Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chinese Olympic Opening Ceremonies - Amezing and Creepy

From the FOX All Star Panel talking about the recent Olympic Opening show in Beijing.

JEFF BIRNBAUM: Some people were saying that the Chinese are creating an image by-- artificially through these games. I think that we're actually getting a fairly well-rounded view. It is both amazing--the precision of masses of people, especially at that opening ceremony was incredible. But it's also scary, creepy in a lot of ways, that--

FRED BARNES: The synchronized drums?

BIRNBAUM: It was all amazing. It was breathtaking and frightening and remarkable and eye-opening about how important and how far--how important this country is and how far it really has to go to become a fully-developed nation, where individuals are able to do things.

They are obviously not. I mean, the story about the little girl who wasn't beautiful enough to be put out front, the singer. The little flaws we're seeing are telling us as much as the perfection of these mass demonstrations.

And I think it's important for the world to view China, because it is so large and important, and we're getting a window into bolt kinds of China through these remarkable Olympics, in my view.

BRET BAIER: Charles?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Like Jeff and Fred, I'm enjoying the sports. I like seeing Phelps, half man, half fish. I mean, the most amazing athlete I have ever seen.

But like Jeff, I'm still recovering from the opening ceremonies. I got that chill up my spine. It was "Triumph of the Will" Chinese-style. I mean it had all of these sweet elements. It had the fireworks, had the smiley face, had 2,000 drums, people acting in unison like computer graphics or automatons.

And then it had the little girls carrying the flag, handing it over to goose stepping soldiers in a chilling reminder of an earlier Olympics and an earlier time in a galaxy far away. It was really like a Nuremberg rally in modern garb.

My son had the best take. He said it was a cross between a North Korean mass rally and Cirque de Soleil. And it was quite chilling. It is the China that is controlled by this authoritarian regime. The trains are run on time, but a little scarily clean and neat and perfect.

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