Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jeremy Tyler foregoes finishing highschool to play ball in Europe

if this becomes a trend, and europe starts producing nba ready U-19 american players (maturity-wise and skills wise), then there is a possibility that the nba board of governors might consider lowering the age restrictions on rookies to avail themselves of those young american talents ASAP.

in the past, it was tough for nba scouts to judge many of the young american talent because they're playing against inferior competition. if more guys like jeremy tyler go to europe earlier and play against 30 yr old pros in europe and ex college stars from america, scouts and observers will have an easier time assessing players--which means for nba teams, the risks of drafting a young player based on potential will significantly be lowered.

and if that risk of drafting a bust is lowered, then the nba may want to compete with europe for that young talent by lowering the age limit.

UPDATE: and the destination of these young players should not be limited to europe only. Asia can be a destination too--like China. he can be a trailblazer there.

Or if the young kid is an otaku, japan isn't that bad. he may not learn much basketball, but the pay is good, and his quality of living will improve over there.

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