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How McCain can avoid the epic fail in november

Gov. Palin drops out of the ticket due to "complications" with son's down syndrome problem. it's the only "honorable" way.

Obama says McCain agrees with Bush 90% of the time?

But Barack Obama's been with Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years until he conveniently threw him under the bus? Heck, Obama named his book after one of Wright's sermons.

And except for the terrorism bombings part, i bet obama agrees with his radical friend Bill Ayers more on the issues than your average ordinary law-abiding American.

Devastating Dem ad vs McCain in the future

If the septuagenarian McCain is unable to finish his term, will the trailer-park, former beauty queen governor be ready as Commander-in-Chief? Does she belong in the White House?

Game over.

Sure, sure the crazies at Religious Right loved this pick, like James Dobson, but these religious conservatives will not be able to help retain much less win new seats for the Republicans in the Senate or the House in a heavily democratic year. This is the year the Dems might get 60 seats in the Senate, fer cryin out loud.

It's a reckless pick by McCain, no doubt about it. It shows lack of judgment. Country First? No Way. Baka Identity politics at political opportunism.

So now that McCain has blundered into selecting Palin, what's next? Can he still win?

1) yes, if Obama performs disastrously in the debates.

2) maybe, by going more negative.

Maybe Gov. Palin can all do us a favor and do an Eagleton, fake a nervous breakdown, and quit the race, so that mccain can replace him with somebody more qualified.

UPDATE: Sarah, sarah, sarah... you are out of your league in this arena. And you know it. You and your trailer park husband should have said NO to the McCain.

This pick will destroy the McCain brand. and it will destroy you. it will not help the republicans from avoiding the complete wipeout they deserve in November. I hope this anticipated debacle will push the Crazy Religious Right to the fringes.

Congrats Obama. 8 years.

Charles Krauthammer calls McCain's Palin pick "near suicidal."

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I think Sarah Palin is an awful choice

The first thing you are looking for in a vice president is: Is she ready to be commander in chief from day one if the 72-yr old GOP nominee is incapacitated or croaks?

Well, is she? She was mayor of a small town in Alaska for 6 years, and just became governor of Alaska last year. Alaska while big geographically, has only 680,000 in population.

An unknown pol from a small state? are you kidding me? the palin pick ironically makes the obama-biden choice the safer one in November.

UPDATE: McCain only met Palin once before the VP offer. Hah, like a blind date. It is becoming more and more like a crude attempt to attract Hillary women voters to the ticket.

Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden?

Can you imagine her going up against a tough debater like Sen. Biden? She might lapse into an Admiral Stockdale moment.

Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Scathing Letter to Obama in 2006

Background. Charles Krauthammer wrote today on the washington post re Obama's lack of accomplishments and bipartisan credentials:

Thought experiment. Assume John McCain had retired from politics. Would he have testified to Obama's political courage in reaching across the aisle to work with him on ethics reform, a collaboration Obama boasted about in the Saddleback debate? "In fact," reports the Annenberg Political Fact Check, "the two worked together for barely a week, after which McCain accused Obama of 'partisan posturing' " -- and launched a volcanic missive charging him with double-cross.

This is the McCain letter Krauthammer's referring to:

Dear Senator Obama:

I would like to apologize to you for assuming that your private assurances to me regarding your desire to cooperate in our efforts to negotiate bipartisan lobbying reform legislation were sincere. When you approached me and insisted that despite your leadership’s preference to use the issue to gain a political advantage in the 2006 elections, you were personally committed to achieving a result that would reflect credit on the entire Senate and offer the country a better example of political leadership, I concluded your professed concern for the institution and the public interest was genuine and admirable. Thank you for disabusing me of such notions with your letter to me dated February 2, 2006, which explained your decision to withdraw from our bipartisan discussions. I’m embarrassed to admit that after all these years in politics I failed to interpret your previous assurances as typical rhetorical gloss routinely used in politics to make self-interested partisan posturing appear more noble. Again, sorry for the confusion, but please be assured I won’t make the same mistake again.

As you know, the Majority Leader has asked Chairman Collins to hold hearings and mark up a bill for floor consideration in early March. I fully support such timely action and I am confident that, together with Senator Lieberman, the Committee on Governmental Affairs will report out a meaningful, bipartisan bill.

You commented in your letter about my “interest in creating a task force to further study” this issue, as if to suggest I support delaying the consideration of much-needed reforms rather than allowing the committees of jurisdiction to hold hearings on the matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. The timely findings of a bipartisan working group could be very helpful to the committee in formulating legislation that will be reported to the full Senate. Since you are new to the Senate, you may not be aware of the fact that I have always supported fully the regular committee and legislative process in the Senate, and routinely urge Committee Chairmen to hold hearings on important issues. In fact, I urged Senator Collins to schedule a hearing upon the Senate’s return in January.

Furthermore, I have consistently maintained that any lobbying reform proposal be bipartisan. The bill Senators Joe Lieberman and Bill Nelson and I have introduced is evidence of that commitment as is my insistence that members of both parties be included in meetings to develop the legislation that will ultimately be considered on the Senate floor. As I explained in a recent letter to Senator Reid, and have publicly said many times, the American people do not see this as just a Republican problem or just a Democratic problem. They see it as yet another run-of-the-mill Washington scandal, and they expect it will generate just another round of partisan gamesmanship and posturing. Senator Lieberman and I, and many other members of this body, hope to exceed the public’s low expectations. We view this as an opportunity to bring transparency and accountability to the Congress, and, most importantly, to show the public that both parties will work together to address our failings.

As I noted, I initially believed you shared that goal. But I understand how important the opportunity to lead your party’s effort to exploit this issue must seem to a freshman Senator, and I hold no hard feelings over your earlier disingenuousness. Again, I have been around long enough to appreciate that in politics the public interest isn’t always a priority for every one of us. Good luck to you, Senator.


John McCain
United States Senate

DVD vendors at GoodEarth relocated

to the Odeon Terminal Mall, 2nd floor. the place is in recto corner avenida, sta. cruz.

Putin: US helped create Georgian crisis to help McCain

The old soviet style propaganda from Pooty Poots. From the International herald Tribune:

As Russia struggled to rally international support for its military action in Georgia, Vladimir Putin, the country's paramount leader, lashed out at the United States on Thursday, contending that the White House may have orchestrated the conflict to benefit one of the candidates in the American presidential election.

Putin's comments in a television interview, his most extensive to date on Russia's decision to send troops into Georgia earlier this month, sought to present the military operation as a response to brazen, cold war-style provocations by the United States. In tones that seemed alternately angry and mischievous, he suggested that the Bush administration may have tried to create a crisis that would influence American voters in the choice of a successor to President George W. Bush.

"The suspicion would arise that someone in the United States created this conflict on purpose to stir up the situation and to create an advantage for one of the candidates in the competitive race for the presidency in the United States," Putin said in an interview with CNN.

He added, "They needed a small victorious war."

Yeah, this Kremlin campaign to push this conspiracy theory has been going on for some time now.


Times of London - Kremlin: Conflict in Georgia a plot by Dick Cheney to stop Obama from being elected US President.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Michelle Malkin attacked (video)

"Kill Michelle Malkin" raw. outside the Dem Convention (at the 2:38 mark):

Monday, August 25, 2008

Arroyo Supreme Court wants to regulate media

I don't think enough people are paying attention to this story.

Maam's new MILF policy

From Ellen Tordesillas:

Last Thursday, Gloria Arroyo, in her speech at the 2nd Philippine International Motor Show at the World Trade Center, announced a policy shift towards the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, with whom her administration had forged an agreement for the creation of a Bangsamoro homeland that would include the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao and more than 700 barangays from North Cotabato, Zamboanga City and Palawan.

She announced this supposed policy shift a few days after hostilities in North Cotabaro and Lanao del Norte that left more than 30 dead and some 70,000 homeless .

Arroyo said:“Our engagements with all armed groups shall be about disarmament, demobilization and rehabilitation or DDR. From negotiations, our focus shall shift to dialogues with the communities, or government conducting authentic conversations or dialogues with the people.”

She should have done it a long time ago, and not waste time negotiating with the MILF, kung ganito rin ang outcome. Erap was on it's way to disarming the terror group and rebuilding the areas affected by the war when edsa dos showed up and sidetracked the plan.

More commentary: But it is amazing that while the MILF terror group are usually the bad guys, in this MOA-AD issue, it was Arroyo admin who were acting insincere and in bad faith. Why insincere? They (especially Arroyo) did not even bother to put up even a robust defense of the deal they helped crafting. Parang ginawa lang nilang trial balloon ito, na mabilis bawiin at the smallest hint of dissent. The Arroyo admin duped everybody--including the international community on it's sincerity in pushing for this agreement.

I won't be surprised if an intifada arises out in Mindanao. thanks gma.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Giuliani may be darkhorse to become McCain VP

So it's either Condi, Mitt Romney, Rudy.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama VP text message sent at 3:00 am in the morning

remember those Hillary 3:00 call ads?

McCain-Rice 08

Now it is McCain's turn to pick his VP.

I hope McCain gently twists Condi's arms to get her to say yes to being his vice president. Tell her the party's nomination for the presidency will be hers in 2012 if they win this year.

If Condoleezza Rice joins the ticket, it is game over.

Obama-Biden 2008

That's the ticket.

UPDATE: any moment now...

UPDATE: Done deal!

thoughts on Joe Biden from David Brooks.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

Or is CNN crazy?

Arroyo needs to defend and explain the MOA-AD

If Arroyo and her people really believe in the MOA they crafted with their MILF counterparts, she should have defended it more forcefully against all critics, including her Christian allies, and not wimp out.

Even if it costs her her job.

Instead, after a few signs of Christian dissent, she allowed her "independent" Supreme Court to TRO the deal, putting it on indefinite hold. The Moros see this as Arroyo breaking her word, because they don't trust Arroyo's hand-picked supreme court justices (can't blame them, I don't trust these partisan appointees either.) They see the TRO as a re-negotiating tactic by the admin in order to put public pressure on the moros to settle for something less than what was originally agreed upon by both parties' senior officials after years and years of stalling.

So since may gera na nagaganap sa Mindanao, itabi muna natin ang MOA. But once the fighting stops, I want to see Maam Arroyo go back to the public and explain and defend her MOA as aggressively as she clung to her unelected position, using all gov't resources at her disposal.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How about a "Surge" strategy in Christian-dominated areas of Mindanao?

The Surge has been successful in quelling Al Queda violence in Iraq. And Thailand is having it's own version of the military surge that has led to a significant reduction of violence caused by Islamic terrorists.

August 19, 2008: A Thai-style surge campaign, and change in counter-insurgency strategy, has lead to more than 50 percent reduction in violence in the first 6 months of 2008. Terrorism over the previous 4 years was threatening to get out of control, with some areas becoming no-go zone areas.

In 2004, there was a dramatic upsurge in the violence perpetrated by Islamic terrorists in the three southern provinces ("Deep South") of Thailand which border Malaysia. The population of these three provinces is 1.8 million and Muslims make up around 75% of the population whereas the rest of Thailand is 95% Buddhist.

From January 2004 until December 2007 there had been average of 160 terrorist incidents (assassinations, bombings etc) per month in the Deep South, but this reduced significantly to less than 60 incidents per month in the first 6 months of 2008. The number of killed or injured had gradually increased from 120 per month in 2004 to 200 a month in 2007, but this has halved to 100 per month in the first 6 months of 2008.

I think this strategy of a troop surge (say 50,000) that will live and stay in Christian-dominated areas in Mindanao will be more effective because for starters, Christians and Lumads comprise about 68% of the population in Mindanao, 32% lang ang mga Muslim.

I also think the government should break off talks with the MILF, and deal only with the more credible and secular MNLF. I think the AFP and MNLF should do joint operations to help keep the peace in mindanao and launch attacks on MILF sanctuaries wherever they may be found.

One last point, sa tingin ko hindi makikialam ang US sa away ng gobierno at ng MILF kahit na nagkakagulo na sa Mindanao UNLESS the MILF stupidly targets US troops stationed there.

UPDATE: haha... lot's of erap bashing here from FVR.

Right Blogs debunk Obama Smears, Left Blog debunk McCain Smears

Here's the Right helping barack obama Fight the Smears. Here's the Left doing the same for John McCain.

When Gore and Bush picked their Vice Presidents

Bush picked first and he selected Dick Cheney on July 25, 2000. The Republican National convention was held on July 31 - Aug. 3.

Gore picked his running mate Joe Lieberman on Aug. 8 2000. the 2000 Democratic National convention was held on Aug 14-17.

More: In 2004, the Democratic Convention (July 26-29) was held one month earlier than the Republican convention (Aug 30-Sept 2)

John Kerry selected John Edwards to be his running mate on July 6, 2004. (maaga...)

This year's Dem Convention at Denver will be on (Aug. 25-28.) As of now, wala pa ring vice president pick si Barack Obama.

The GOP Convention will be at Minneapolis on Sept 1-4. John McCain's campaign said he will reveal his running mate on Aug. 29, 2008.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Manila International Book Fair 2008 (Sept 12-16)

From 10:00am to 8:00pm daily, at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

Will Lebron, Wade, Carmelo and Kobe still play for the US team after the Olympics?

or will this be their last year as National Team Members? Will we still see them in the 2010 FIBA World Championships?

My gut tells me Lebron James and Kobe Bryant will skip 2010. Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony are 50/50 in rejoining the National team.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chinese Olympic Opening Ceremonies - Amezing and Creepy

From the FOX All Star Panel talking about the recent Olympic Opening show in Beijing.

JEFF BIRNBAUM: Some people were saying that the Chinese are creating an image by-- artificially through these games. I think that we're actually getting a fairly well-rounded view. It is both amazing--the precision of masses of people, especially at that opening ceremony was incredible. But it's also scary, creepy in a lot of ways, that--

FRED BARNES: The synchronized drums?

BIRNBAUM: It was all amazing. It was breathtaking and frightening and remarkable and eye-opening about how important and how far--how important this country is and how far it really has to go to become a fully-developed nation, where individuals are able to do things.

They are obviously not. I mean, the story about the little girl who wasn't beautiful enough to be put out front, the singer. The little flaws we're seeing are telling us as much as the perfection of these mass demonstrations.

And I think it's important for the world to view China, because it is so large and important, and we're getting a window into bolt kinds of China through these remarkable Olympics, in my view.

BRET BAIER: Charles?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Like Jeff and Fred, I'm enjoying the sports. I like seeing Phelps, half man, half fish. I mean, the most amazing athlete I have ever seen.

But like Jeff, I'm still recovering from the opening ceremonies. I got that chill up my spine. It was "Triumph of the Will" Chinese-style. I mean it had all of these sweet elements. It had the fireworks, had the smiley face, had 2,000 drums, people acting in unison like computer graphics or automatons.

And then it had the little girls carrying the flag, handing it over to goose stepping soldiers in a chilling reminder of an earlier Olympics and an earlier time in a galaxy far away. It was really like a Nuremberg rally in modern garb.

My son had the best take. He said it was a cross between a North Korean mass rally and Cirque de Soleil. And it was quite chilling. It is the China that is controlled by this authoritarian regime. The trains are run on time, but a little scarily clean and neat and perfect.

The Village in May

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This scared Ann Althouse

(via Althouse)

The Kosovo Precedent and Mindanao

UPDATE (8/20): Sabi ni MLQ3

The frustration of the writer quoted above with suggestions the Americans are in league with the MILF (or that the MILF is being armed by the Malaysians, when obviously political and even financial support is plenty of help and there are many AFP members willing to sell arms to the MILF anyway) isn’t about to change the mind of say, Tony Abaya (who says it boils down to the MILF being, in American eyes, more dependable than Christian leaders) or blogger Philippine Politics 04.
Uhmmm... no. I never said the Americans were conspiring with the MILF to screw the Philippine gov't or that it was their idea to push for a Bangsamoro state or BJE in return for bases on MILF soil. Conspiracy theories lang yan ng mga elitistang katulad nina Abaya, Teddyboy, Joker at Esposo. Pero susuportahan ng US (including japan and australia) ang aspirations ng MILF. As for the Malaysian angle, i have little knowledge of that. Si Teddy AMboy ang nakakaalam niyan.

Btw, I agree with you about Ibrahim Canana's piece. And I agree with Ibrahim about the stupid conspiracy theories that has helped undermine the peace process.


Senator Joker asks: "Why was US at aborted MOA-AD signing?"

I think malinaw ang dahilan. The US, Australia, Japan and the OIC were there to give their blessings for a new Muslim Mindanao state. You need the support of at least the superpower US to get recognition.

Parang ganyan rin kasi ang nangyari rin sa Kosovo eh:

Russian political commentators believe that the "unilateral" proclamation of Kosovo's independence and its immediate recognition by the US and by the heavyweights of the EU create a precedent for many separatist movements all over the world, from the Basques in Spain to the Uighurs in China, and that multiple conflicts could flare up with new vigour, having received such an impetus.

At least sa atin bilateral. Pero kapag hindi natuloy ang signing ng MOA, baka maging "unilateral" ito. Kapag "unilateral", susuportahan kaya ito ng US?

MORE on the Kosovo Precedent from Irina Filatova back in February 2008:

What pains the Serbs most, of course, is the fact that Kosovo has never been a colony, or a conquered country. It was, indeed, the territory where Serbian statehood came into existence and developed and which was then lost to what originally was an Albanian minority. The Russians support this sentiment: how would the British feel if in 20 or 30 years Windsor, for example, proclaimed its independence on the grounds that the majority of its population was now Muslim and if the US decided to support this claim?

The Americans say that Kosovo is not a precedent, that it is a once-off exception. It is difficult to believe this. If a nation wants to secede and to create it own statehood, there is little what any government can do, except keep it by force. As we know, using force to keep secessionists at bay can go on for centuries, as long as outside major powers do not intervene, and such an intervention seems unlikely elsewhere in Europe at present. The independence of Kosovo is useful to the US in order to show the world that America is not anti-Muslim, merely anti-rogue states, some of which happen to be Muslim - and because it thinks that Nato and its peacekeepers would control the situation in an independent Kosovo better than it could until now. But they would not support the Basques or the Walloons, or the Kurds, let alone the Transdnestrians.

Nor would they support the Abkhasians and the South Ossetians, of course. On the other hand, if Russia decided to recognise these break-away republics, and if Georgia decided to oppose this (which it would) then the Americans would, of course, support Georgia, and Russia might, indeed, face a conflict with the west.

A conflict where russia is winning by the way.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Czar is Born

Ralph Peters: Bad Vlad wins war, dupes the west, and proves he's a genius.

THE Russians are alcohol-sodden bar barians, but now and then they vomit up a genius.

Prime Minister - and now generalissimo - Vladimir Putin is Mother Russia's latest world-class wonder.

Let's be honest: Putin's the most effective leader in the world today.

That doesn't mean he's good news for anybody - not even for the Russians, in the long run. His ruthless ambition and gambler's audacity may end terribly.

But, for now, give the devil his due: After a long string of successes, from his personal mastery of Russia's government and media to his coldblooded energy brinkmanship, Putin has capped his performance with a stunning success in Georgia.

Not a single free-world leader currently in office can measure up to Czar Vladimir the Great.

Following his turnaround of Russia from bankrupt kleptocracy to flush-with-cash autocracy, he's now openly determined to restore Moscow's old empire.

And he's getting away with it.

they're good at propaganda too.

Equally as remarkable was the Kremlin's ability to lead the global media by the nose. (Oblivious to the irony, a BBC broadcast yesterday portrayed tiny, poorhouse Georgia as a propaganda powerhouse and Russia as an information victim - an illustration of the Russian propaganda machine's effectiveness.)

Related (from Times of London): Kremlin: Conflict in Georgia a plot by Dick Cheney to stop Obama from being elected US President.

Ricky Rubio the next Magic Johnson?!?!?

Sabi raw ni Lang Whitaker. Hyperbole Hyperbole Hyperbole!

Ito ang assessment ko kay Rubio when I saw him in the ULEB cup finals this April.

i saw ricky rubio three times in ULEB. nothing spectacular about his game. i was expecting him to wow me by outplaying the older players. no luck.

but he did do okay against people who were twice his age. i guess i was expecting too much since he’d be dominating the game if he played against his 17 year old peers.

but no, i did not see anything special other than to say that HE BELONGED in that team. he did not look out of place against his elders.

here’s my scouting report on rubio: he can’t shoot the outside shot, but he plays terrific defense. good instincts. a decent passer. but in the finals against girona, it was rudy fernandez (playing alongside rubio) who usually handled the ball and played the point because he was a threat in the perimeter. rubio played off the ball. hmmm… i guess the joventut coach wanted to win and he wanted an experienced hand to control the offense.

I agree with M. Haubs though that Rubio is the defensive version of Steve Nash.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

BTV Schedule for Men's Olympic Basketball (Philippines)

BTV Olympic schedule

8/22: 8:00 pm Semifinal - Game 1: Spain vs Lithuania
8/22: 10:15 pm Semifinal - Game 2: Argentina vs United States

UPDATE: Official BTV Schedule.

Obama must "Fight the Smears"

and "the Swift-boaters"

How to Stop Putin


What is to be done? Let's be real. There's nothing to be done militarily. What we can do is alter Putin's cost-benefit calculations.

We are not without resources. There are a range of measures to be deployed if Russia does not live up to its cease-fire commitments:

1. Suspend the NATO-Russia Council established in 2002 to help bring Russia closer to the West. Make clear that dissolution will follow suspension. The council gives Russia a seat at the NATO table. Message: Invading neighboring democracies forfeits the seat.

2. Bar Russian entry to the World Trade Organization.

3. Dissolve the G-8. Putin's dictatorship long made Russia's presence in this group of industrial democracies a farce, but no one wanted to upset the bear by expelling it. No need to. The seven democracies simply withdraw. (And if Italy's Silvio Berlusconi, who has been sympathetic to Putin's Georgia adventure, wants to stay, he can have an annual G-2 dinner with Putin.) Then immediately announce the reconstitution of the original G-7.

4. Announce a U.S.-European boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi. To do otherwise would be obscene. Sochi is 15 miles from Abkhazia, the other Georgian province just invaded by Russia. The Games will become a riveting contest between the Russian, Belarusan and Jamaican bobsled teams.

All of these steps (except dissolution of the G-8, which should be irreversible) would be subject to reconsideration depending upon Russian action -- most importantly and minimally, its withdrawal of troops from Georgia proper to South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

The most crucial and unconditional measure, however, is this: Reaffirm support for the Saakashvili government and declare that its removal by the Russians would lead to recognition of a government-in-exile. This would instantly be understood as providing us the legal basis for supplying and supporting a Georgian resistance to any Russian-installed regime.

There's more in that article. Read the whole thing.

"Like the Berlin speech, which has in the end become a liability for Obama, the mass rally will turn off more people than it will inspire."

from noted Obama supporter Andrew Sullivan.

Camille Paglia: When will those blasted presidential debates come?

the obama supporter is whining about the lack of issues-oriented debates during the hiatus that has allowed the repubs to "distort" obama's image:

Aug. 13, 2008 | When in tarnation will those blasted presidential debates arrive? This excruciatingly long hiatus between the end of the primary season and the national conventions feels like running in mud. The electorate desperately needs to see and compare the two major candidates operating together in an issues-oriented forum. Both Barack Obama and John McCain are being diminished by their helter-skelter jumping around like grasshoppers. And campaign ads on both sides have seemed rote, slick or silly.

As a supporter of Barack Obama, I've been alarmed by the steady tightening of the polls. And as a longtime listener of talk radio who witnessed the ruthless whittling down of John Kerry in the 2004 campaign, I have an increasing sense of foreboding. Obama is twisting slowly, slowly in the wind like a tempting piƱata for right-wing cudgels. Given how new he is as a national figure (despite his bestselling books), this protracted summer delay is allowing opponents to fill the gap with a grotesquely distorted caricature of him.

And whose fault is it that we don't have enough debates this early for the voters to make an informed decision? McCain challenged Obama to 10 townhall debates (One a week) after the dem primaries were concluded, but Obama rejected it outright, in an effort to play it safe from now till denver.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Explainer: The Perils of Partition (Video)

it's MLQ3's August 12, 3008 show. with DJB as guest.

Youtube video 1

Youtube video 2
Youtube video 3
Youtube video 4
Youtube video 5

The "All of the Above" Approach to Energy Independence

that's John McCain's new policy on Energy Independence. The "All of the Above" approach includes:

domestic drilling, nukes, concentrated solar, deep geothermal, clean coal, and whatever else Silicon Valley and heroic capitalists everywhere can dream up as we conduct a market-driven transition to a post-hydrocarbon economy.

Is it too late to replace Obama with Hillary?

after seeing the how the recent events in Georgia was unfolded, are the dems comfortable with Chicago Community Organizer as their nominee?

Is that the best the dems can do? Jimmy Carter redux?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spengler: Putin for US President

Sabi nya:

If Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin were president of the United States, would Iran try to build a nuclear bomb? Would Pakistan provide covert aid to al-Qaeda? Would Hugo Chavez train terrorists in Venezuela? Would leftover nationalities with delusions of grandeur provoke the great powers? Just ask Georgia's President Mikheil Saakashvili, who now wishes he never tried to put his 4 million countrymen into strategic play.


If America wants to recover from its humiliation in the Caucasus, it might, for example, conduct an air raid against Iran's nuclear facilities, and justify it with the same sort of reasoning that Russia invoked in Georgia. Contrary to surface impressions, Moscow wouldn't mind a bit.


Obama camp finally responds to McCain's "Celeb" ad

only two weeks late.

It's like somebody made fun of you, but you didn't say a word to respond at that moment. Tameme ka. But you figured out a "snappy comeback" 2 hours after the guy had already left the building.

Either Obama's campaign didn't quite know how to respond or didn't initially think it necessary to push back against McCain's "Celebrity" rap.

But now, two weeks later, they're going on the air seeking to turn the attack around on the Republican, calling McCain "Washington's biggest celebrity."

And not even original. He responds to the mccain ad labeling him a Celebrity by calling mccain a celebrity too!

Will Arroyo use the RP-MILF deal to extend her term beyond 2010?

and remove the term limits for her cohorts in Congress via CHA CHA? Yan ang report ni DJB. Kung totoo yan, then I don't support charter change.

But if the constitution change is limited to specifically dealing with the moro homeland issue, then i'm okay with that. Matagal ko nang sinabi yan.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Report: MILF talking about US military bases in Bangsamoroland?

UPDATE: Link from Mindanao Bob's blog fixed.

Yay, MLQ3-lanche!

(via) From Asian Times:

The MILF, the largest rebel group in the Philippines, has hinted on several occasions that it has been approached by undisclosed US authorities about the possibility of establishing US military bases in MILF-controlled territory as part of a final peace deal. “This is negotiable, it is possible,”said Eid Kabalu, the MILF’s spokesperson.

“We are facing reality. We know that Washington has its own agenda in Mindanao, and that this has mostly to do with terrorism,” said Kabalu from his modest residence in central Mindanao’s Cotabato City. “However, if the American interest is really in pushing this peace process, then we can talk about military bases.”

Matutuwa ba ang Fil-American blogger friend natin na si Dean J. Bocobo sa balitang yan?

Ellen Tordesillas among others are concerned about the "undue interest" the US gov't has shown in the peace deal (Memorandum of Agreement) between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

If the report is accurate, here's are the reasons why I think both sides want this US bases deal done.

From the Moro's point of view
1) the US will help them rebuild and help them economically. Plus the US financial aid packages are nothing to sneeze at either.

2) they can concentrate on jumpstarting their nation-building while the US military provide security.

From the American's side:
1) To help the Muslims in this part of the world. (no, i'm not joking, kahit na walang oil dito.) the US would rather fund the reconstruction of Mindanao's infrastructure, building roads and schools, instead of letting saudi arabia get a foothold there and build madrassas that teach radical wahhabism.

2) To prevent Mindanao from becoming the next sanctuary/breeding ground of Al Queda or Jemaah Islamiya like what DJB fears might happen. Sila ang magga-guarantee na Mindanao will not become a threat to the security of the Philippine gov't.

3) and Military Bases.

UPDATE: Apparently, this is not an original idea. Pero mga Kristiano (Christians) ang nagsasalita dito. From Mindanao Bob in Sept 18, 2006:

Today, I had an interesting conversation with a man whom I have known for about 2 or 3 years now. He is a proud Filipino, and hails from Davao City. He has always displayed a lot of pride in his Philippine roots. Today, his tone was different, though. He had a number of negative things to say about the Philippines. He said that the country had squandered it’s resources and it’s natural economic advantages that it held after WW2. I was surprised, because I had never heard this man speak like this before. He was clearly depressed about the position that the Philippines finds itself in today.

After talking about the Philippines for a while, his tone changed. He started talking about Mindanao, and told me that he had come to the realization that it will soon be time for Mindanao to break away from the Philippines. He told me that he had become an active member in a group who were making plans for an Independent Mindanao.

How could this happen, I asked him. He said that in a few years, when it is time for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to leave the presidency, there will be a lot of turmoil in the Philippines. He and his group feel that this will be the right time for Mindanao Independence. He told me that under his group’s plans, Mindanao would not even need an Army, because they planned to invite in the American forces, and give them Sarangani Island to use as a base for operations. It was all very interesting to hear, especially coming from somebody who was always so proud of his Philippine roots, and had an obviously deep love for his country.

Remember, these are Christian Secessionist wannabees.

Tama si MLQ3, naunahan lang sila.

But there is something slightly underhanded in some Christian politicians suddenly wrapping the national flag around themselves, when the only thing wrong with separatism, it would seem, is that the MILF beat them to it, and they are excluded from it. These Christian politicians have themselves openly proposed and discussed secession, and of course virtual Commonwealth status, after all.

UPDATE: If Muslim Mindanao becomes pro-American/Western like Kosovo and Albania because of generous US assistance, wouldn't radical islam be less of a threat to us in that part of the country?

UPDATE: DJB responds in his new blogpost.

UPDATE: I think DJB is partially right. I really don't think the US are interested in any permanent bases. But they want to help the people in Mindanao rebuild. From MLQ3:

Much ado is being made of USAID’s Mindanao programs which grew from 18.9 million dollars in 2001 to 54 million dollars in 2005. The official American policy is reproduced in Small Wars Journal and you may want to take a look at this colorful map of USAID programs in Mindanao as of March, 2008: ( or click here: USAID Ongoing proj. as of March 2008 provincial.pdf“)

A whole lot of projects!

Yung mga MILF ang may gusto ng US Bases. Because a) they will benefit economically. And b) to re-assure the public and DJB that they will not become a terrorist sanctuary like Waziristan or Afghanistan.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008

Arroyo Stooge Teddy Locsin fanning the flames

Are some of what Teddy amBoy said bordering on "hate speech" against Muslims?

and check this out:

At the start of the speech, Locsin described Malaysia—which had been brokering informal talks between the government and the MILF to pave the way for the resumption of the formal peace negotiations stalled on the issue of ancestral domain—as “the country that was funding the secessionist struggle in the South.”
but wasn't it the toady's president who brought the Malaysian gov't in to help negotiate the peace deal?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

London Times: "Secret deal kept British Army out of battle for Basra"

A secret deal between Britain and the notorious al-Mahdi militia prevented British Forces from coming to the aid of their US and Iraqi allies for nearly a week during the battle for Basra this year, The Times has learnt.

Four thousand British troops – including elements of the SAS and an entire mechanised brigade – watched from the sidelines for six days because of an “accommodation” with the Iranian-backed group, according to American and Iraqi officers who took part in the assault...

Under its terms, no British soldier could enter Basra without the permission of Des Browne, the Defence Secretary. By the time he gave his approval, most of the fighting was over and the damage to Britain’s reputation had already been done.

Senior British defence sources told The Times that Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi Prime Minister, who ordered the assault, and high-ranking US military officers had become disillusioned with the British as a result of their failure to act. Another confirmed that the deal, negotiated by British Intelligence, had been a costly mistake.

You think?

How the British blew it in Basra: "You can accuse the Americans of many things, such as hamfistedness, but you can’t accuse them of not addressing a situation when it arises. While we had a strategy of evasion, the Americans just went in and addressed the problem."

As Greyhawk comments: "From the get go, they tried very hard to not be American. They succeeded." And they got great press on how much smarter than Americans they were, until things were obviously in the toilet, at which point the problem became America's fault!

MILF driving out Christians from areas in North Cotobato?

From Dean Jorge Bocobo:

Local Government Secretary Ronaldo Puno, speaking at a press conference with other government officials has admitted that the claims of Vice Gov. Manny Pinol of North Cotabato province, are true. MILF insurgent forces numbering some 800 have apparently attacked and occupied some 5 towns (Aliosan, North Kabuntalan, Libungan, Alamada, and Midsayap) involving 9 barangays in North Cotabato province since July 1. Some 1536 families composed of over 6500 individuals have been taken into National Disaster Coordinating Committee evacuation centers after armed insurgents of the MILF began harrassing them, burning homes, stealing farm animals and driving the residents away during a critical harvest time period.

Is this in preparation for the Plebiscite next year to determine which parts of Mindanao will become part of the new Bangsamoro nation under the MILF control?

'Find Out Where His Kids Go to School'

haha, this is sopranos style intimidation.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Why So Serious, Mara Reyes?

of Project Runway Philippines. What's Buggin' Ya?

I Love this House Bunny movie poster

I love Anna Faris' look.

Free Image Hosting at

kinda reminds me of the 40 Yr Old Virgin poster ni Steve Carell, only funnier.

Paris Hilton upset at McCain campaign for Obama comparisons

and she responds with her own video.

Six stages of grief for Arroyo-Garci defenders

ginamit ni mickey kaus sa john edwards-rielle hunter lovechild story, pero applicable rin sa mga defenders ng arroyo-garci caper.

1) Too horrible and shocking; it can't possibly be true;
2) It's not true;
3) You can't prove it's true;
4) Why are you trying to prove it's true?
5) It's disgusting that you've proved it's true;
6) What's the big deal anyway?

My add: 7) Who's the alternative?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Nasunog ang Good Earth!

kawawa naman yung mga kapatid nating mga Muslim Vendors ng dvd.

I'll try to get some photos tomorrow.

Photos: Sunog ang Good Earth pati yung Robinson's Supermarket sa basement

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Serado pa ang Carriedo LRT sa may parteng ito.

Image Hosted by

UPDATE: photo from the inquirer

From the inquirer:

MANILA, Philippines -- Line 1 of the Light Rail Transit (LRT 1) has resumed operations except at the Carriedo Station in Manila, near which a fire had broken out, LRT spokesperson Jinky Jorgio said.

LRT 1, which runs from Baclaran to Monumento and back, resumed almost full operations as of 4:30 pm, Jorgio said in a phone interview.

However, passengers are still not allowed on or off LRT trains at the Carriedo Station because it is near the still burning Good Earth Emporium.

The fire, which broke out around 5:40 a.m., remains at fifth alarm but is now contained, according to the Manila Bureau of Fire Protection.

From GMA7:

Morning rush-hour traffic in Manila's downtown Sta. Cruz district was snarled Monday after a fire of still undetermined origin hit a motel along busy Carriedo Street.

Radio dzBB's Carlo Mateo reported that firefighters and fire volunteers cordoned off the Good Earth building as the fire razed the Paradise Motel at its sixth floor.

Manila Police District (MPD) head Chief Superintendent Roberto Rosales ordered the cordon to make sure looters do not enter the L-type building, which houses several stalls.

As of 8:30 a.m., the fire had reached the fifth alarm, even as police and firefighters prevented civilians from entering the building.

Employees of stalls selling jewelry and electronics tried to save their wares, even as bystanders crowded the area to watch the fire.

No one was reported injured in the fire, as firefighters evacuated all personnel and customers from the motel.

The fire caused "zero visibility" in the area, prompting the Light Rail Transit Authority to have its coaches bypass its Carriedo station.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Now it's Terry McAuliffe who's emailing me

Dear John,

If you haven't already entered the contest to have dinner with Hillary, there is still time left. This is a great chance for you and a guest to have dinner one-on-one with Hillary.

Have dinner with Hillary. Contribute today.

I would never skip a chance to sit down and chat with Hillary, and neither should you. Best of luck!


Nobody wants to have dinner with Hillary? To retire her pesky debt?

I'm looking for Whit Stillman's film Barcelona (1994)

UPDATE: Torrent link.

i searched the torrent sites pero wala. napanood ko na ito dati, pero gusto kong panoorin ulit. It's a comedy about anti-americanism in spain at the end of the cold war. a young mira sorvino plays one of the spanish chicks.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cuil, the new search engine

created by ex-google employees, to challenge Google. Cuil is pronounced "cool". (via)

Give it a try.

Michael Jordan tried to steer away from politics

to protect his brand and image, but you can tell he is a Democrat. His statement that "Republicans buy shoes too" back in the mid-90s was an indirect admission.

Obama as Moses aka The One

I couldn't stop laughing at this (via)

yesterday he was compared to britney spears and paris hilton. now, moses.

Funny Shit from Uniffors


gaudencio rosales toons

gaudencio rosales sex

Lacson accuser Blanquita Pelaez recants

and says Malacanang made her do their dirty work.

This is just a reminder of how evil this administration was back then. But you wouldn't know judging from the way some of the Bishops and the likes of Bong Austero throw themselves defending Arroyo.

at the same time, this doesn't absolve ms pelaez from the lies she and this adminstration concocted to smear lacson. If I were lacson, I would sue her and start impeachment proceedings on this corrupt admin.

And what is the deal with Christine Herrera? She's the former Inquirer reporter who "broke" the story of Lacson's "secret" "billion dollar" bank accounts using Pelaez as source. The story looked fishy from the very beginning (especially if read in paragraph 13 of that same article.)

Anyway, nung lumipat si Herrera sa Manila Standard Today, the bitch was again involved with Blanquita Pelaez in another "scoop", this time about Estrada and Joelle Pelaez and money laundering. I wonder if this story is bogus too. hmmm.... let me think.

but even before the pelaez mea culpa, ricky carandang was able to dissect the pelaez story and correctly determined the charges against erap were bogus. her admission only confirms what we knew all along.

Friday, August 01, 2008

An Obama presidency would spare us this idiocy

(via) Where is the Bush administration getting these ideas? from the CBCP?

The Bush Administration has ignited a furor with a proposed definition of pregnancy that has the effect of classifying some of the most widely used methods of contraception as abortion. A draft regulation, still being revised and debated, treats most birth-control pills and intrauterine devices as abortion because they can work by preventing fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus. The regulation considers that destroying "the life of a human being."

If it's Condi, then VP announcement should be at Convention

that place is gonna rock at Minnesota. She's a special lady and John McCain needs a special stage to announce her selection. and you get to stomp on obama's bounce after the stadium speech.

She is "high risk." But she is also high reward.

If it's Pawlenty, Palin or Romney, then it won't matter if sen. mccain announces it now or later. they're all bah choices. especially tim pawlenty who is a "no risk, no reward" selection.

If it's any of them, then i think it is better to announce now so they can immediately start campaigining for him all across the state.

In other news, TIME magazine reports that Obama is keeping in touch with Condi.

The article opens: "A few days before he left on his eight-country world tour, Barack Obama wanted to discuss the trip with an old contact in Washington: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Obama's phone call was in part courtesy, but over three years of occasional phone conversations, the two have quietly discussed everything from foreign aid to the Middle East and nuclear proliferation.

"The little-known Rice-Obama link is just the latest surprise in a summer of unexpected shifts in American foreign policy."

Calabresi reports that Rice is trying to "clean up" the Bush mess and that the latest diplomatic moves orchestrated by her "signal the latest triumph of realism over ideology -- and a victory for Rice and her diplomatic team over the neoconservatives led by Vice President Cheney. The moves amount to an unmistakable effort to clean up Bush's foreign policy legacy before he exits the stage."

Ken Duberstein, the former Reagan aide, tells TIME, "This is bold strategic diplomacy with an eye to the history books."

And that's why she is polling higher than most Bush admin officials.

As for Barack, sorry but you can't have her for VP. ;)

Previous: Why Mccain Condi?

UPDATE: I'm okay with all this Pawlenty or Romney VP talk supposedly from the mccain camp, IF it's meant at misdirection. Heck, the obama camp is already doing it with Tim Kaine, since they're probably eyeing bill richardson-- who has foreign policy and executive experience, plus he can draw the hispanics to obama's camp.

Do you want to have dinner with Hillary?

Here's an email i received from the Clinton campaign:

Dear John,

During the campaign, Hillary and I didn't have the chance to eat together much because we were usually on the trail in different states. Now that the campaign's over, I'm glad we can share more meals again.

Of all the people I've had the privilege to break bread with, the person I most enjoy is still Hillary.

Now you have a chance to have dinner with her. And if you contribute today to help Hillary retire that pesky campaign debt, you and a guest might be sitting down to dinner with her soon. I think you should go for it and enter today.

Join Hillary for dinner. Make a contribution today.

Trust me on this one. If you're the lucky winner, it will be a night you'll really enjoy and one to remember.

All my best,
Bill Clinton

Visitor Q: A Pointless Crass Movie

Why did i even bother?