Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama hammered Hillary in the Primaries for supporting the Iraq War

kept repeating that slogan and succeeded. An anti-war speech Obama gave in 2002 was the basis for his largely successful primary campaign.

But McCain is not without any assets on his sleeve.

1) McCain was right on the Surge, and the democrats were wrong to accept defeat in iraq. (foreign policy)

2) McCain and republicans were right to push for reforms and regulation on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to preempt the financial crisis in 2003-2005, and the democrats were wrong to oppose it. (Economic and financial).

As of right now, the voters are angrier at the republicans than democrats for the financial crisis. But democrats should get more of the blame for sitting on their hands on Fannie and Freddie. It should have never come to this. A 9/11 type financial catastrophe could have been avoided if only the democrats took the looming crisis ahead of them more seriously.


manuelbuencamino said...

except that McCain's handlers are lobbyists for fannie and freddie and it's too soon to put up the Mission Accomplished banner for the surge

john marzan said...

as kaus said, lobbying for fannie's disastrous operation (rick davis) isn't the same as running fannie's disastrous operation. (obama's VP vetter jim johnson and housing advisor franklin raines).

and while fannie was busy buying the support of democrats*, republicans in 2005 were pushing a bill to put more regulations and oversight on fannie and freddie.

now the obama campaign is trying to imply that fannie mae has bought access to mccain because of davis. but they are wrong. while rick davis was a paid lobbyist for fannie in 2005, mccain in that same year was co-sponsoring legislation to tighten controls on fannie and freddie.

*(take note obama is already third on the list even though he was only in the senate for 3 years)

john marzan said...

yes it's too early to declare victory in iraq because everything is still reversible.

but if we followed obama's advice of quick withdrawal in iraq--that would have led to a full scale civil war in iraq by now, even obama admitted that was the likely outcome. and that civil war will lead to major instability in the mideast.

so yeah, i'm glad the US did not follow the dems advice to withdraw all troops by march 2008 of this year.