Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why I hate the Sarah Palin pick, Part II

because you can't beat the Democrats at their game by appointing an inexperienced and underqualified first-term woman governor as VP candidate as a counter against a black presidential candidate (and first-term Senator) who is also underqualified and inexperienced.

if democrats really cared about qualifications, experience and achievements after railing against bush for 8 years, they would have picked somebody other than Obama in the primaries. Nah, they just wanted the guy with the best chance of winning, and that's Obama.

(The Biden pick is an indirect acknowledgement from their part that Obama lacks experience and gravitas to be Commander in Chief.)

Ah, what the heck! If Palin can give good speeches with a teleprompter like barack, and "inspire" people, maybe she can help McCain.

The community organizer vs. the mayor.

The freshman senator vs. the first-term Governor.

Both underqualified.

Kaya ba nilang tapatan si Vladimir Putin?

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