Friday, August 15, 2008

Ricky Rubio the next Magic Johnson?!?!?

Sabi raw ni Lang Whitaker. Hyperbole Hyperbole Hyperbole!

Ito ang assessment ko kay Rubio when I saw him in the ULEB cup finals this April.

i saw ricky rubio three times in ULEB. nothing spectacular about his game. i was expecting him to wow me by outplaying the older players. no luck.

but he did do okay against people who were twice his age. i guess i was expecting too much since he’d be dominating the game if he played against his 17 year old peers.

but no, i did not see anything special other than to say that HE BELONGED in that team. he did not look out of place against his elders.

here’s my scouting report on rubio: he can’t shoot the outside shot, but he plays terrific defense. good instincts. a decent passer. but in the finals against girona, it was rudy fernandez (playing alongside rubio) who usually handled the ball and played the point because he was a threat in the perimeter. rubio played off the ball. hmmm… i guess the joventut coach wanted to win and he wanted an experienced hand to control the offense.

I agree with M. Haubs though that Rubio is the defensive version of Steve Nash.

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