Friday, August 01, 2008

If it's Condi, then VP announcement should be at Convention

that place is gonna rock at Minnesota. She's a special lady and John McCain needs a special stage to announce her selection. and you get to stomp on obama's bounce after the stadium speech.

She is "high risk." But she is also high reward.

If it's Pawlenty, Palin or Romney, then it won't matter if sen. mccain announces it now or later. they're all bah choices. especially tim pawlenty who is a "no risk, no reward" selection.

If it's any of them, then i think it is better to announce now so they can immediately start campaigining for him all across the state.

In other news, TIME magazine reports that Obama is keeping in touch with Condi.

The article opens: "A few days before he left on his eight-country world tour, Barack Obama wanted to discuss the trip with an old contact in Washington: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Obama's phone call was in part courtesy, but over three years of occasional phone conversations, the two have quietly discussed everything from foreign aid to the Middle East and nuclear proliferation.

"The little-known Rice-Obama link is just the latest surprise in a summer of unexpected shifts in American foreign policy."

Calabresi reports that Rice is trying to "clean up" the Bush mess and that the latest diplomatic moves orchestrated by her "signal the latest triumph of realism over ideology -- and a victory for Rice and her diplomatic team over the neoconservatives led by Vice President Cheney. The moves amount to an unmistakable effort to clean up Bush's foreign policy legacy before he exits the stage."

Ken Duberstein, the former Reagan aide, tells TIME, "This is bold strategic diplomacy with an eye to the history books."

And that's why she is polling higher than most Bush admin officials.

As for Barack, sorry but you can't have her for VP. ;)

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UPDATE: I'm okay with all this Pawlenty or Romney VP talk supposedly from the mccain camp, IF it's meant at misdirection. Heck, the obama camp is already doing it with Tim Kaine, since they're probably eyeing bill richardson-- who has foreign policy and executive experience, plus he can draw the hispanics to obama's camp.

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section9 said...


The "Obama-Rice" conversations were a leak from the Obama campaign in a deliberate effort to torpedo any thought by McCain of picking her. I don't think it will work. Obama is on her committee (Foreign Affairs). You don't not take calls from a member of your Committee.

There is no advantage to McCain picking anyone else but her, and there is no advantage to McCain announcing before the Convention. I think he will go outside the box and convince her to sign on.

I also think that that if she gets the job, there will be an unwritten agreement that she'll either get to take over before his term ends or run unopposed in 2012.