Monday, November 17, 2008

How to speed up the vote counting without the machines

By electing our senators by region. Two senators per region, where one seat (alternating) is up for reelection every three years.

Kasi in our current system, a voter gets to pick 12 senators per election cycle (plus vote for President and Vice president every six years.) That means each voter needs to fill up up to 12-14 names on his ballot. No wonder bumabagal ang bilangan sa national level.

[Hindi naman problema ang bilangan sa local level (congressman, governor, mayor, etc).]

Imagine, if each voter will only have to choose One senator per region every election year, mapapabilis ang bilangan sa midterm elections, hindi ba?

At kung ang boto lang para sa pagka President at VP ang bibilangin natin para sa national elections, sa tingin ko within 3-5 days malalaman na natin kung sino ang nanalo.

pero kailangan muna nating amendahan ang Constitution.

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