Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Limp response from McCain campaign in debunking fake pregnancy rumors

This is just weak. When the pro-Obama guys in the mainstream media like Andrew Sullivan and liberal bloggers are hammering the Sarah Palin for faking her pregnancy with Trig, all the McCain-Palin came up with was this statement that Palin's 17-yr old daughter Bristol is 5-months pregnant, which pretty much destroys the rumor, but makes the Palin family look like white trash, trailer park types. lol.

Now black commentators from the Obama camp are criticizing Sarah Palin for putting their daughter under the media spotlight. I don't know if Eugene Robinson is just playing dense, but I find his charge totally offensive.

UPDATE: John Edwards was cheating on his cancer-stricken wife, but he decided to run in 2008 anyway, even though the risk that his infidelity would be exposed was real.

But the media covered up for him then.

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jennifer rose said...

See http://staringatstrangers.typepad.com/staring_at_strangers/2008/09/the-white-trash.html