Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now is not the time to raise taxes on "the rich"

Obama wants to give "tax cuts" on 95% of the public. But how can Obama do that when 40% of American families don't pay income taxes? How can families who don't pay any income taxes get a "tax cut"? Unless what obama means is 95% of americans will get a stimulus check, whether they pay income taxes or not. parang income redistribution ito. Obama plans to raise higher taxes on the rich to pay for these "tax cuts".

But the US is in a financial crisis right now. Is it really a good idea to increase taxes on the "wealthy 5%"--people who run companies, corporations, even small businesses, and entrepreneurs? Aren't these people the ones who create and provide jobs for americans? And obama wants to engage in class warfare by taxing the rich during hard times, and distributing the money to the rest of the public? I think obama's tax increase will make the financial crisis worse.

To make it scarier, Obama plans new BIG spending programs like comprehensive Healthcare, which the US can't afford right now.

At least with McCain, all taxes will remain low. and wasteful spending will be reduced.


manuelbuencamino said...

From Josh Marshall's blog

" John McCain's top economic advisor, former Sen. Phil Gramm, is the guy who authored the deregulation law that most agree is the ultimate cause of today's financial meltdown. Tomorrow's and probably next week's too. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. John Thain, CEO of Merrill Lynch, which swirled into brokerage oblivion today, is one of McCain's top economic advisors too. "

But wait.....McCain can explain that away

"I was a POW."

john marzan said...

obama and the dems are the biggest recipients of contributions from the disastrously run fannie mae.

note that obama is third on the list even though he's been in the senate for only 3 and a half years. dodd and kerry have been around washington for years.

john marzan said...

Members of the 110th Congress who have received campaign contributions from Lehman Brothers, 1989-2008

look at the amount of money barack received within only three years in office.

read this too.

Is Fannie Mae the Democrats' Enron?
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

During the Enron collapse of 2002, the public and the media were persuaded that Enron was somehow a Republican scandal, based on little more than senior management's history of contributions to the Republican party.

The ties between the Fannie Mae debacle and the Democratic party are much more intimate than that. Senior Democrats chosen for their political connections - James Johnson, Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick - took tens of millions of dollars in compensation out of the company. The ties between the Obama campaign and Fannie Mae are especially intimate: not only did Johnson head Obama's veep-vetting operation, but we learn in this Washington Post article that the campaign that Raines is advising Obama on the mortgage crisis! Well, he should know. Let's just hope the Obama operation is able to keep Raines away from the accounting side of things. Even the amazing Obama fundraising operation could not afford that!

More seriously: Here is potentially the largest financial disaster in American history. The American taxpayer stands to lose billions; Democratic insiders have extracted tens of millions. If Enron was a party scandal ... what is this?

john marzan said...

re fannie mae and freddie mac

crony capitalism on the left exposed.

john marzan said...

fannie mae execs jim johnson and franklin raines have worked as advisors for obama this year.