Saturday, October 18, 2008

Christian Monsod's fears

Sabi ni MLQ3:

Christian Monsod (skeptics will say perhaps having had a “conversion experience” of his own due to Meralco’s recent bruising battle with the government) issues an appeal not to give up on impeachment, and I must say I’m glad he said what he did.

His point of view is motivated by a desire to avoid People Power, speaking to, and for, a constituency that has begrudgingly tolerated the President not out of support for her, but fear over the institutional damage People Power might cause

Too late.

As for Monsod having "a conversion", I don't recall him ever calling for Arroyo's resignation. And he never supported impeaching Arroyo. What he said in MLQ3's post was that those who are against arroyo should rely only on Constitutional means to remove her.

UPDATE: Watching this video with children still in school uniforms, i remember catholic schools back then suspending their classes to encourage students join Edsa Dos.

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