Wednesday, September 10, 2008

(UPDATE) Maybe Andrew Sullivan WANTS to be fired? Why not RESIGN instead?

just a thought.

previous: Andrew Sullivan's silent protest vs The Atlantic.

UPDATE: If andrew sullivan really values his independence and thinks he is right about the palin smears--HE SHOULD RESIGN. Don't be a pussy and play this passive-aggressive shit to force the Atlantic owners to fire your ass.

it's really about money. if andrew resigns, he doesn't get paid. if the atlantic fires him, they are still obligated to pay him the remainder of his contract.

this is the same shit pulled by mike d'antoni of the phoenix suns. INITIALLY, he WANTED the owners to fire him, which means he still gets his money, but once he signs with New York, the bastard gets paid twice--by PHX and New York--in the millions.

so if you have the cojones andrew, resign and move back to your old site.

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