Monday, September 01, 2008

(UPDATED) Sarah Palin is NOT the mother of Trig? Will Palin Fight the Smears?

Is this another attack like the Obama's a "secret Muslim" rumor spreading on the emails and blogs, or that McCain had a "black baby" in the 2000 campaign.

Fight the Smears?

After the deafening noise coming from pro-Obama and liberal blogs, will Sarah Palin soon come out and like Barack Obama, denounce the hateful Obama and liberal blogs via a press conference (at the convention) for this nasty whisper campaign?

I believe so, soon. And welcome to Washington-style dirty politics, governor.

UPDATE: But if the rumor is true, she should step down and let McCain find somebody better for the VP position. I was never a fan of hers anyways, so IMO, this is a win-win for McCain--whether the smear is true or not.

UPDATE: "Stop prying into other people's vaginas, even if you happen to oppose them politically. What is wrong with you people?"

Yeah, i think the Pro-Obama supporters in the mainstream media like Andrew Sullivan are getting desperate.

UPDATE: That photo you saw of her daughter's belly "bump" was taken in 2006. Yup, let's go after Palin's daughter too, Lefty bloggers.

UPDATE: A better idea would be for McCain to defend Palin on these dispicable "baby rumors" during a press con with her. I mean, he was a victim of it in 2000 too, no?

Of course these kinds of scurrilous attacks are being peddled by Daily Kos and Andrew Sullivan to help peel away the Religious Right Wing vote from the McCain-Palin ticket. Obama can sit back and relax. they do not have to do anything. His biggest supporters in the media and blogs are already doing the dirty work for him.



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john marzan said...

i hate the palin pick because it reminds me of the dems dissing the more qualified Hillary (and others in the primary) to select a rookie senator with little experience and accomplishments (when he was illinois state legislator and as fresman senator) just because they think he has the best chance of winning.