Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why fly in Levi Johnston to the Republican Convention?

Jeralyn Merritt is upset about the parading of Levi and Briston to the public and is finally lifting the discussion ban on the Palin family. You go girl!

I think the McCain campaign should cancel this Levi Johnston appearance to stop Jeralyn and the media from using this as an additional excuse to personally trash the remaining Palin family members.

Remember when the media used the forced disclosure of the daughter's pregnancy as a go-ahead signal to declare open season on the Palins?



A harebrained idea indeed!

john marzan said...

one reason to bring him to the mccain camp is to prepare him on how to deal with the media, and this is counterintuitive, but to physically secure him away from the media that is crawling all over alaska trying to look for dirt in the family.