people really believe in the MOA they crafted with their MILF counterparts, she should have defended it more forcefully against all critics, including her Christian allies, and not wimp out.

Even if it costs her her job.

Instead, after a few signs of Christian dissent, she allowed her "independent" Supreme Court to TRO the deal, putting it on indefinite hold. The Moros see this as Arroyo breaking her word, because they don't trust Arroyo's hand-picked supreme court justices (can't blame them, I don't trust these partisan appointees either.) They see the TRO as a re-negotiating tactic by the admin in order to put public pressure on the moros to settle for something less than what was originally agreed upon by both parties' senior officials after years and years of stalling.

So since may gera na nagaganap sa Mindanao, itabi muna natin ang MOA. But once the fighting stops, I want to see Maam Arroyo go back to the public and explain and defend her MOA as aggressively as she clung to her unelected position, using all gov't resources at her disposal.

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